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Affirmative Negative Interrogative

I have I Have not Have I got?

you have you got Have You got?
he, she it has he, she it Hasn’t got Has She,he,it
we have we Have not Have We got?
you have you got Have You got?
they have they have They got?
Haven’t got

Complete with the correct form of HAVE 12. My father ________ a big car
GOT 13. Mary ________ a new doll
1. The teacher---------------a big desk 14. They _________ three bikes
2. We-------------------two small cousins 15. The car _______ four wheels
3. My friend Monica-------------a house in 16. My teacher ______ curly hair
Málaga 17. It _______ wings
4. They --------------a lot of posters 18. My house _______ seven windows
5. Mike----------five TVs in his house. 19. Mary and John _______ a cold
6. I------------an English book 20. We ______ a birthday cake
7. That chair ___________a broken leg 21. Lola _____ a new hat
8. My classroom _________twenty chairs 22. I ______ a piano
9. She ____________ a new friend. 23. He _______ a red notebook
10. My dog _________a bad cough 24. You ______ my pencil
11. The little sister _________a new poppy 25. Laura _______ glasses

Rewrite the following sentences into negative form Choose the correct answer:
I have got a new puppy: _____________________ *Sheila and Mathew _________ a red car
She has got curly hair: ______________________
a) has got b) have got
You have got stamps: _______________________
Sheila has got a cold: ______________________ *______ Peter got a bike? No, he ________
My mum has got a car:______________________
a) have/ haven’t b) Has/hasn’t
Peter and Lola have got a lot of friends :
_____________________________________ *_____ you got a dog? Yes, I ________
My English teacher has got a hose in New York:
a) Has/ has b) Have/have
* My father _________ a car. He doesn’t like it

Describe yourself using TO HAVE GOT a) hasn’t got b) haven’t got

__________________________________ * How many friends _____ Pepe got?
__________________________________ a) have b) has
__________________________________ *My class ________ three windows
__________________________________ a) has got b) have got
__________________________________ * _____ she got a new doll? No, she ______
__________________________________ a) has/ hasn’t b) has/has
__________________________________ *It ________ got wheels. It’s broken
__________________________________ a)has b) hasn’t