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Media Release
November 22, 2018

BC Court of Appeal hears appeal of Taseko Drilling Program

tan Biny (Fish Lake)

Williams Lake, BC: T T il qot’in Nation will be in the BC Court of Appeal on Thursday and
Friday (November 22-23), seeking to protect its it o T tan Biny (Fish Lake) and
surrounding areas from an extensive drilling program.

On August 23, 2018, the B.C. Supreme Court upheld a permit authorizing Taseko Mines Limited
(TML) to undertake this t i illi o t T tan Biny and the surrounding area.
The T il qot’i N tio obtained an injunction from the BC Court of Appeal prohibiting the
drilling program until the appeal is heard and decided.

T T il qot’i N tio continues to call on the BC Government to resolve, once and fo ll t

o oi t t to T tan Biny and the surrounding area which holds profound cultural and
spiritual importance.

T N tio i l o ki t ubli ’ u o t o ou l l o t . Pl o i o tio

which can be made two ways:
1. Donations to the legal fund, through RAVEN Trust (tax receipts available).
2. Donations for related costs outside of the courtroom, directly to T il qot’i National
Government (Scroll to bottom of page, tax deductible receipts unavailable).


N s ʔ ss s ss - N Government.
“In spite of the exoneration by the Province and Canada, the political and legal landscape has
changed since the Supreme Court of Canada decision but the protection of Aboriginal Rights
and our ability to exercise authority in our territory conti u to b ll .I t
t i i ul i t o tio it o i i t t t T il qot’i u ti i i
i t i o l t ito o li iou i t u . T T il qot’i N tio
similar scenario today. Our intent is to shift away from conflict and responsibly look for ways of
o ili b ti t D iqo T ib l P k lt ti i io o t io .”

N s ʔin (Chief) Jimmy Lulua, Chief of X Gw F s N sG v m :

“In the wake of t o tio o ou T il qot’i i o t i it b P i
Mi i t T u u to ou T il qot’i Titl l till o ti u to i t o t i i t. ti

at stake with the court hearings this week is more than a drilling permit for our sacred lands
and gathering spaces – what is at stake is the ability of the courts and government to do the
right thing when faced with a direct threat to indigenous ways of life and our b i .”

More Information:
 Video: T k t o T t i

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Communication Manager
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