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The Simple Way to Build and Extend SAP Fiori and SAPUI5 Applications
Frequently Asked Questions

SAP Web IDE is a web-based tool that empowers users to rapidly create apps for browser
and mobile devices. It simplifies the end-to-end application lifecycle: prototyping,
development, packaging, deployment, and customer extensions for SAP Fiori and SAPUI5

2 General

6 Functionality

7 HANA Integration

8 Mobile Development

9 Licensing

What does SAP Web IDE offer?  Build beautiful HTML5 based SAPUI5 applications applying
SAP Fiori UX using wizards, templates, Sample Apps, WYSIWYG
editor and a code editor with SAPUI5 code completion.
 Instantly preview application for any device screen size - desktop,
tablet, or smartphone
 Use the sophisticated mock service for decoupling front-end
development from the server and for testing purposes
 Deploy on HANA Cloud Platform (HCP), SAPUI5 ABAP repository
using Business Server Pages (BSP), SAP Fiori launchpad (FLP),
SAP HANA Cloud Platform mobile Services (HCPms), and SAP
Mobile Platform (SMP).
 Extend SAP delivered applications using code editors and a visual
extensibility pane.
 Collaborate with other developers via the SAP Web IDE integrated
Git support.
 Extend SAP Web IDE through plugins and templates leveraging its
modular and extensible framework.

What is SAP Fiori UX? SAP Fiori is the new user experience for SAP software. It applies
modern design principles for a completely reimagined user experience.
SAP Fiori UX represents a personalized, responsive and simple user
experience across devices and deployment options. SAP Fiori is based
on SAPUI5.

What is SAPUI5? SAPUI5 lets you build enterprise-ready web applications, responsive to
all devices, running on almost any browser of your choice. It’s based on
JavaScript, using JQuery as its foundation and follows web standards. It
eases your development with a client-side HTML5 rendering library
including a rich set of controls and supports data binding to different
models (JSON, XML and ODATA).
OpenUI5 is an open source version of SAPUI5.

Is SAP Web IDE available for SAP Web IDE has been released for productive usage on SAP HANA
customer to use? Cloud Platform more than a year ago. It can be reached via SAP HANA
Cloud Platform or SAP Store for productive or trial usage.
SAP Web IDE is also available as a Local trial version for test and
evaluation purposes via SCN.
If needed, contact your account executive to learn more about how you
can start using SAP Web IDE.
SAP Web IDE was formerly The feedback we received was that the name of the product was
called SAP River RDE. Why was somewhat confusing and did not necessarily capture the full essence of
it renamed? the product capabilities. As a result we decided to change it to “SAP
Web IDE”, a name that is more in-line with standard industry usage and
reflects how the development community refers to this type of

How enterprise ready is SAP Security:

Web IDE?  SAP Web IDE relies on HANA Cloud Platform infrastructure for
authentication and secure connectivity to different systems (SAP
Gateway) or other components (Orion, Git). As part of the HANA
Cloud Platform the SAP Web IDE adheres to the SAP standard
terms and conditions for cloud products related to data protection
and privacy.
SAP Web IDE could use any Identity provider (IdP) including
customer defined IdPs, or use the SAP HANA Cloud connector for
secure connection to on premise systems. For more information on
SAP HANA Cloud connector please refer to whitepaper
 SAP Web IDE relies on authorization checks done by other
systems (SAP Gateway, Orion, and Git).
Administration / Configuration:
Settings for the developments environment can be easily maintained and
controlled centrally from the HANA Cloud Platform cockpit.
Develop Once, Run Everywhere:
Applications developed with SAP Web IDE can run on different platforms
like HANA Cloud Platform, SAP ABAP using Business Server Pages
(BSP) and SAP Mobile Platform (SMP).
Lifecycle Management:
SAP Web IDE will support the entire application lifecycle: starting from
design, through development and testing to deployment and
SAP Web IDE hosted on the HANA Cloud Platform provides a low TCO
environment. Local installations are not required.
SAP Web IDE enables seamless integration with other SAP HANA
Cloud Platform capabilities like SAP Fiori launchpad, Git code repository,
Fiori, cloud edition and HANA Cloud Platform mobile services. SAP Web
IDE also securely connects to your ABAP Application Server to enable
consumption of business data and app import / deployment.
What offline-data features are You need to be online to be able to work with SAP Web IDE on HCP.
included (i.e. when data
SAP Web IDE has an automatic save (auto-save) feature that allows a
connection is temporarily lost)?
user to have the changes in all open documents saved automatically at
preset intervals.
In addition, we enable session restore in case of session loss, session
timeout and connectivity issues.
Is it possible to install SAP Web We recommend our cloud offering as this allows you to work with latest
IDE locally on your computer? SAP versions without any installation effort. It also enables seamless
integration with HCP services e.g. Fiori launchpad, Git, Fiori Cloud
edition, HCP Mobile services and additional future integrations like HCI,
Usage Analytics.
Local installation for non-productive usage (i.e. trial version) is available
via SCN.

Is there any SAP HANA SAP Web IDE is running on the SAP HANA Cloud Platform (HCP),
dependency (like in runtime or which is SAP’s platform-as-a-service offering (PaaS).
design time) for SAP Web IDE? SAP Web IDE is a design time environment, it is not required in the
runtime environment.
There are no dependencies to the HANA database.

Will the UI theme designer be SAP Web IDE provides direct access to launch the UI Theme designer
part of SAP Web IDE? from SAP Web IDE (via the Welcome screen).
In the future, we plan to support previewing apps using UI Theme
Designer themes and define theme project resources in SAP Web IDE
(w/Git integration).

What is the difference between SAP Web IDE embraces the capabilities of existing products (SAP
SAP Web IDE and other existing Mobile Platform AppBuilder, SAP AppDesigner, Gateway PA Tools and
development tools (SMP Fiori toolkit) and provides a comprehensive tool designed to support the
AppBuilder, SAP AppDesigner, end-to-end development lifecycle for SAPUI5 and applications applying
Gateway PA Tools and Fiori the SAP Fiori UX while the above mentioned products provide more
toolkit) that help developers specific solutions for SAPUI5 and applications applying the SAP Fiori
The vision is to unite these products in order to simplify the end-to-end
development story of Fiori and SAPUI5 applications by providing one
product for all
 applications (simple and complex)
 platforms (cloud and on premise)

 channels (smartphone, tablet, desktop)

Is it possible to import a project Yes, this is possible.
from Eclipse to SAP Web IDE
SAP Web IDE allows you to import and export your project as zip file.
and vice versa?

When do you recommend to use SAP Web IDE is the recommended tool for developing any Fiori and
SAP Web IDE and when SAP SAPUI5 app. SAP will focus its investment in SAP Web IDE since it
Eclipse extensions? provides a simple development process with rich out of the box
SAPUI5 Eclipse tools are supported by SAP.
New capabilities for SAPUI5 and SAPFiori development are planned to
be supported only with SAP Web IDE.

Does SAP Web IDE work with Yes, please take a look at the following blog on the SCN for details -
SAP Gateway trial system? "How to configure an external GW system with SAP Web IDE".

Do I have to connect SAP Web No. SAP Web IDE supports a mock service that enables the decoupling
IDE to my systems? of the front-end application development from the server. In addition, it
enables application testing without backend connectivity. The mock
service supports automatic data generation, editing of mock data and
For testing the finalized application, we recommend to connect to your
backend system via SAP HANA Cloud connector.
Instead of the integrated deployment option SAP Web IDE also supports
exporting your projects. It can be imported into e.g. an SAP ABAP
Server with an up-/download report (see note 1793771)
Which browser versions are SAP Web IDE supports:
supported by SAP Web IDE?  Google Chrome (latest version) on Windows and Mac
 Mozilla Firefox (latest version) on Windows
 Microsoft Internet Explorer 10/11 on Windows
 Apple Safari (latest version) on Mac
(except the Layout editor which is currently supported only on
Google Chrome)

How does team development

SAP Web IDE on HANA Cloud Platform is connected to Git (free software
and version management work
used for distributed revision control and source code management) on
in SAP Web IDE?
HANA Cloud Platform.

What kind of deployment SAP Web IDE comes with integrated deployment options for
options are provided by SAP  SAP HANA Cloud Platform
Web IDE?  SAPUI5 ABAP Repository on a SAP ABAP Server
 SAP Fiori launchpad
 HANA Cloud Platform mobile services (HCPms)
 SAP Mobile Platform..

In addition to the integrated deployment options, manual upload to an on-

premise ABAP system is also supported.
Is there any debugging feature SAP Web IDE provides no particular debugging features, but as this is a
introduced with this SAP Web browser-based development environment debugging capabilities of the
IDE? browser can be used.
You may open the SAPUI5 Diagnostics to help in debugging by

Can SAP Web IDE be used to Yes, SAP Web IDE allows generation of Fiori starter apps based on
develop new Fiori apps by wizards and templates that can be used to develop new Fiori apps. These
customers? applications can then be changed via the Layout Editor, the code editor
and previewed via the Instant Preview option.
Once developed, the apps can be deployed as mentioned above.

Is it possible to create customer- Yes, this is possible.

specific templates?
The template gallery can be enriched with customer-specific templates.
SAP Web IDE supports the full process of templates/plugins creation:
 Out of the box wizards that assist with the creation of customer-
specific plug-ins and templates.
 Ability to reuse existing and user created templates
 Auto complete option for editing template files in the code editor
 Ability to test plugin projects within SAP Web IDE

Does SAP Web IDE provide any No, currently there is no ABAP workbench plug-in available for SAP Web
ABAP workbench plug-ins? IDE.

Which capabilities will be

provided by SAP Web IDE for SAP Web IDE for SAP HANA will provide a comprehensive web-based
SAP HANA? development experience for creating SAP HANA native applications. This
includes the development of SAP HANA content and models, UI
development with SAPUI5 and Node.js or XSJS business code for SAP
HANA extended application services, advanced model.

What is the rationale behind

introducing SAP Web IDE for SAP is consolidating the development experience for SAP-based
SAP HANA? applications on the cloud and on premise. For this SAP Web IDE for SAP
HANA comprises capabilities of SAP HANA Studio, SAP HANA Web-
based Development Workbench and SAP Web IDE to develop with the
SAP HANA XS advanced platform. It consolidates technologies, follows
industry trends, and leverages industry standards where possible, while
retaining a competitive innovation focus of SAP’s current tool offering.

What happens to SAP HANA

Studio and SAP HANA Web- With its first delivery SAP Web IDE for SAP HANA will be preview status
based Development only and not yet be feature complete. You might be required to use
Workbench? external editors and command line tools to develop for SAP HANA XS
advanced. The existing tools for SAP HANA extended application
services, classic model remain part of SAP HANA to provide 100%
backwards capability until full migration will be possible.

How can I use SAP Web IDE for

SAP HANA? SAP recommends that customers/partners begin to evaluate SAP HANA
XS advanced and SAP Web IDE for SAP HANA in a pilot project for a new
application. Please note that SAP Web IDE on SAP HANA tooling is not
supported for productive usage yet.

What's next for SAP Web IDE for

SAP HANA? SAP keeps working on simplifying the development experience for SAP
HANA XS advanced. Existing capabilities will be merged and new
capabilities for an end-to-end native development process will be added.

Does SAP Web IDE support Yes, SAP Web IDE Hybrid Application Toolkit (HAT) add-on adds
hybrid development using support for developing hybrid web applications using SAP Web IDE. The
Apache Cordova? add-on also supports testing and debugging of the applications through
a local hybrid development environment. This add-on supports the
Cordova core plugins as well as plugins from the SMP Kapsel SDK.
The toolkit supports hybrid application development for Android and iOS.
Support for Microsoft Windows is on the roadmap for a future release.
You can find more information on the SAP Web IDE mobile enablement

Does SAP Web IDE support the Yes, SAP Web IDE supports the Kapsel SDK through code completion,
SMP Hybrid SDK (Kapsel)? code snippets, API reference documentation, user selective enablement
of Kapsel or core Cordova plugins and additional capabilities.

What kind of rapid app SAP Web IDE offers WYSIWYG, wizards, templates and code editor
development for mobile with SAPUI5 and Kapsel specific code completion for rapid development
platform comes with SAP Web for mobile and desktop applications.
SAP Web IDE plans to support
 Mobilizing existing Fiori and SAPUI5 apps.
 Support for SAP Fiori client for mobile.

What kind of mobile SAP Web IDE comes with automatic deployment options for the
deployment options are following mobile platforms
provided by SAP Web IDE?  HANA Cloud Platform mobile services (HCPms)
 SAP Mobile Platform.

Can we do native (mobile) No, SAP Web IDE does not support native (mobile) development.
development with SAP Web

How will licensing work with There are several ways for customers and partners to get access to SAP
1. For SAP HANA Cloud Platform customers: SAP Web IDE is
included in several HCP packages:
Get Started
 Developer Edition (Non-Production Use) on HCP Trial
 Starter Editions (Non-Production Use)

Small Business
 Professional Edition
 Single application Edition
 Multiple application Edition

 AppServices Standard Edition
 AppServices Premium Edition

For more information, see .

2. In addition to the packages above SAP offers the “SAP HANA

AppServices, Web IDE Edition” package (material no. 8003103)
for productive purposes with no SAP HANA/HCP prerequisites.
For more information, see

3. For SAP HANA customers: Starting from SAP HANA SP09, SAP
Web IDE code editor and application preview capabilities are part
of SAP HANA Web-based Development Workbench.
4. For partners: SAP Web IDE is included in SAP PartnerEdge
program for Application Development – Innovation Pack for SAP
HANA Cloud Platform. Partners can alternatively purchase any of
the mentioned customer packages.
5. Trial versions: Cloud based available on HCP Trial and Local
version on SCN

How can I get one of those Contact your SAP Account Executive or search for SAP Web IDE on SAP
packages? Store or SCN

Find Out More

SAP Web IDE: HCP web site
SAP Web IDE on SCN: SAP Developer Enablement
SAP Web IDE Roadmap: Service Marketplace
SAP Web IDE on SAP UX explorer: SAP UX explorer
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