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Macmillan Science Library

A comprehensive reference library to
explore new frontiers — from space stations
to the human genome


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Macmillan Science Library

The acclaimed Macmillan Science Library Series is a You’ll find more details on each of these
complete science resource, providing access to the latest sets in the following pages, but here’s
what some of the reviewers had to say:
research in the sciences in an inviting and attractive
format, along with the tools that beginning researchers “Lovely to look at and delightful to read
need to gain understanding of complex topics. …Tied to the curriculum and intended
for middle-school grades and up, it
provides information that will be useful
For the most accurate data, use these sets before going at several levels of readership … highly
to the “net.” Each article provides a summary of the recommended.”
topic as well as a list of sources for further research, — Review of Plant Sciences
(Booklist, June 1 & 15, 2001)
including Web sites reviewed and recommended by the
editors. Users who will benefit from the series include: “This set contains sufficient information to
serve the needs of a variety of student
students in middle school and high school; community users and will appeal to the casual browser
college students; university non-majors; and general as well. Attractive and informative, it is
patrons in the public library. highly recommended and would serve
junior — or senior-high-school, general
undergraduate, and public libraries as
Current sets in the series include: well.”
— Review of Animal Sciences
• Plant Sciences • Computer Sciences (July 2002) (Booklist, June 1, 2002)
• Animal Sciences • Space Sciences (July 2002)
“The eye-pleasing layout features many
• Biology • Genetics (November 2002) colorful photographs and diagrams that
will appeal to casual browsers, and the
• Mathematics articles contain more than enough
information to meet the needs of students.
This informative set is highly recom-
mended and would be a useful addition
to a middle- or high-school library as well
Articles in the Macmillan Science Library are previewed by high-school teachers as a public library.”
and students for reading level and curriculum fit. If you know a teacher who — Review of Biology
would like to participate in this program, please contact . (Booklist/RBB, June 1, 2002)

2 To order, call your Macmillan Representative at 1-800-877-4253 (in the U.S. and Canada)
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More than just sources of descriptive and analytical Designed with helpful
features such as definitions,
information, these sets explore cultural and ethical issues, Illustrated throughout sidebar examples, timelines
and provide career information in many fields of science. with photos and diagrams and more

e Each set in the Macmillan

Science Library is:
• 800 pages in 4 volumes
• Authoritative — combines
the standards of Macmillan
scholarship with user-friendly
design and writing style
• Enriched with Biographies
and “Careers in” entries that
help humanize the subject
• Complete with rich
o backmatter, including:
– index and glossary
r – outline of contents
– bibliography and
– current Web site listings
for further research

s. (Actual page size is 8.5" x 11")
Written in
accessible language
to clarify potentially
Order now and watch your library grow!
difficult topics There are two ways to order: Join the Standing Order Plan
or order only the individual sets you want.

To order, send an e-mail to (outside the U.S. and Canada) 3

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Genetics Select articles from Genetics

Richard Robinson, Editor in Chief

Agricultural Fertilization Metabolic Disease Retrovirus
This title covers the full spectrum of this most Biotechnology Founder Effect Microbiologist Reverse Transcriptase
Alzheimer’s Disease Fragile X Syndrome Mitochondrial Genome Ribosome
important science. Major themes include: Antibiotic Resistance Gene Discovery Mitosis Ribozyme
• Inheritance, from Mendel to the present Attention Deficit Gene Targeting Molecular Anthropology RNA
Hyperactivity Disorder Gene Therapy Molecular Biologist Sanger, Fred
• Genes and chromosomes, with full Bioinformatics Genetic Code Multiple Alleles Sequencing DNA
exploration of how genes work in the cell Biopesticides Genetic Testing Muscular Dystrophy Sex Determination
• Genetic diseases, including hemophilia, Biopharmaceuticals Genetically Modified Mutagenesis Sexual Orientation
Bioremediation Foods Mutation Statistical Geneticist
cystic fibrosis, and more than a dozen other Biotechnology Geneticist Nomenclature Tay-Sachs Disease
common and well-known genetic disorders, Entrepreneur Genetics Nondisjunction Telomere
plus how genes influence cancer, mental Biotechnology: Ethical Genomics Nucleases Transcription Gactors
Issues Genomics Industry Nucleotide Transformation
illness, and other complex disorders Birth Defects Genotype and Nucleus Transgenic Animals
• Biotechnology, with special emphasis on lab Cancer Phenotype Oncogenes Transplantation
techniques now in use in many high school Carcinogens Growth Disorders Overlapping Genes Transposable Genetic
Chromosomes, Artificial Hardy-Weinberg Patenting Genes Elements
classes, including eletrophoresis, restriction Clinical Geneticist Equilibrium Pharmaceutical Scientist Triplet Repeat Disease
enzymes and gene cloning Cloning Genes Hemophilia Tumor Suppressor Gene
Plant genetic Engineer
• Ethical, legal and social issues, including Cloning Organisms HIV Plasmid Twins
Cloning: Ethical Issues Hormonal Regulation Polymerase Chain Viroids and Virusoids
genetically modified foods and cloning Color Vision HPLC: High- Reaction Watson, James
• History of genetics, with both biographies Conjugation Performance Liquid Polymorphisms X Chromosome
and histories of major themes in genetics Conservation Biology: Chromatography Population Bottleneck Y Chromosome
• 1st Ed. 850 pp. in 4 vols.
Genetic Approaches Human Genetic Diversity Population Genetics Zebrafish
• Careers • Ready November 2002
Crick, Francis Human Genome Project Prenatal Diagnosis
• Richard Robinson, Editor in Chief Cystic Fibrosis Immune System Genetics
• ISBN 0-02-865606-7 Privacy
Diabetes Imprinting Probability
• Order #MML04302-173431 Disease, Genetics of Inbreeding Protein Sequencing
DNA Repair Inheritance Patterns Pseudogenes
DNA Structure and Intelligence Psychiatric Disorders
Function, History Internet Public Health, Genetic
DNA Vaccines Legal Issues Techniques in
Down Syndrome Linkage and Purification of DNA
Embryonic Stem Cells Recombination Quantitative Traits
Epidemiologist Mass Spectrometry Recombinant DNA
Epistasis McClintock, Barbara Repetitive DNA
Evolution of Genes McKusick, Victor Sequences
Evolution, Molecular Meiosis Reproductive Technology
Eye Color Mendel, Gregor Restriction Enzymes

For a complete list of articles, visit

4 To order, call your Macmillan Representative at 1-800-877-4253 (in the U.S. and Canada)
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Space Sciences Computer Sciences

Patricia Dasch, Editor in Chief Roger Flynn, Editor in Chief

From the history of space exploration to the future of “space Computer Sciences reviews the history of the discipline, con-
business,” this set offers a broad survey of the space sciences. cepts and profiles contributors in the field. The impact of
It includes biographies of scientists and the space-related computers is explored, with examples in literature and film
job market. Each illustrated volume includes sidebars, bib- cited. These illustrated volumes also include sidebars, bibli-
liographies, indexes, and an address listing of the world’s ographies, filmographies, timelines, charts, a glossary and
space agencies and institutions. indexes. Appropriate for users at many levels, the set offers a
• 850 pp in 4 vols. 2002. In print
wealth of information to students and public library patrons.
• Patricia Dasch, Editor in Chief • 1,000 pp. in 4 vols. 2002. In print
• ISBN 0-02-865546-X • Roger Flynn, Editor in Chief
• Order #MML04302-171710 • ISBN 0-02-865566-4
• Order #MML04302-171730

Four Thematic Volumes Selected Articles:

Vol. 1: Space Business Planet X Vol. 4: Our Future Vol. 1: Vol. 2: Software Vol. 3: Social Vol. 4: Electronic
Advertising Robotics Technology In Space Foundations: and Hardware Applications Universe
AIDS Research Solar Wind Asteroid Mining Ideas and People Algorithms Architecture Artificial Life
Burial Space Debris Bonestell, Chesley Animation Boole, George ATM Machines Bandwidth
Communications Industry What is Space? Domed Cities Apple Computer, Inc. Cache Memory CAD/CAM, CA Computer Vision
Energy from Space And more Earth—Why Leave? Binary Number System Client/Server Systems Engineering Copyright
Getting to Space Cheaply Food Production E-mail Fiber Optics Cell Phones Cybercafe
Regulation Vol. 3: Humans In Space Governance Hypertext Game Controllers Distance Learning E-journals and E-pub-
Tourism Astronauts, Types of Hotels Jacquard's Loom JPEG, MPEG Expert Systems lishing
And more Biosphere Interplanetary Internet Lovelace, Ada Byron Markup Languages Film and Video Editing Ethics
Closed Ecosystems Lightsails King, Countess of Optical Character Hacking Feynman, Richard P.
Vol. 2: Planetary Food Pollution Optical Technology Recognition Laser Technology Global Surveillance
Science and Astronomy Habitats Space Elevators Pascal, Blaise SQL Legal Systems Information Overload
Careers in Astronomy Humans versus Robots Star Wars Privacy Storage Devices Medical Systems Internet: Applications
Close Encounters Living in Space Teleportation Robotics Touch Screens Open Source Intranet
Extrasolar Planets Sanitary Facilities And more Slide Rule Virtual Private Network Security Applications Java Applets
Kuiper Belt Skylab Viruses von Neumann, John Software Piracy Routing
Life in the Universe, Search for Teacher in Space Program Window Interfaces Wireless Technology Speech Recognition Search Engines
Mars Women in Space World Wide Web Weather Forecasting Social Impact
Microgravity And more Urban Myths
For a complete list of articles, visit For a complete list of articles, visit

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Mathematics Animal Sciences

Max Brandenberger, Editor in Chief Alan Cobb, Editor

Mathematical concepts are explained and illustrated Animal Sciences brings together a wide range of scientific,
throughout this set, along with fascinating overviews of the historical and cultural information about the animal world,
field, and profiles of leading figures. Mathematics explores covering biological concepts, the history of zoology, biogra-
the uses and effects of math in daily life and in human phies of scientists in the field, and ethical issues, such as the
history. It also provides information on career choices in practice of animal experimentation. Each fully illustrated
the field. Each volume includes bibliographies, sidebars, volume includes sidebars, charts and a glossary, as well as
timeline, charts, a glossary, guide to resources on the Web bibliographies, filmographies and a list of the addresses of
and multiple indexes. institutions devoted to the protection and study of wild and
domesticated animals around the world.
• 1st Ed. 828 pp. in 4 vols. 2002. In print
• Max Brandenberger, Editor in Chief • 1,100 pp. in 4 vols. 2001
• Order #MML04302-171725 • Alan Cobb, Editor
• ISBN 0-02-865561-3 • Order #MML04302-171720
• ISBN 0-02-865556-7

Selected Articles Selected Articles

Absolute Zero Earthquakes, Measuring Music Recording Technician Acoustic Signals Ecologist Metamorphosis
Accountant End of the World, Predictions Numbers, Forbidden and Adaptation Entomology Muscular System
Air Traffic Controller of Superstitious African Cichlid Fishes Expenditure Per Progeny Natural Selection
Alternative Fuel and Energy Exponential Growth and Polyhedrons Animal Testing Farming Neuron
Apollonius of Perga Decay Probability and the Law of Arthropoda Food Web Parasitism
Artists Factorial Large Numbers Bailey, Florence Augusta Fossey, Dian Plankton
Athletics, Technology in Fibonacci, Leonardo Pisano Pythagoras Merriam Fossil Record Quaternary
Bouncing Ball, Measurement Fractals Quilting Biodiversity Genetic Variation in a Reproduction, Asexual and
of a Functions and Equations Scale Drawings and Models Biological Pest Control Population Sexual
Census Games Sequences and Series Biomes Global Warming Scales, Feathers and Hair
Central Tendency, Measures of Geometry Software, Dynamic Spaceflight, Mathematics of Camouflage Gould, Steven Jay Silent Spring
Chaos IMAX Technology Sports Data Cell Division Habitat Loss Sustainable Agriculture
Compact Disc, DVD, and Internet Data, Reliability of Stock Market Circadian Rhythm Horse Trainer Tool Use
MP3 Technology Logarithms Tessellations Classification Systems Human-Animal Conflicts Veterinarian
Computer Simulations Lotteries, State Time, Measurement of Conservation Biology Instinct Vocalization
Consumer Data Mandelbrot, Benoit B. Universe, Geometry of Cultures and Animals Jurassic Zoological Parks
Coordinate System, Three- Mass Media, Mathematics and Vectors Darwin, Charles Keratin Zoologist
Dimensional the Weather, Measuring Violent Dinosaurs Leakey, Louis and Mary Zooplankton
Dating Techniques Mathematics, Impossible Web Designer Drosophila Learning
Division by Zero Millennium Bug Echolocation Living Fossils

For a complete list of articles, visit For a complete list of articles, visit

6 To order, call your Macmillan Representative at 1-800-877-4253 (in the U.S. and Canada)
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Order Form
Richard Robinson, Editor
Macmillan Science Library
In addition to explaining biological concepts, Biology ❑ Sign me up for Standing Order Plan #M74 to save 5% on the complete science library. Nam
reviews the history of science, explores related fields, dis- I understand Gale will automatically ship all volumes to me as they publish at a Inst
cusses critical issues such as embryogenesis and commercial 5% savings. I will be billed for books as they ship. Add
applications of research in biology and addresses ethical ❑ OR, buy any set(s) in the series. City
issues. Careers in biology are also explored. Each fully illus- ___ MML04302-173431 Genetics (4-vol. set) ZIP
trated volume contains sidebars, bibliographies, timelines, ___ MML04302-171710 Space Sciences (4-vol. set) Pho
charts, a glossary and individual and cumulative indexes. ___ MML04302-171730 Computer Sciences (4-vol. set) E-m
• 1100 pp. in 4 vols. 2001 ___ MML04302-171725 Mathematics (4-vol. set)
• Richard Robinson, Editor ___ MML04302-171720 Animal Sciences (4-vol. set) Nam
• Order #MML04302-171715 ___ MML04302-171715 Biology (4-vol. set) Inst
• ISBN 0-02-865551-6
___ MML04302-171601 Plant Sciences (4-vol. set) Add
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Plant Sciences P.O. Box 9187

(outside the U.S. and Canada): +1 248 699 8035
Farmington Hills, MI 48333-9187 4. Contact us ELECTRONICALLY:
(in the U.S. and Canada):
Richard Robinson, Editor
2. CALL toll-free in the U.S. and Order online:
Canada: 1-800-877-4253 Internet: ■■C
For students, plants are the introduction to life sciences. h
(outside the U.S. and Canada):
This encyclopedia introduces the fundamentals — such as ■■
cells, transportation and photosynthesis, and also examines Internet: C
related fields, such as agribusiness, conservation and eth- S
nobotany. The set is fully illustrated and offers marginal def- International Customers:
For orders outside the U.S. and Canada, send an e-mail to
initions, timelines and sidebars throughout. or contact your regional sales office listed at P
Authorized Distributor I
• 1000 pp. in 4 vols. 2000
• Richard Robinson, Editor
• Order #MML04302-170601
• ISBN 0-02-865434-X
do no
not b

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All trad
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Upcoming sets in the series include:

• Water Sciences
• Chemistry
• Pollution
• Nutrition and World Health
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