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to come to London, again

Six murders and one near fatal attack. South Chennai is in the grip of fear as police probe one of the most challenging cases in recent times. Petlee Peter reports
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Pakistan pacer Mohammad Asif is in hot waters once again after the Indian Premier League (IPL) on Monday confirmed that he had tested positive for a banned substance during the inaugural IPL. His ‘A’ sample has already tested positive and all hinges on the results of ‘B’ sample. Agencies

Maya Ravan

ERGO Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Actor-dancer Shobana’s musical dance extravaganza, ‘Maya Ravan’, will be held on July 18 at the Music Academy. Tickets for the show are available at Samsung (T. Nagar), Landmark, Nuts n Spice and Fashion Folks (Adyar).

Schoolgirl run over by mini lorry
A 17-year-old girl died in a road accident when she was on her way to school on Monday morning. Police identified the victim as Gnanasoundari of Keezhanallathur near Tiruvallur. The girl was riding her bicycle at around 7 a.m. when a mini lorry loaded with vegetables knocked her down from behind near the oil mill there, killing her instantly. The driver abandoned the vehicle and fled. Police have registered a hit-and-run case and are searching for him.

Man commits suicide by hanging from tree
A 30-year-old man was found hanging to death from a tree in Rail Nagar at Koyambedu on Monday morning. A suicide note was found in his pocket. Koyambedu police said the deceased, one Shankar of Padikuppam, had taken the extreme step after a spat with his wife, who had left him a few months ago. Passers-by saw him hanging from the tree branch and alerted the Koyambedu police, who later came in to recover the body and send it for autopsy. A case of unnatural death has been registered.


hat do you get when you combine the rustic rumble of the mridingam with heavy drumming? You have what Oxygen calls ‘world music’. Oxygen is an eclectic group of musicians that blend different genres of music and they performed on Sunday at the Alliance Francaise to a cheering crowd that was left wanting for more even after a two hour performance. So what is world music? It is the combination We use different of various music genres and the use styles of music of folk and modern forms of music in and you will “We find everything the same track.styles use different from Funk, Jazz, of music and you Rock, Carnatic to will find everything from Funk, Jazz, Irish folk tunes Rock, Carnatic to Irish folk tunes,” said Prithvi, the drummer. They are into music full-time and have been performing for over 5 years now and have done more than 100 live performances. The band has released three music albums so far and the latest is called “Aura”. Oxygen churned out some very interesting music that is a fresh change from the usual rock concerts that one sees in the city.


Oxygen band members performing at Alliance Francaise.

Tracks like dimensions, rain dance and odyssey were my personal favourites because they were honest and unlike most fusion bands in India, very original. The band had its stint of fame

through the “Oh la la” talent hunt show. They were among the lucky bands to record with musical maestro A.R.Rahman and are looking forward to doing more professional work. ■

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Kalamkari sarees
Aavaranaa, an exclusive saree boutique at Ashoka Street, Alwarpet, has stocked a wide range of Kalamkari collections. The sarees are on sale till July 18.

The deaths
June 24, 2008 – Security guard Periyasamy (64) found dead with head injury at an apartment complex on South Sivan Koil Street, Vadapalani, where he was employed. June 25, 2008 – Two beggars mysteriously attacked on the head outside Kamala Theatre and Vadapalani bus terminus respectively. One dies, the other survives. (A mentally challenged man arrested in connection on June 29) June 30, 2008 – Auto driver Kumar found dead with head injury near Vadapalani bus terminus. July 08, 2008 – Security guard Karuppazhagi (75) found charred to dead at an apartment complex on West Sivan Koil Street, Vadapalani, where he was employed. July 12, 2008 – Man in his mid-30s found dead near Poonamallee High Road, Porur, with head injury. July 14, 2008 – Man’s body found burning at Kumaran Nagar.


continue to rock South Chennai
Gruesome killings of watchmen and pavement dwellers have posed the police a tough case to crack

For more pics of Poi Solla Porom check out the gallery in www.goergo.in


Tamil private TV crew returning from duty in the early hours of Monday witnessed a shocking incident, that of a man burning on the pavement of Govindan Salai in Kumaran Nagar. The team alerted the police, who rushed in and recovered the body. Preliminary investigations were conducted, which confirmed it as a clear case of murder. The autopsy report is awaited. This Monday morning homicide is another addition to the list of mysterious deaths that have rocked South Chennai in recent days (see box). The deceased, believed to be a rag-picker, is suspected to have been struck on the head with a bottle and then burnt using kerosene. It was when he was burning, surrounded in a pool of blood, at around 4 a.m. that the television crew spotted him. The police stand puzzled, as a total of six mysterious deaths have occurred between June 24 and July 14, of which four occurred in Vadapalani and the rest in adjoining

areas. Meanwhile, police apprehended a mentally-challenged man named Ekambaram alias Sappai (29) of Kulasekarapuram in Koyambedu on June 29 on charges of twin murders, that of an apartment security guard and a beggar, which took place in Vadapalani on June 24 and 25 respectively. But the mysterious deaths continued, raising questions on whether the right man was arrested. On June 30, an autorickshaw driver identified as Kumar was found dead on a pavement near the Vadapalani bus terminus with a deep gash on his head. Police dismissed it as a road accident. On the morning of July 8, another security guard of an apartment complex in Vadapalani was found dead. Only, here he was found charred to death, in the same fashion as the Kumaran Nagar death. In the wake of the recent spate of murders, City police Commissioner R. Sekar addressed a media gathering and termed the situation “challenging.” “Special police teams have been formed to track down the culprits and a breakthrough will be achieved soon,” he said. ■

Are there any trainers for archery in Chennai? If so, can you give their address/contact number?

I need names of places where I can learn and play table tennis.
Rajiv S.

Looks like nobody in the city teaches archery. Can somebody tell me when the iPhone 3G is launching in India. I am dying to get one.

YMCA, Vepery (Ph: 2644 6262); League Club, Arumbakkam; Gymkhana Club and Golden Sports and Recreation Club, T Nagar (Ph: 4212 5277) are some clubs where you can enjoy playing the game. Do we have a Chinese Embassy in Chennai?

We hear that it will take another three to six months if the open lock system has to be launched in India. The alternative for this option could be available in your stores by next month. Both Bharati Airtel and Vodafone say they will be bringing it to India.

No. Chennai has offices of all the major consulates except the Chinese Embassy.
(Have any query about specific to Chennai? May be we could help you get the answer. Mail us you question to feedback@goergo.in)


13330.51 4039.70

ERGO Tuesday, July 15, 2008





McCain doesn’t e-mail or know how to use the Internet R
A pilgrim from New Zealand poses outside St. Mary’s Cathedral in Sydney on Monday. The World Youth Day ( WYD ) is a celebration of the Catholic faith which draws young people from around the world and which this year will be held from July 15-20 in Sydney. AFP PHOTO
epublican presidential candidate Senator John McCain has admitted that he never uses the e-mail or the Internet himself, and takes the help of his staff or family in using this tool of communication. He says that he is only just “learning to get online myself.” McCain, who turns 72 this year, would be the oldest president ever to be first elected to the White House, and he did himself no favours when asked by The New York Times which websites he looks at. “Brooke and Mark show me Drudge, obviously, everybody watches, for better or for worse, Drudge,” he was quoted as saying, referring to his aides Brooke Buchanan and Mark Salter, who direct him to the Drudge Report website. “Sometimes I look at Politico. Sometimes RealPolitics, sometimes,” an apparent reference to the website RealClearPolitics.com, he said, and Miss Buchanan and McCain’s wife Cindy also interjected and said that he also read his daughter Meghan’s blog. When asked if he went online himself, the Arizona senator responded: “They go on for me. I am learning to get online myself, and I will have that down fairly soon, getting on myself. “I don’t expect to be a great communicator, I don’t expect to set up my own blog, but I am becoming computer literate to the point where I can get the information that I need - including going to my daughter’s blog first, before anything else.” After McCain conceded that he did not use a BlackBerry or email,

A member of the "People for the Ethical treatment of Animals" (PETA), Fawn Porter sits in a cage outside a Sydney KFC restaurant on Monday. Caged and displaying signs saying "Chicks Agree:Boycott KFC" PETA members were protesting against KFC suppliers’ abusive treatment of chickens on factory farms and in slaughterhouses. AFP PHOTO

Salter butted in to say: “He uses a BlackBerry, just ours.” Obama on the other hand al-

Obama on the other hand always carries his BlackBerry with him and is often seen on his campaign plane tapping out e-mails

ways carries his BlackBerry with him and is often seen on his campaign plane tapping out e-mails. The Internet has been central to his candidacy, allowing him to establish a network of grassroots activists and attract small donations. ■

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

US $ Pound Euro 100 Yen 42.82 84.89 68.07 40.22

Websites of the day
Share in Britons’ love of their favoured potato product: http://www.lovechips.co.uk/ Reminisce about the funniest comedy moments in history here: http:// www.comedy-zone.net/tv/index.htm

Riding the


In a span of four years, Wavetel has set up 17 outlets across Chennai


project on the remote-controlled operation of electronic gadgets during his Engineering college days prompted V. F. John Yesudhas to give the stream some serious thought. A marketing stint with a leading cellphone service provider followed and soon Yesudhas was on his own, selling cellphone connections. “If someone has an idea and is willing to work hard on it, people are happy to support him as they see someone from within their own group being successful,” says Yesudhas. It was an idea that gave birth to Wavetel, a cellphone wholesaler, which currently operates 17 outlets across Chennai and will look to reach 40 by the yearend. Incidentally, the first counter that Yesudhas established in Nungambakkam back in 2004 is currently rated amongst the ‘global top eight’ counters for the sale of Nokia’s ‘N Series’. Wavetel is also the pioneer of a door-delivery system to both corporates and individuals. And contrary to popular perception, the Chairman

What an idea

and Founder says the system helps increase footfall at the various outlets. “Being observant has really helped me as I look for ways to incorporate other industry practices into my own enterprise,” explains Yesudhas. One such example of a borrowed initiative is the practice of having a customer dig into a bowl of Re. 1 coins to grab as many as possible. These, in turn, can be exchanged for pre-paid talktime. Much like the bowl of chocolates present at hotel reception counters. The innovation extends to Wavetel’s management of human resources. “We tend to hire school and college dropouts to work for us and equip them with the right skills. Unlike other organisations, we aren’t concerned by the lack of an academic certificate, for the ultimate result produced by a person is all that matters,” says Yesudhas.

course to achieve the turnover target of Rs. 120 crore for 2008. In terms of product offering, Wavetel will soon incorporate various electronic gadgets apart from cellphones. Expansion within the state is also in the offing. “By next year we will also have an additional 100 stores spread across Tamil Nadu,” says Yesudhas. “Another two years and we shall take on national competition.” ■

Prompt in promotion
Yesudhas is a firm believer in advertising and making your salient features known to your target audience. Wavetel’s annual advertising spends amount to Rs. 2 crore, of which 80 per cent is spent on print media. While outdoor and online media takes up the remaining 20 per cent, Yesudhas is constantly looking for innovation in the media as well. With his plans well etched out, Yesudhas and Wavetel are on

TIMELINE 2004 – Wavetel established first counter at Nungambakkam 2005 – Tied-up with a financial consultant, systems were in place 2006 – Second outlet established at Kodambakkam, call-centre established which helped increase sales. (Number: 39144444) 2008 – More outlets established including one at Valasarawalkam which recorded the highest first-day sales amongst retailers (327 cellphones), future plans include reaching 40 outlets in Chennai by year-end


ERGO Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Electric lighthouse
The first lighthouse to use electricity was the Statue of Liberty in 1886.

Zardari condemns US forces infiltrating Pak territory
PPP Chairman Asif Ali Zardari has reportedly condemned the US-led coalition forces infiltrating into the Pakistani territory for carrying out attacks on extremists along the Pak-Afghan border, and suggested to Washington that it should not indulge in talks of ‘hot pursuit’ of militants into Pakistan’s Tribal Areas. He said that since the PPP-led government in Islamabad was just four years old, the US must give it enough time to enact its own policies.

’World’s oldest blogger’ dies in Australia
An Australian woman described as the world’s oldest Internet blogger has died at the age of 108 after posting a final message about singing ‘a happy song’ in her nursing home. Olive Riley “passed away peacefully on July 12 and will be mourned by thousands of Internet friends and hundreds of descendants and other relatives,” a note on her website said. Riley had posted more than 70 entries on her blog from Woy Woy on the east coast since February last year, sharing her thoughts on modern life and her experiences living through the entire 20th century. Born in the outback town of Broken Hill on October 20 1899, she lived through two world wars and raised three children while doing various jobs. Riley’s blog, initially on www.allaboutolive.com.au and more recently at http:// worldsoldestblogger.blogspot.com, was ‘mind-blowing to her,’ her great grandson Darren Stone said.

First Olympic ticket lawsuit reaches Beijing’s court
The first case of Olympic ticket dispute reached a Beijing court on Monday, looking for its judgement on the ownership of four tickets. The Fengtai District Court in the Olympic host city announced it had accepted a case from a man surnamed Wang. He contends he made the ticket booking in another person’s name in September but paid for them through his own bank account. A court source said Wang, the manager of a trade company, asked one of his employees surnamed Wu to book him four Olympic tickets via the Internet. Wu used her own ID for the booking but left Wang’s contact phone number on the application. On June 28, Wang accused Wu of collecting the tickets without his noticing. He then demanded Wu either return his tickets or pay back the money. Wang had paid 1,600 yuan (234 U.S. dollars) for the tickets in his own name and kept the bank receipt.

Thai PM may face treason charge over temple deal
Anti-government activists Monday urged Thailand’s top anti-corruption watchdog to consider treason charges against the prime minister for backing a deal with Cambodia on a disputed Hindu temple. The Constitutional Court last week ruled that Prime Minister Samak Sundaravej and his cabinet had violated the charter by signing a deal on the 900-year-old Preah Vihear temple without seeking parliament’s approval.

Indian pilgrims missing in New Zealand
The missing 32 are among a group of 220 Indian worshippers given a one-month visitor visa this month
hirty-two Indian pilgrims have gone ‘missing’ during a stopover in the New Zealand capital en route to Sydney to see the Pope at the World Youth Day celebrations, sending immigration officials into a tizzy. The missing 32 are among a group of 220 Indian worshippers given a one-month visitor visa this month, Labour Department officials said in Auckland, adding they had planned to leave for Australia tomorrow. The Indians had gone missing at various times over the past four to five days and though their visas remained valid, authorities said they wanted to ensure all of the


pilgrims stuck to their plan to leave New Zealand. Immigration officials said they along with the Auckland-based Catholic Church were trying to find the pilgrims who absconded from the church billets and homes they were staying and do not have their passports with them, Radio New Zealand reported. New Zealand Catholic church spokeswoman Lyndsay Freer said the pilgrims arrived in New Zealand early last week where they were met by local Catholic parish representatives. “Some of them cleared customs and sort of disappeared and nobody saw them. That was a ve-

ry tiny number of the 32,” Freer said, adding that there was no reason to believe that they were not genuine pilgrims. “In terms of the law it’s not illegal, but it’s certainly most extraordinary and most disappointing,” she was quoted as saying by the radio. Pope Benedict XVI, 81, will join the festivities on Thursday for the World Youth Day, which begins tomorrow and is expected to attract more than 200,000 participants from across the world, the largest public event in Australia after the 2000 Sydney Olympics. ■

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

This day, that year
It was in July 15, 1904 that in Los Angeles, California, the first Buddhist temple in the United States was established.

Colonial Goose
"Colonial Goose" is the name Australians have given to stuffed mutton


iss Venezuela, Dayana Mendoza, was crowned Miss Universe 2008 in Vietnam’s resort city of Nha Trang on Monday. The 22-year-old brunette was given her crown, made of white and yellow gold and precious stones, by last year’s winner, Riyo Mori of Japan, at the pageant finale watched by nearly a billion television viewers worldwide. “I am excited. I cried a lot. I am really glad I made it,” Mendoza, the 57th winner of the title, later told reporters. The model and interior design student was among four finalists from Latin America, including first runner-up Taliana Vargas, 20, from Colombia. The rest of the top five were from the Dominican Republic, Mexico and Russia. This year’s event went more smoothly than the 2007 pageant in Mexico, which was marked by protests, a banned dress and the withdrawal of

During the evening gown parade, Miss USA Crystle Stewart of Texas slipped on the runway. She finished in the top 10

Miss Sweden after critics at home complained the contest degraded women. However, misfortune befell Miss USA for a second straight year. During the evening gown parade, Crystle Stewart of Texas slipped on the runway. She finished in the top 10. A year ago in Mexico, Rachel Smith also lost her footing and landed on her bottom. She finished fifth. The annual Miss Universe pageant – which tries to present itself as something more meaningful than a swimwear parade – was first held in Long Beach, California, in 1952.The event was taken over in 1996 by U.S. real estate mogul Donald Trump. Communist-led Vietnam spent nearly US$ 20 million on the event, including US$ 7 million on a new resort and convention centre to host the pageant, in a bid to promote tourism to the Southeast Asian nation. After celebrating at home with her family, Mendoza will spend her year-long reign travelling the world to speak out on humanitarian issues. “ I think I will jump on my family and they will jump on me. I want to have my mum’s food,” she said. ■

(Top)Miss Universe Dayana Mendoza reacts after being crowned Miss Universe 2008, (Right) Dayana Mendoza waves to the audience

Top-five contestants (L-R) Taliana Vargas, Miss Columbia, Dayana Mendoza, Miss Venezuela, Marianne Cruz, Miss Dominican Republic, Elisa Najera, Miss Mexico and Vera Krasova, miss Russia pose on the stage at the beginning of the final of the 57th Miss Universe contest held on Sunday AFP PHOTOS


ERGO Tuesday, July 15, 2008

U-16 team on a winning run
The Indian under-16 football team notched up its fourth consecutive win of the training-cum-exposure trip to United States, beating Marshall University 6-0 in Charleston, West Virginia. Malswam Fela scored a brace, while Tirthankar Sarkar, Reagan, Manandeep and Taranjit Kumar also chipped in with a goal each.

Prakash loses in Newport finals; picks up 120 ATP ranking points

dream run ends
Jeev finishes tied ninth
Jeev Milkha Singh squandered his last chance to qualify for next week’s British Open, carding a final-round one-over 72 in the Barclays Scottish Open to sign off tied ninth in the USD 5.92 million event in Glasgow. The seasoned Indian pro needed to finish among the top-five to get a berth in the British Open but a late slump put paid to his hopes and he finished with a total of seven-under 277. Jeev made a disappointing start to his final round, stumbling to a bogey on the first hole, but he made amends with back-to-back birdies on the sixth and seventh to make the turn oneunder. His backward journey turned out to be disappointing as he went birdie-less, besides compounding his woes with a bogey-brace on the 12th and 13th. At the top, Graeme McDowell (68) clinched the title by two strokes after totalling 13-under 271 with James Kingston (66) finishing second. Richard Green (69) and Migeul Angel Jimenez (69) were tied for the third spot with totals of 10-under 274.

Khade finishes seventh
Olympic-bound Indian swimmer Virdhawal Khade finished seventh in the 100m freestyle event of the World Junior Swimming Championships in Moneterry, Mexico after failing to better his national record-breaking semi-final timing. Khade, who qualified third for the finals with a timing of 50.49s to rewrite his own national record of 50.64s, could not improve on it and clocked 50.70s on Sunday. Italian Luca Dotto bagged the gold medal in the event with a championship record of 50.06s. Another Italian Luca Leonardi won the silver medal with a timing of 50.11s, while Russian Oleg Tikhobev (50.33s) finished third. Earlier, Khade had finished fifth in the 50m freestyle event.



rakash Amritraj’s dream run at the Hall of Fame Tennis Championships ended after second seed and defending champion Frabrice Santoro handed a straightset defeat to the Indian wildcard in the finals of the USD 385,000 event in Newport, United States.

Straight-set loss
Prakash went down 3-6, 5-7 in a one-hour-15-minute contest against his French rival, who became only the third player in the history of the tournament to defend his title. There was disappointment for India in the doubles competition as well with fourth seeds Rohan Bopanna and his Pakistani partner Aisam-ul Haq Qureshi losing 4-6 6-7 (1) to the unseeded American duo of Mardy Fish and John Isner in the finals. Playing each other for the first

time, Prakash and Santoro broke serve in the first two games, but later it was Santoro who seized control with a second break of Prakash’s serve for a 3-1 lead. The 35-year-old wrapped up the first set in 30 minutes, winning 18 of the 27 service points. “He did not serve with much pace and these courts are soft. The ball stays very low and it made it hard to return,” Prakash said after the match. “He is annoying. You play the point, you think it is over, and then you see the ball coming back,” he added. The second set went with serve until the 11th game, when Santoro converted his fifth break point opportunity of the match for a 6-5 lead. The veteran Frenchman clinched his sixth career ATP title with a service hold to love. But far from being disappointed, Prakash said he was satisfied with his

campaign as he became the lowest ranked finalist in Newport history, besides picking up 120 ATP ranking points. “This was a great stepping stone for me,’’ Prakash said. The ranking disparity between number Santoro (57th) and Amritraj (305th) at 248 positions was the largest difference in ranking between two participants in an ATP final since a Washington tournament last year when number five Andy Roddick defeated number 416 John Isner (a difference of 411). Prakash’s 305 ranking is nearly 100 points lower than the previous lowest ranked finalist, Mark Philippoussis, who was number 214 when he won the 2006 title. The 24-year-old became the first Indian to reach an ATP final, since Leander Paes won the 1998 Newport title.

Tuesday, July 15, 2008


Mubarak to lead SL Board XI
Jehan Mubarak will lead a Sri Lanka Board XI team in a warm-up game against India ahead of the three-match Test series starting July 23. The Sri Lanka Board squad has pacer Dilhara Fernando and batsman Chamara Silva, both of whom are likely to make the Test XI as well.

AYON SENGUPTA A buoyant Indian skipper Anil Kumble sounded confident of a good showing in Sri Lanka before leaving for the 43-day-long tour to the Emerald Isles. The team had an extended morning practice session at the MAC Stadium and Kumble said: “We are well prepared and keen to overcome any challenge which comes our way.”

Golden quartet to the rescue
With ODI skipper Mahendra Singh Dhoni opting out of the Test series in Sri Lanka and the omission of Yuvraj Singh, who is caught up in the “beach party” controversy, the Indian team will shift its dependency onto veteran shoulders to see them through what has been touted as one of the most difficult tours in recent times. The likes of Tendulkar, Sourav Ganguly and Rahul Dravid are not used to waiting in the wings as has been the case in recent times and this tour may well be a test of character for Dravid and Ganguly who will have to play out of their skins to deflect the pressure applied by the consistent performances of Suresh Raina and Rohit Sharma. On the bowling front young leggie Piyush Chawla would be disappointed to have missed the airplane to Colombo, but left-arm spinner Pragyan Ojha has been rewarded for his recent good form. However, the Hyderabad spinner will find it hard to push for a place in the playing XI. Making a comeback to the team post the slapping

Mendis magic
The Indians will be up against mystery leg-spinner Ajantha Mendis who had them flummoxed in the just concluded Asia Cup final. But, Kumble expressed confidence in the abilities of his batsmen and said: “We have a very experienced batting line-up and I think they are capable of handling any threat and spin has never been a problem. However, we are not going to take anyone lightly, leave alone Mendis. We have a plan and we will stick by it.” The Indian media has been gunning for a battle royal between Mendis and master-blaster Sachin Tendulkar who is making a comeback from an injury-driven lay-off. Tendulkar, who is also chasing Brian Lara’s world record as the highest run-getter in Test cricket, will definitely relish the new challenge thrown at him. “Sachin is all set to surpass Lara’s world record and the whole team will be proud of his feat once he gets there,” said Kumble.

incident, Harbhajan Singh will be eager to prove his detractors wrong and the conditions in Sri Lanka will be ideal for him to find success. The return of Zaheer Khan strengthens the fast-bowling department and either RP Singh or Ishant Sharma will share the new-ball with the Baroda paceman. Munaf Patel will most probably be found warming the benches. Gautam Gambhir and Virender Sehwag will carry forth their good ODI rapport to the longer version of the game and the Indians are likely to pack their team with six batsmen, a wicketkeeper and four bowlers. There’s very little to choose between the two wicketkeepers Parthiv Patel and Dinesh Karthik but the Tamil Nadu stumper has more experience playing Tests. As has been the case with most other tours to Sri Lanka, this might be a tussle between two prolific batting sides with both nations’ bowlers struggling to pick the muchneeded 20 wickets. ■




ERGO Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Bait for birds
A scene in Days of Thunder, where Cole and Rowdy race rental cars on the beach, shows birds scattering out of the way. The birds were lured onto the beach by birdseed, and in the first take most of them were run over.


layboy bunnies may return to London for the first time since the swinging sixties if Hugh Hefner decides to re-open the Playboy Club in the capital.

Hefner’s Playboy entertainment empire, which was built on the American magazine with its famous Playmate centrefolds, is considering at least two sites in central London. The club could re-open in 2010 to offer gaming at roulette wheels and blackjack tables. Guests will dine on everything from hamburgers to haute cuisine and dance to music played by leading European DJs. The original Playboy Club on Park Lane in Mayfair was closed 27 years ago after a police raid over suspected irregularities, despite no subsequent eviWe are looking gamblingwrongdoing. Its satellite clubs in Manchesdence of for opportunities ter and Portsmouth also closed. “We are looking for opportunities around the around the world. London will be logical for us. We had some world. London very good years there,” Times Online quoted Dick Rosenzweig, executive vice-president of Playboy and will be logical Hefner’s right-hand man, as saying. for us The most likely British site is the Sports Cafe on Haymarket in London’s West End, which showed sporting events on giant screens for more than a decade. Playboy has reportedly signed an agreement with Agilo, the London hedge fund that owns the cafe. The company will then seek a gaming premises licence from Westminster council. Although the government has its own plans for a new network of casinos, the Playboy application will go through existing rules. Playboy could win its licence in as little as two months after applying if it meets all the requirements. ■

Hugh Hefner might re-open Playboy Club in London in 2010



om Cruise and Katie Holmes gifted an expensive basket laden with designer goodies to new mum Nicole Kidman. The Oscar-winning actress (41) gave birth to Sunday Rose in a Nashville, Tennessee hospital on July 7. The huge gift comprised chenille Giraffe baby blankets and items from the Hermes baby collection. In 2006, Cruise’s ex-wife had sent Holmes best wishes after she became a mum. Kidman has two adopted kids with Cruise. Kidman got married to Urban after an 18-month courtship in a Catholic ceremony in Sydney in 2006, while Cruise married Holmes in a star-studded Scientology wedding in an Italian castle the same year. ■


Gang culture was everywhere. You’d often find yourself in situations where you wished you had something more than just your hands. So I would carry around a little shank
Alicia Keys on carrying a knife in her days in Hell’s Kitchen, a tough NY neighbourhood

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Designer touch
The store Ripley visits in The Talented Mr. Ripley to have his wallet embossed with Dickie’s initials is the Gucci boutique on Via Condotti.

Wig saves the day
Keira Knightley was preparing for her role in Domino (2005) while she was filming Pride and Prejudice, and had already cut her hair. She had to wear a wig during the last few weeks of filming and long sleeves to hide her muscles.

Why Kate Moss’ relationship with beau is on the rocks

Cine City
Jayaram turns baddie in Dhaam Dhoom
None would have expected an actor who can carry off comic and emotional roles with élan to don a villain’s role in a Tamil film. Dhaam Dhoom, directed by director Jeeva, was supposed to be completed a long time ago and due to his demise the film’s shooting had to be put on hold. However, with the help of P.C. Sriram and Jeeva’s associate directors, producers completed the shooting and the film is ready for release. According to sources, Jayaram plays a baddie in the film. Producers of the film have planned to release the film in both Tamil and Telugu. Jayam Ravi, Kangana Ranaut and Lakshmi Rai play the lead roles.

odel Kate Moss had a series of rows with her beau Jamie Hince over his band-mate Alison Mosshart, costing them their relationship, it has emerged. Moss’ jealousy of Hince spending too much time with his band-mate Mosshart and his excluding her from his rock life has been cited as the cause for the fights. “It’s the other Moss, she’s got your heart,” News of the World quoted a source, as saying. Moss further accused Hince of getting too close to Alison after he came back to her house at 3 a.m. one night, and also complained that Mosshart has copied her skinny jeans style and always wants to hang out with Jamie socially. “Kate shouted at him that he likes Alison’s vibe, is always laughing with her, and has a closeness with her that they don’t have. She’s jealous of that and is also envious that Alison is a real rock chick, whereas Kate feels she is just pretending to be one,” the source added.■

Bentley for

obert Downey Jr. was gifted a Bentley worth 200,000 dollars by movie bosses for the success of Iron Man, in which he played the lead role. The movie, which was based on Robert was the comic book superhero Iron shocked when Man, became the box-office hit they gave it to of the year and earned more him. But he was than 500 million dollars worldso grateful and wide. Downey Jr was so impressive is so happy in his role that the producers gave him the car as a thank you gift, Star magazine reported. “Robert was shocked when they gave it to him. But he was so grateful and is so happy,” Contactmusic quoted a source as telling the tabloid. ■

Vaiyapuri, the music director
Well-known comedian Vaiyapuri, who has acted in more than 100 films, turns music director in Kuselan. Surprising? Don’t get perplexed, for he is the reel music director in the film. Vaiyapuri plays the role of a music director in Kuselan and he is quite excited about the role. Though he has acted with Kamal Hassan in about 10 films, including Dasavatharam, this is the first time he is getting a chance to act with Superstar.


ERGO Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Costly Turban
Akshay Kumar who plays a Sardar in the movie Singh The King will be sporting a real expensive turban that costs a whopping Rs 65 lakh.


Sony Max

Zee Cinema

Filmy – 12 am Maya, coming from poor family, is married to Dr. Anand; but she tries to commit suicide on the nuptial. She tells Anand that she was in love with Prem whose ambition was to be a music director. He too was in love with her but thought she would not be happy as his wife.

Discovery Travel and Living

Aan: Men at Work

– 8 pm DCP Hari Om Patnaik is assigned to a police station, and is shocked to find that rules, and regulations, and the very reason for joining the police force, have been thrown to the wind.

Giraftaar – 8-30 pm
Kishan Kumar Khanna is a wellrated film actor who falls in love with young, beautiful and attractive Anuradha Saxena much to the dislikeness of her gangster brother who wastes no time in entrapping Kishan in a web of lies and deceits and gets him imprisoned for life.

Woh Saath Din

Nigella Feasts – 10-30 pm It’s the weekday with Nigella Lawson - time for friends, feasting, leisurely baking and cooking with the kids. She’s got lunch that everyone goes crazy for - a chicken and sausage bake.

Shadows at play
Mithra Suresh goes behind the scenes at a shadow puppet show put up at Alliance Francaise recently
The puppets were made out of X-ray film, and have limbs which are connected by wire and elastic


went to see a shadow theatre performance out of curiosity - to see what it takes to put a performance together and to see who would be watching an ancient form of theatre, which if not coordinated can be irritating. Brigitte Reveli has taught 25 children of AMM School, Kotturpuram on how to make the puppets as well as what stories to write for the performances. The culmination of their one-week workshop was the show at Alliance Francaise last Saturday. And it was a series of short and simple stories, such as an art gallery owner finding that the portraits in the gallery moved, or the monster that eats forestdwellers, or the big fish in the sea that not only eat smaller fish, but also humans. The performance involved a white screen, framed thickly on three sides by shamiana fabric. The area around the white screen should be quite dark and only then will the shadows take on definition, which is an advantage to working with X-ray film. The puppets were made out of X-ray film, and have limbs which are connected by wire and elastic. “X-ray film is used because it is sturdier.” There was a story which showed big fish eating smaller fish, albeit not without a struggle. “In such scenes, paper and wood do not

work, because they’ll tear or break. Plus, when illuminated, the shadows that fall on the screen are translucent, which is visually interesting.” The minimal light is achieved with a low wattage bulb, usually an oxyhydrogen lamp (commonly referred to as ‘limelight’). Brigitte said that group dynamics always change through shadow theatre. “There are always at least 20 people behind the screen for one performance. Be-

cause these students had to work together, they also ended up getting to know one another, which would not have happened in school.” Brigitte, who has been in India for 15 years now, is residing in Kerala, and has studied dance, including the highly animated dance form Kathakali. And her knowledge of dance extends to shadow theatre. “It’s important to use one’s body to get the movement of the puppets right.

I noticed these students were confident of their English and knew their script verbatim, but if I asked them to stretch to move from point A to point B, they were shy in the beginning.” Overall, the show was interesting because for me, it was a simple form of telling a significant story. And going beyond the story, you are really looking at the artwork, which when it originated in China, was to relate great love stories and epic wars. ■


Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Blackbird jokester
A family is being woken up every morning at 5am because of a blackbird that imitates ambulance sounds. The bird learned to copy the siren sounds because of the frequent ambulances that pass the family’s house which is just down the street from a hospital.

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Labour Equals Freedom
As the Slovenian Film Festival is being celebrated, the Embassy of the Republic of Slovenia, New Delhi and the Indo Cine Appreciation Foundation is screening a movie named Labour Equals Freedom in the South Indian Film Chamber Theatre. In the movie, Peter is in his early forties and until recently he worked in a factory, but after Slovenia’s integration into the European Union, the factory closed down. Slowly, Peter loses self-confidence and self-esteem. In a moment of despair, Peter decides to hang himself. He takes a rope… Where: South Indian Film Chamber Theatre, Anna Salai. When: July 15, 8.00p.m.

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Diet Pop is healthier than Regular Pop One can of regular pop contains about 135 kilocalories whereas a can of diet pop contains less than 10 kilocalories; some even contain zero kilocalories.


All bottled waters such as sparkling water, tonic water, flavoured water, and mineral water are WATER Yes, plain bottled water is water and is calorie-free. Some flavoured waters are made with water and real juice. However, many flavoured waters are flavoured with artificial sweeteners and contain little juice



It is less fattening to drink juice than milk. Many people are surprised to learn that a glass of juice contains more calories than a glass of one percent milk. Even two percent milk has only 10 kilocalories more than a glass of fruit juice, which has 120 kilocalories!


Drinking wine instead of beer won’t make a beer-belly It is a common misconception that wine contains fewer calories than beer. It is simply not true. One glass of wine (five ounces) contains about 130 kilocalories whereas one bottle of beer (12 ounces) has about 150 kilocalories.

Coffee is the main source of caffeine Caffeine is widely found in tea and canned drinks. Some drinks, such as Jolt and Red Bull, contain as much caffeine as coffee!

Shed guest

ERGO Tuesday, July 15, 2008

An English woman was shocked when she found a Lithuanian crane operator had set up house in her shed. The man had put in a bed, TV, and even a juicer in her shed located in her overgrown garden - without the woman even knowing.


Sundar Balaji of HCL Technologies sent us this picture of a road in Samrala, a village in Punjab. He owns a Cannon Power Shot S600.

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Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Word’s worth
"Wahala" (wah-hah-luh) (in Nigeria) inconvenience, trouble, fuss, calamity. From Hausa.

Bandits to tour guides
Two Indian men, who used to be bandits, are now giving guided tours in an effort to boost visitors to crime infested areas of India. Officials believe having notorious bandits as guides will draw in the visitors.

Ganesha foresees you trying new things or working on new projects. Since it is your lucky day, your colleagues will appreciate your suggestions. On the romantic front, your enthusiasm will work positively for you. In short, a day to look forward to.

You seem to be in an esoteric mood. You might feel uninterested in taking up serious issues. Office might seem boring. There can be conflict in energy if your thoughts and action don’t synchronize. Romantic life may not witness any changes.



You may want to seek others attention at office and work, but it might not work. The day is better than an average day. You will do a marvellous job in dealing with public. Try to be as nice as possible with your beloved or you might land up in a soup.

You might feel like working hard today, but be careful as you might be targeted. It is good for you to be more ‘adjusting’ and ‘forgiving’. In short, to remain happy with your beloved, you may need to compromise. Precisely, a ‘handle-with-care’ day.

LEO JULY 21 - AUG 20
Ganesha finds you full of life. You might get opportunities to learn new things at work. Ganesha finds you in a cheerful mood all day long. You may feel like developing good skills to maintain harmonious relationships. A cheerful day ahead!




You might face conflict in dividing your attention for domestic and professional front. This might confuse youbut remember practicality is the answer to all your hassles. The day will be favourable for you. You will spend a wonderful time with your beloved.

Ganesha feels you will handle meetings efficiently. It is a day to earn credit at work. You will get ample opportunities to socialise and meet friends. Romantic life may flourish. You should try to make the most of this lucky day, suggests Ganesha.

Focus on communications at work. Although, when it comes to important meetings, you can be ‘to the point’. Do not pinpoint your beloved’s mistakes very often. Ganesha advises you to handle this day with care, both on personal as well as professional front.

You behaviour today will be fully laden with optimismand confidence. Ganesha feels you will finish off tasks in time. At home, you will be the ‘charger’ for the day. . Romance will follow the motion and will be at peak today. Have fun!

You may feel like giving unwanted advises today. You may not only feel philosophical, but will also focus on loss and gain at work. You may wish to establish a more spiritual union with your partner. Ganesha feels the day will be influenced by Karma.


It is a day to amplify gains at work today. Ganesha feels you will be able to communicate to a large group. Since cheerful mood is infectious, you might get ‘infected’ by your beloved’s happy mood. A perfect day to enjoy parties with ‘you know who’.

Today your interests might lie in working out long term plans. Ganesha feels you are becoming more practical about work. You are advised to take it easy as you might have to undergo serious discussions on the romantic front.
Predictions by Bhavesh N. Pattni

16 !

ERGO Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Buying a bride
An English couple have won millions on the lottery - and the only thing they really want is a wife for their son. The couple will use their money to try and find a suitable lover for their son Stewart, 33.

Remember, remember the 8th of August
Join hands with Exnora for its ‘88888’ lights off campaign on August 8 to create awareness on global warming

Have a great solution? Tell us. We will highlight energy conservation and other global warming mitigation steps taken by IT companies as a support to Exnora’s ‘88888’ campaign. Write to us at feedback@goergo.in with the subject: ‘88888’

he next superhero to save the planet could be you. And no it does not involve fighting super villains or hanging down multi-storeyed apartments. All you need to do, for starters that is, is switch off the power to your home or office on August 8, for exactly eight minutes starting 8 p.m., in a symbolic support to Exnora’s upcoming ‘88888’ campaign in a bid to create awareness about global warming. The community – yet another branching out of the people-powered Exnora movement – was launched on Sunday and pledged its support to the ‘lights out’ campaign. Exnora founder M.B.Nirmal as well as the young office-bearers of IT-Exnora, including its president Venkat Krishnamachari and Vivek Krishnan Kandaswamy, said switching the power off should not be considered a gimmick. “It is important to send out the message that we are united in our endeavour to prevent global warming,” Nirmal added. The lights out campaign will be a resolute start for the campaign to arrest global warming. Inspiration The inspiration for the ‘88888’ campaign comes from similar “lights off” campaigns – the most popular one being the Earth Hour campaign in Sydney. More than 2.2 million


people participated in Sydney. Their one hour of lights out meant that 24.86 tons of carbon dioxide was not released into the air the equivalent of taking 48,613 cars off the road. The first 60 members of IT Exnora, who were present at the inaugural event, have already pledged to spread awareness about global warming to their colleagues and friends. Mr.Nirmal lauded the IT professionals for their networking abilities and said that was the main reason for launching IT Exnora. “You guys are capable of sending out SMSs and emails to great number of people. So you become natural partners for spreading awareness,” he added. A. Ramachandran, director, Centre for Climate Change (Anna University), asked the youngsters to consider climate change as a clear and immediate danger … not something that they can put in backburner thinking it would not affect them. Three students - Jashwant, Archana and Shruthi - who were named as the Climate Champions by the British council made a fervent plea to the participants to take the campaign seriously. ■

To become a part of IT Exnora, call Siddharth Shankar (9884077037), M.B. Nirmal 98400 34900 or Preetam 98406 41444. You can also log on to www.88888.co.in for more details on the campaign

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