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Carlos Cano


4 Highland Crescent, BS8 2YA, Bristol, United Kingdom
 07508101633 | 

“Be the change that you want to see in the world. Now!”

November 21, 2018

Radio and Data Systems Specialist

About Me
I am 24 years old. I studied a degree in electronic engineering (240ECTS) with a strong focus on developing embedded device. I
finished the degree with extraordinary prize upon graduation. The thesis was on the implementation of a complete electrooculog-
raphy device, from capturing the signal to exporting data on the internet.
After the degree, I studied a double masters degree, a short master about mobile communication and networks in general(60 ECTS)
in which I presented a thesis about the study of LTE networks and their schedules. The second Master (120 ECTS) is telecommuni-
cation engineering with a strong dedication and a big personal project. This thesis was on the implementation of a classifier in an
FPGA device. I obtained the maximum qualification with Honours.

Why this company?

I am actively interested in this job due to my focus on radio communication. About communication, I have a strong knowledge
of networks and interconnection in wired and wireless networks. Because of the hardware approach in my studies, I have more
proficiency in the low-level layer: Physics, link, and transport. Besides, I know the 2G,3G and 4G architecture with many details,
and I know the standards 801.11 with a various developing project about 802.11 ac.
Concerning Radio knoledge, I have a strong background with all radio aspect due to my RF Master degree and the degree. I know
from a theoretical point of view Radiocommunication, radionavegation and optical communications and also from a practical point
of view.

Why Me?
In the CV attached, you can be found all the information about my knowledge, the platform that I have used, a project that I col-
laborated and skills. Also on the website. can be seen a brief description of my master thesis and
my degree thesis, a scheme of the electrooculographic I designed and two articles published on the FPGA implementation in the
master thesis. Also, there are two references for the coordinators of my projects, my teacher in Spain and my teacher in Romania.
I have been living Bristol for one month. I considered working in this city very suitable for me. I hope to be here for a long time, and
I would like to enter in this position because it combines all my passions Networks and RF. I am available for interview in Bristol at
you convenience , and you can email me on the address shown above.
I look forward to hearing from you soon.


Carlos Cano