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• Fiziksel ve zihinsel olarak yapılabilen eylemler için,
• İzin vermek ve almak için,

Olumlu Cümlede
I can be a good student
You can be a careful waiter
He can swim well
She can speak English fluently.
It can be fine
We can visit them, we have got enough time.
They can be at home

Olumsuz Cümle
I can’t be a good worker
You can’t be a careful worker
He can’t swim well
She can’t speak German fluently.
It can’t work
We can’t visit them
They can’t be at home

Soru Cümlesi
Can I be a good worker?
Can You be a careful worker?
Can He swim well ?
Can She speak German fluently?
Can It work?
Can We visit them?
Can They be at home now?

Wh ile
• What can we do now?
We can try again.
• Where can it go?
I don’t know, it can go everywhere.
• How can I help you?
I don’t know, you must find a solution.
• Why can’t you be here on time?
Because the bus is very late.