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AEF 1 2nd Edition
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GRAMMAR (30 points)
Questions 1-7
Complete the sentences.
Example: They have dinner at half past seven.

1 Do you usually have lunch ______ school?
2 It’s very cold ______ December.
3 The party is ______ Friday.
4 I have French classes ______ the evening.
5 We go ______ the shopping mall by bus.
6 I often go to the movies ______ the weekend.
7 Barbara works ______ an office.

Questions 8-14: Underline the correct word or phrase.
Example: I’m sorry. You can / can’t park here.

8 Do you can / Can you come to the movies tonight?
9 She no cannot / can’t cook very well.
10 “Can you play tennis?” “Yes, I can / can play.”
11 They can / Can they do the exercises?
12 He can’t speak / speaks Italian.
13 Can you play / to play the piano?
14 I can/ can’t sing. My voice is horrible.
Questions 15-20
Complete Tom’s email with the verbs in the box. Use the -ing form.
be dance go listen study do sit

Hi Emily
My name’s Tom and I’m a student at Adelphi University. I don’t like studying, but I like
15.__________ a student. I live in a house with another student. We like 16. __________ in
the student center and talking. We also like 17. __________ to good music, but we both
hate 18.____________ – we can’t dance very well. I love 19. ____________ home on the
weekend. My mom’s a great cook!

What do you like 20. _____________?

Write soon


Questions 21-25
Make present continuous sentences and questions (positive and negative). Use
contractions where possible.

Example: Hannah / study / in her bedroom Hannah’s studying in her bedroom.

21 what / you / do / at the moment ?
22 we / run / because it’s late
23 why / Dave and his wife / argue ?
24 they / not wait / for a taxi
25 you / use / this computer ?

Questions 26- 30
Check () the correct sentence.

26 A We hardly ever watch TV.
B We hardly watch ever TV.
27 A They two or three times a week eat pasta.
B They eat pasta two or three times a week.
28 A He’s always late for lessons.
B He always is late for lessons.
29 A I don’t eat often chocolate.
B I don’t often eat chocolate.
30 A Amy plays tennis with her friends every week.
B Amy every week plays tennis with her friends.
VOCABULARY (20 points)
Questions 1-5: Write the words in the spaces provided.

Example: Jane is Mark’s wife.

1 James is David’s ________________.
2 Mary is Carla’s ________________.
3 Jane is Sam’s ________________.
4 Mary is Robert’s ________________.
5 Sally is Mark’s ________________.

Questions 6-10: Complete the weather words.

Example: It’s very cold. I think it’s starting to snow.

6 I can’t see very well because it’s f__________.
7 It’s h_________ in here. Can you open the window, please?
8 The sun’s s__________. It’s a lovely day.
9 It’s r__________. Do you have an umbrella?
10 Let’s go to the park. It’s a nice w__________ day.

Questions 11-16: Complete the sentences with the correct word.

message call answer phone wrong ringing press

Example: “Do you often speak to your mom?”
“Yes, I call her every day.”

11 “What do you do?”
“I’m a receptionist. I greet visitors and __________ the phone.”
12 “What’s that noise?”
“Oh, that’s my phone. It’s __________.”
13 “Hello, Alan.”
“I’m sorry, I’m not Alan. You have the __________ number.”
14 “Jenny isn’t here at the moment.”
“Can you give her a __________?”
15 “I want to call Sylvie.”
“Find ‘Sylvie’ on the phone and __________ the button.”
16 “What’s the matter?”
“I want to use that phone. Can you finish your __________?”

Questions 17-20: Complete the sentences with the correct word.
Example: Are you waiting for a taxi?
driving waiting seeing
17 Can you __________ me with this question?
help talk tell
18 Don’t move! I want to __________ your photo.
draw take paint
19 It’s cold but some people are __________ in the sea.
waiting driving swimming
20 Ellen can’t __________ her purse.
find watch look