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Aerodynamics Activity

Materials- 8.5 x 11 copy paper

Plan- The activity will help to teach students how aerodynamics plays a role in how airplanes fly
and why they fly for so long. With the children I plan to create 2 planes, 1 very aerodynamic,
and one with the wings folded in an upward position, with these 2 airplanes I will ask the
children which will fly further and why , and when I do the actual demonstration I will explain
the motions which take part which are gravity, drag, thrust and lift.

Step A- show kids the differences of 2 different planes and how aerodynamics affects

Step B –show kids how to make planes and actually create planes with them

Step C- have a flying competition to see who creates the most aerodynamic and longest
flying plane. And observe why these planes flew so far.