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(India) Private Limited SESSION 2017-18


I. The question paper is divided into four sections :
SECTION A : Reading 20 MARKS
SECTION B : Writing 20 MARKS
SECTION C : Grammar 20 MARKS
SECTION D : Literature 20 MARKS
II. All questions are compulsory.
III. You may attempt any section at a time.
IV. All questions of that particular section must be attempted in the correct order.
1. Read the passage and answer- [10 Marks]
About 400 years ago, the Greeks began to move across from their home in the mountains of Asia
towards the Western Mediterranean Sea. At this time they were wandering shepherds, living in groups
of families called tribes. They had no real government such a thing was unnecessary because there
was no public business, there were no taxes, and nobody owned any land , since the tribe moved from
place to place the whole time looking for grass for its sheep and goats. There were also no law cases
and no lawyers, and men were controlled by a few customs, such as the one that said that if one man
killed another, one of the dead man’s relations had to find and kill the killer.
(i) How did the Greeks live 400 years ago ? Where did they begin to migrate to ? [3 Marks]
(ii) Why did they not have any government? [1 Marks]
(iii) Why did the tribes move from place to place? [1 Marks]
(iv) What did the Greeks have in place of laws? [1 Marks]
(v) What penalty was fixed for a liller among the Greek tribes? [1 Marks]
(vi) Find out from the passage the word which means ‘persons whose job is to take care of sheep’.
[2 Marks]
(vii) Pick out from the passage the word which is opposite of ‘alive’. [1 Marks]
2. Read the following passage and answer the questions that follow : [10 marks]
I heard this story from my teacher. In this story there are two persons, quite healthy and not advanced
much in age, had been lying under the shade of a tree. At dawn, one of them marked a horse-man
passing by. He called out the horse-man and requested him to put the fruit into his mouth, which had
been lying on his chest. He replied of course with a pinch of anger, "You seem to be very idle". It is
strange to know that you cannot lift the thing lying so close. The other person got the moment to expose
himself and told the horse-man, "Yes sir, he is criminally idle". He did not care to scare away the dog
that licked my cheeks for the whole night. The horse-man obliged the person number one by putting the
fruit into his mouth and sped away.
They have lost the will to move limbs. They are just like dead bodies or are immovable piece of wood or
stone. Cooper has rightly remarked that idleness is the grave in which a living person buries himself
without the help of any outside agency. No movement, no life, is the simple formula to make sure
whether the thing before you is a living entity or not. A person who knows only to sleep and eat, that
too, with the help of some other person,is worse than animal, makes efforts to manage its food.
Idleness is the most dangerous enemy of man. Even the lion, the uncrowned king of the jungle has to
go about in search of his prey, because no animal would come to enter his mouth. In a nutshell it may
be said that every living thing acts. Where there is no action there is no life.
(i) According to the passage what is the most dangerous enemy of man.
(A) action (B) idleness (C) stupidity (D) calmness
(ii) What is the central idea of the passage ?
(A) We should embrace idleness (B) We should never try to be active
(C) We should not think anything (D) We should shake off idleness
(iii) What does Cooper want to say about idleness ?
(A) Idleness is an orchard (B) Idleness is a river
(C) Idleness is a rock (D) Idleness is a grave
(iv) What is the criterion to judge a thing lying before us is living or dead ?
(A) movement (B) constant (C) stupidity (D) attraction

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(v) Who “according to the author" 'is worse than an animal ?
(A) A person who works hard.
(B) A person who does less work.
(C) A person who does great things.
(D) A person who only eats and sleeps, that too, with the help of some other persons.
3. As the President of Students’ Union of you school you are asked to invite the names of students who
would like to go on an educational tour to Kota in the Dusshera Vacation. Draft a notice.
[5 marks]
4. Read the following notes from the note-pad of Mrs. Joseph, the principal of St. Mary School, Pink
Plaza, Jaipur. She asks her assistant to draft a message on her behalf for Mr. Mathew, the vice
principal of the school. Using the information from the note-pad, draft a message. [5 marks]
 Request Urgent Meeting
 Meeting in my office – 9.00 a.m. today
 Agenda- planning for tour to Himachal Pradesh.
 Duration – 10 days – Summer Vacation
 Inform class teachers of VIII, IX, X – should attend meeting.

5. Write an article on the “Importance of Sports and Games”. [10 marks]

6. Read the following conversation and complete the paragraph that follows :
Mother : Sarthak, what are you doing ? [4 Marks]
Sarthak : Mummy, my mobile phone is missing.Somebody seems to have stolen it.
Mother : Here is your mobile, son, You had forgotten it. Your cousin gave it to me as he saw it.
Mother asked her son Sarthak(17) ______ Sarthak told his mother (18) ______ and expressed his
apprehension (19).______ stolen that. Mother immediately said that his mobile was there. He had
forgotten that. She told him (20) _______as he had seen that mobile.

(i) (A) what was he doing (B) what he had been doing
(C) what he was doing (D) what had he been doing
(ii) (A) that his mobile phone is missing (B) that his mobile phone had been missing
(C) his mobile phone is missing (D) his mobile phone was missing

(iii) (A) someone seemed to had (B) somebody seemed to have

(C) that someone seems to have (D) that somebody seemed to have

(iv) (A) that his cousin had given that mobile to her
(B) his cousin had given that mobile to her
(C) his cousin had been given that mobile to her
(D) his cousin gave that mobile to her

7. Change the sentence into indirect speech. [2 × 3 = 6 Marks]

(i) I said to him, "I will not go there tomorrow."
(ii) The clerk said to me, "I will not attend the office tomorrow."
(iii) Hari said to them, "Mohan did not sleep here yesterday."

8. Complete these sentences with suitable conjunction. [5 Marks]

(i) Arvinder withdrew money from the bank. Purchased a car.
(ii) He dialed the number. He talked to his friend.
(iii) Pranav is a good politician. A good doctor.
(iv) They would have attended the conference. The Mayor refused to pay him the fixed amount.
(v) It had been a dark and cold night. We were without a torch and woollens.

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9. Fill in the blanks with modal auxiliaries. [10 × ½ = 5 Marks]
(i) You__________ respect your elders.
(ii) When I was in my village, I ________ go fishing everyday.

(iii) She wished that I _________ live long.

(iv) If she were a teacher, she _________ teach you.

(v) If you had got up early, you ________ not have missed the train.

(vi) _________ I get you a glass of water?

(vii)He lives next door to you, you __________know him.

(viii) You ___________be honest.

(xi) __________he be successful.

(x) I ran so that I __________catch the train.


Q.10 State the following statements whether True and False : [2 Marks]
(i) Palwankar Baloo was India's first test captain.
(ii) India joined the world of Test cricket before Independence.

Q.11 Write the meaning of the following words- [2 Marks]

(i) Stashed away
(ii) Peek

Q.12 Answer the following questions in one line. [4 × 1 = 4 Marks]

(i) What do you understand by the 'flash point of a fuel'?
(ii) What was troubling the talking fan?
(iii) What did the Nishad give Mr. Nath?
(iv) Why did author visit the shop so unfrequently?

Q.13 Answer the following questions in 20 to 30 words. [4 × 2 = 8 Marks]

(i) How is a cricket bat different from a hockey stick?
(ii) Why does a burning candle go out when you blow on it?
(iii) Why did the Nishad and Maya get a holiday?
(iv) What trees does Mr. Wonka mention? Which tree does he say lives the longest?

Q.14 Answer the following question in 50 to 60 words. [4 Marks]

How is cricket different from other team games?

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1 Reading Comprehension 1,2 20

2 Notice Writing 3 5

3 Message Writing 4 5

4 Article Writing 5 10

5 Direct and Indirect Speech 6,7 10

6 Conjunctions 8 5

7 Modals 9 5

8 Fire: Friends and Foe 12(i), 13(ii) 3

9 Mystery of Talking fan 12(ii) 1

10 Expert Detectives 12(iii),13(iii) 3

11 Quality 12(iv) 1

12 The Story of Cricket 13(i),14 6

13 The Invention of Vita Wonk 13(iv) 2

12 Miscellanous

(i) True False 10 2

(ii) Word Meaning 11 2

(India) Private Limited SESSION 2017-18

[kaM ¼d½ vifBr cks/k [20 vad]

1. fuEufyf[kr x|ka'k dks /;kuiwoZd i<+dj uhps fn, x, iz'uksa ds mÙkj nhft,A [10]
e/;kg~u Hkkstu ;kstu ¼feM&Ms&ehy½ Hkkjr ljdkj rFkk jkT; ljdkj ds iz;kl ls lapkfry gSA Hkkjr
ljdkj us ;g ;kstuk 15 vxLr] 1995 dks y kxw dh Fkh] ftlesa d{kk 1 ls 5 rd ds
ljdkjh@ifj"knh;@jkT; ljdkj }kjk lgk;rk izkIr izkFkfed fo|ky;ksa esa i<+us okys cPpksa dks ikSf"Bd Hkkstu
miyC/k djkuk gSA 1 flrEcj] 2004 ls idk gqvk Hkkstu izkFkfed fo|ky;ksa esa miyC/k djk, tkus dh
;kstuk vkjEHk dj nh xbZ gSA bl ;kstuk dk mn~ns'; ikSf"Vd Hkkstu miyC/k djk dj cPpksa esa f'k{kk xzg.k
djus dh {kerk dks fodflr djuk gSA ;kstuk ds Hkkstu fuekZ.k dk dk;Z eq[;r% xzke iapk;rksa@okMZ lHkklnksa
dh ns[k&js[k esa fd;k tk jgk gSA
(i) Hkkjr ljdkj us ;g ;kstu dc vkjEHk dh\
(ii) e/;kUg Hkkstu ;kstuk dk mnn~s'; D;k gS\
(iii) ;kstuk dk dk;Z fdldh ns[k&js[k esa fd;k tk jgk gS\
(iv) ^fuekZ.k* 'kCn dk foijhrkFkZd 'kCn gS
¼d½ u;k ¼[k½ fouk'k
¼x½ cukuk ¼?k½ izkjEHk
(v) mijksDr x|ka'k dk 'kh"kZd gSA
¼d½ izkFkfed fo|ky; ¼[k½ ikSf"Vd Hkkstu
¼x½ Hkkjr ljdkj ¼?k½ feM&Ms&ehh

2. fuEufyf[kr dkO;ka'k dks /;kuiwoZd i<+dj iwNs x, iz'uksa ds mÙkj nhft, A [10]
ge nhokuksa dh D;k gLRkh]
gSa vkt ;gk¡ dy ogk¡ pys]
eLrh dk vkye lkFk pyk]
ge /kwy mM+krs tgk¡ pysA
vk, cudj mYykl vHkh]
vk¡lw cudj cg pys vHkh]
lc dgrs gh jg x,] vjs]
rqe dSls vk,] dgk¡ pys\
(i) dkO;ka'k esa fdldh gLrh dh ckr dh xbZ gS vkSj D;ksa\
(ii) nhokuksa ds ckjs esa D;k dgk x;k gS \
(iii) yksx nhokuksa ds lanHkZ esa D;k dgrs gSa\
(iv) ^eLrh dk vkye* ls vfHkizk; gS
¼d½ eLrh Hkjk lalkj
¼[k½ eLrh Hkjk mYykl
¼x½ö eLrh Hkjs vk¡lw
¼?k½ eLrh Hkjs nhokus
(v) vk¡lw dk i;kZ;okph 'kCn gS
¼d½ vk¡[k ¼[k½ us=k
¼x½ vJq ¼?k½ ykspu

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[kaM ¼[k½ ikB~;&iqLrd o iwjd ikB~;&iqLrd [30 vad]
3. fuEufyf[kr x|ka'k dks /;kuiwoZd i<+dj uhps fn, x, iz'uksa ds mÙkj nhft, [8]
uhydaB vkSj jk/kk dh lcls fiz; _rq rks o"kkZ gh FkhA
es?kksa ds meM+ vkus ls igys gh os gok esa mldh lty
vkgV ij ysrs Fks vkSj rc mldh ean dsdk dh xw¡t
vuqxw¡t rhoz ls rhozrj gksrh gqbZ ekuks cw¡nksa ds mrjus ds
fy, lksiku&iafDr cuus yxrh FkhA es?k ds xtZu ds rky
ij gh mlds rUe; uR̀; dk vkjaHk gksrk vkSj fQj es?k
ftruk vf/kd xjtrk] fctyh ftruh vf/kd pedrh]
c¡wnksa ds fjef>ekgV ftruh rhoz gksrh tkrh] uhdyaB ds
uR̀; dk osx mruk gh vf/kd c<+rk tkrk vkSj mldh
dsdk dk Loj mruk gh ean ls eanr̀j gksrk tkrkA
(i) uhydaB ds uR̀; dk osx dc c<+ tkrk gS\
(ii) uhydaB ds uR̀; dk vkjaHk dc gksrk gS\
(iii) es?kksa ds xtZu ls D;k gksrk Fkk\
(iv) ^gok* dk i;kZ;okph 'kCn dkSu&lk ugha gS\
¼d½ vfuy ¼[k½ vuy
¼x½ lehj ¼?k½ ek#r
(v) ^ean* 'kCn dk foijhrkFkZd 'kCn gS
¼d½ /khek ¼[k½ leku
¼x½ rhoz ¼?k½ de

4. fuEufyf[kr dkO;ka'k dks /;kuiwoZd i<+dj uhps fn, x, iz'uksa ds mÙkj nhft, [7]
eSa ?keaMksa esa Hkjk ,asBk gqvk]
,d fnu tc Fkk eqaMsj ij [kM+k
vk vpkud nwj ls mM+rk gqvk]
,d frudk vk¡[k esa esjh iM+kA
eSa f>>d mBk] gqvk cSpsu&lk]
yky gksdj vk¡[k Hkh nq[kus yxhA
(i) dkO;ka'k ds dfo rFkk dfork dk uke crkb,A
(ii) dfo us Lo;a ds fo"k; esa D;k dgk gS\
(iii) frudk vk¡[k esa iM+us ls D;k gqvk\
(iv) ^,saBk* 'kCn dk vFkZ gS
¼d½ vfHkeku ¼[k½ nhokj
¼x½ vdM+ ¼?k½ NksVk
(v) dfo dgk¡ [kM+k Fkk\
¼d½ dejs esa ¼x½ eqaMsj ij
¼x½ lM+d ij ¼?k½ ?kj esa 

5. fuEufyf[kr esa ls fdUgha rhu iz'uksa ds mÙkj nhft, [3]

(i) [kaHks dk vfHkeku fdl izdkj nwj gqvk\
(ii) dkys&dkys cknyksa dk meM+uk ns[kdj ehjk dk eu D;ksa izlUu gksrk gS\
(iii) nq;ksZ/ku us ikaMoksa dks ekjus dh D;k ;kstuk cukbz\
(iv) egkHkkjr dk ;q) fdrus fnuksa rd pyk\

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6. fuEufyf[kr esa ls fdUgha nks iz'uksa ds la{ksi esa mÙkj nhft, [6]
(i) 'kdqfu us ;qf/kf"Bj dks pkSlj [ksyus ds fo"k; esa D;k crk;k\
(ii) xk¡/khth dh vgenkckn ls D;k pkg Fkh\
(iii) lQsn jDr&d.k gekjs 'kjhj dh j{kk fdl izdkj djrs gSa\

7. fuEufyf[kr esa ls fdlh ,d iz'u dk mÙkj foLrkj ls nhft, [6]

(i) nknh ek¡ ds LoHkko dh dkSu&lh fo'ks"krkvksa ls vki izsfjr gq, vkSj D;ksa\
(ii) dqarh dk lw;Znso ls ojnku ek¡xus ds izlax dks foLrkjiwoZd crkb,A

[kaM ¼x½ O;kdj.k [20 vad]

8. funsZ'kkuqlkj iz'uksa ds mÙkj nhft, [4]

(i) ukfod uko pyk jgk gSA ¼js[kkafdr 'kCn dk laf/k&foPNsn dhft,½
(ii) ,d lIrkg esa lkr fnu gksrs gSaA ¼js[kkafdr 'kCn dk rRle :i fyf[k,½

9. fjDr LFkkuksa esa lgh mÙkj dk p;u djds fyf[k,A [4]

(i) Loj ds -------------------- Hksn gSaA ¼pkj@rhu½
(ii) laLdr̀ dh fyfi ----------------------gSA ¼jkseu@nsoukxjh½

10. fuEufyf[kr eqgkojksa ds vFkZ fy[kdj okD; cukb,\ [2]

(i) eq¡g esa ikuh Hkj vkuk
(ii) gok ls ckrsa djuk

11. fuEufyf[kr yksdksfDr;ksa ds vFkZ fy[kdj okD; cukb, [2]

(i) pksj dh nk<+h esa frudk (ii) tSlh djuh oSlh Hkjuh

12. fuEufyf[kr iz'uksa ds mÙkj [4]

(i) ^usgk vPNk uR̀; djrh gS* esa fo'ks"k.k 'kCn Nk¡Vdj fyf[k,A
(ii) ^vkfLrd* ,oa ^iki* dk foykse 'kCn fyf[k,A

13. fuEufyf[kr iz'uks ds lgh mÙkj dk p;u dhft,A [4]

(i) ^eSa i=k fy[krk gw¡* esa dkSu&lh fØ;k gS\
¼d½ ,ddeZd ¼[k½ f}deZd ¼x½ la;qDr ¼?k½ izsj.kkZFkd
(ii) 'kq) 'kCn dk p;u dhft,A
¼d½ ifj{kk ¼[k½ ifj"kk ¼x½ ijh{kk ¼?k½ ijh'kk

[kaM ¼?k½ O;kdj.k [10 vad]

14. fo|ky; esa vk;ksftr okf"kZdksRlo ds ckjs esa crkrs gq, viuh ekrkth dks i=k fyf[k,A [5]
[kkus dh oLrqvksa esa feykoV dh leL;k dh vksj /;ku vkdf"kZr djrs gq, LokLF; vf/kdkjh dks i=k fyf[k,A

15. vius thou ds y{; dks crkrs gq, 80-100 'kCnksa esa ,d vuqPNsn fyf[k,A [5]

Vibrant Academy (I) Pvt. Ltd. "A-14(A)" Road No.1, IPIA, Kota (Raj.) Ph. 0744-2423406 ( 3
1 vifBr x|ka'k ¼[k.M&d½ 1 10
2 vifBr i|ka'k ¼[k.M&d½ 2 10
3 ikB~;iqLrd ifBr x|ka'k ¼[k.M&[k½ 3 8
4 ikB~;iqLrd ifBr i|ka'k ¼[k.M&[k½ 4 7
5 ikB~;iqLrd vfry?kw iz'u ¼[k.M&[k½ 5 3
6 ikB~;iqLrd y?kw iz'u ¼[k.M&[k½ 6 6
7 ikB~;iqLrd fucU/kkRed iz'u ¼[k.M&[k½ 7 6
8 'kCn :Ik ¼[k.M&x½ 8(i) 2
9 laf/kfoPNsn ¼[k.M&x½ 8(ii) 2
10 Hkk"kk ¼[k.M&x½ 9(i) 2
11 fyfi ¼[k.M&x½ 9(ii) 2
12 eqgkojsa ¼[k.M&x½ 10 2
13 yksdksfDr ¼[k.M&x½ 11 2
14 fo'ks"k.k ¼[k.M&x½ 12(i) 2
15 foykse ¼[k.M&x½ 12(ii) 2
16 fØ;k ¼[k.M&x½ 13(i) 2
17 'kq) v'kq) ¼[k.M&x½ 13(ii) 2
18 i=k&ys[ku ¼[k.M&?k½ 14 5
19 vuqPNsn ys[ku ¼[k.M&?k½ 15 5
(India) Private Limited SESSION 2017-18
1. All questions are compulsory.
2. The question paper consists of 30 questions divided into four sections A, B, C and D.
3. Section A contains 6 questions of 1 mark each. Section B contains 6 questions of 2 marks each.
Section C contains 10 questions of 3 marks each. Section D contains 8 questions of 4 marks each.
4. There is no overall choice. However, an internal choice has been provided in four questions of 3 marks
each and three questions of 4 marks each. You have to attempt only one of the alternatives in all such
5. Use of calculators is not permitted.

Q.1 (i) Can two acute angles form a linear Pair ?
(ii) Can two right angles form a linear Pair ?

Q.2 What are the different coefficient of x in the following expressions?

4x – 3y , 2z – 5xz
Q.3 Write the number of lines of symmetry for the following figures:
(i) A regular hexagon (ii) A circle
Q.4 Find the ratio of 3 km to 300 m?

Q.5 Write as percent.
Q.6 Find the simple interest to be paid at the end of 3 years if principal is Rs. 1,200 at 12% per annum.

Q.7 Find the area of the triangle if the base and height of a triangle are 2a and 3a

Q.8 If two cubes of dimensions 2 cm by 2 cm by 2 cm are placed side by side, what would the dimensions
of the resulting cuboid be and draw the figure?

Q.9 Find the value of m.

(a) 4 (m + 3) = 18 (b) – 2 (m + 3) = 8

Q.10 Write the definition of Experiment and Sample Space.

Q.11 Find the mean of the factors of 30

Q.12 There are 540 students in a school. If the number of girls is 52 more than the boys, then find the
Number of boys in the school
2x  1 9
Q.13 Solve: 
3x  2 10

Find the three consecutive natural numbers whose sum is 45.

Vibrant Academy (I) Pvt. Ltd."A-14(A)"Road No.1, IPIA, Kota (Raj.) Ph. 0744-2425408 ( 1
Q.14 From your surroundings, give two examples each of the following shapes:
(i) cube (ii) cuboid (iii) cone (iv) sphere.

Give the geometrical name for each of the following:
(a) book (b) die (c) fridge
(d) football (e) unsharpened pencil

Q.15 A die is thrown once. What is the probability of:

(i) Getting an even number in the throwing of a die.
(ii) Getting an odd number.
(iii) Getting a natural number.
(iv) Getting a number 3.
A bag contains 5 red balls, 8 white balls, 4 green balls and 7 black balls. If one ball is drawn at random,
find the probability that it is:
(i) Black (ii) Not red (iii) Green

Q.16 Ram and Puneet borrowed Rs. 750 each from Rakesh at the same rate of simple interest .Ram paid
back Rs. 930 after 3 years. If Puneet wants to settle his accounts after 5 years how much money will
he pay to Rakesh.
What amount will earn a monthly interest of Rs. 20 at 6 paise per rupee per year simple interest ?

Q.17 Harish bought a second-hand typewriter for Rs. 1200 and spent Rs. 200 on its repairing . He sold it for
Rs. 1680. Find his profit or loss. What was his profit or loss percent.

Q.18 If x + 1/x = 5, find the values of :

1 1
(i) x2 + (ii) x4 +
x2 x4

Q.19 The base of a parallelogram is thrice its height. If the area is 867 cm2, find the base and height of the

Q.20 The denominator of a fraction is greater than numerator by 6. If 3 is added to numerator and 2 is
subtracted from denominator, the fraction becomes 6/7 , then the equation so formed is :

Q.21 In figure., AB || CD. Determine a.


O a


Q.22 As shown in figure, line AB || line PQ, mONQ = 110º, mMYO = 80º. Find mMOX

A 80º B

P O 110º Q

Vibrant Academy (I) Pvt. Ltd."A-14(A)"Road No.1, IPIA, Kota (Raj.) Ph. 0744-2425408 ( 2
Q.23 Draw a right triangle having hypotenuse of length 5.4 cm, and one of the acute angles of measure 60°.
Draw two parallel lines at a distance of 2.2 cm apart.

Q.24 The perimeter of a trapezium is 52 cm and its non-parallel sides are each equal to 10 cm and its
altitude is 8 cm. Find the area of the trapezium?
The adjoining figure represents a rectangular lawn with a circular flower bed in the middle. Find :



(i) the area of the whole land

(ii) the area of the flower bed
(iii) the area of the lawn excluding the area of the flower bed
(iv) the circumference of the flower bed.

Q.25 Of the 1000 inhabitants of a town, 60% are males of whom 20% are literate. If of all the inhabitants,
25% are literate, then what percent of the females of the town are literate ?


Akash bought a car for 75,000. He spent 9,000 on repairs and spent 1,500 on other things. If he sold
the car for 1,20,000, then find his gain%

Q.26 Simplify these expressions and find their values, if x = 3, a = - 1, b = - 2.

2 2
(i) 3x - 5a – x + 9b (ii) 2b - 8x + 4 x + 4a
(iii) 3a + 5 - 8x + 1

Q.27 The ages of 50 teachers working in a secondary school in a big city are as follows :

Age (in years) Number of teachers

25-30 4
30-35 5
35-40 10
40-45 15
45-50 8
50-55 5
55-60 1
Total Number of teachers 50

(i) What is the class size ?

(ii) What is the lower limit of 40 – 45 ?
(iii) What is the upper limit of 55 – 60 ?
(iv) What is the frequency of class interval 35 – 40 ?

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Q.28 The sum of two numbers is 2490. If 6.5 % of one number is equal to 8.5 % of the other, find the

Q.29 Numbers 1 to 10 are written on 10 seperate slips (one number on one slip), kept in a box and mixed up
well . One slip is chosen from the box without looking into it. What is the probability of :

(i) getting a number 7 (ii) getting a square number

(iii) getting a number at least 7 (iv) getting a number at most 3

Q.30 By selling a saree for Rs. 3800 . Vimla loses 5%. What percent will she gain or lose if she sell it for Rs.
4500 ?

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1 Integers -

2 Fractions and Decimals -

3 Data Handling 10, 11, 15, 27, 29 15

4 Simple Equations 9,12,13,20 10

5 Lines and Angles 21,22,1 7

6 The Triangle and Its Properties -

7 Congruence of Triangles -

8 Comparing Quantities 16,17,4,5,6,25,28,30 21

9 Rational Numbers -

10 Practical Geometry 23 4

11 Perimeter and Area 7,19,24 9

12 Algebric Expressions 2,18,26 8

13 Exponents and Powers -

14 Symmetry 3 1

15 Visualising Solid Shapes 8,14 5

(India) Private Limited SESSION 2017-18

1. The question paper comprises two sections, A and B. You are to attempt both the sections.
2. All questions are compulsory.
3. Write the answer to each question in the given answer-book only
4. All questions of Section-A and B are to be attempted separately.
5. There is an internal choice in two questions of three marks each and one question of five marks.
6. Question numbers 1 and 2 in Section-A are one mark question. They are to be answered
in one word or in one sentence.
7. Question numbers 3 to 5 in Section- A are two marks questions. These are to be answered in
30 words each.
8. Question numbers 6 to 15 in Section- A are three marks questions. These are to be answered in about
50 words each.
9. Question numbers 16 to 21 in Section- A are 5 marks questions. These are to be answered in 70 words
10. Question numbers 22 to 33 in Section- B are based on multiple choice. Each question is a one marks

1. Mention the reproductive parts of flower. [1 Marks]
2. Define locomotion. [1 Marks]
3. Which respiratory diseases are common among the workers of sericulture industry ? What is the cause of
the disease? [2 Marks]
4. Distinguish between a star and a planet. [2 Marks]
5. Define electric current. Along with its S.I unit. [2 Marks]

6. What do you mean by open and closed circuit? [3 Marks]

7. What is reflection and laws of reflection? [3 Marks]

8. Define the following terms : [3 Marks]

(i) wavelength (ii) time period (iii) frequency

9. Name three organic and three inorganic acids. [3 Marks]

10. What are the differences between mineral acid and organic acid ? [3 Marks]

11. State differences between acid and base. [3 Marks]

12. Write the differences between arteries and veins. [3 Mark]

13. Discribe the process of nutrition in amoeba. [3 mark]

14. Write short note on protein. [3 marks]

15. Explain in detail various methods of seed dispersal with example. [3 marks]

16. How can an iron nail be converted to an electromagnet ? [5 Marks]

17. State the characteristics of image formed by a plane mirror. [5 Marks]
With the help of an activity show that light travels along straight lines.

18. How is silk produced ? [5 marks]

19. (a) How can we conserve run away water in our homes ? What are its advantages ?
(b) Why can’t we use this water for drinking purposes ?
(c) What is rain water harvesting ?

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What are the causes of water scarcity ?

20. Explain the structure of flower with the help of diagram. [5 marks]
What are joints ? Describe the types of joints.

21. Write the differences between prokaryotic and eukaryotic cells. [5 Marks]

22. For a concave mirror when the object is placed between the pole and the focus then the image formed will
be : [1 mark]
(A) Virtual (B) Real (C) Inverted (D) Diminished

23. Cathode is : [1 mark]

(A) positively charged electrode
(B) negatively charged electrode
(C) a positively charged ion formed in the electrolyte
(D) a negatively charged ion formed in the electrolyte

24. 1 Mega Hertz = .... [1 mark]

(A) 1000 Hertz (B) 10,000 Hertz (C) 100,000 Hertz (D) 1,000,000 Hertz

25. The unit of quantity on which loudness of sound depends is- [1 mark]
(A) metre (B) Hertz (C) metre/second (D) second

26. Jute is obtained from which part of patsun ? [1 mark]

(A) Leaves (B) Root (C) Stem (D) Both leaves and stem
27. Wool burns with smell of burning hairs -
(A) as it is obtained from hairs of sheep and goat(B) because it is a natural fibre [1 mark]
(C) because it is synthetic fibre (D) None of these

28. A physical change is named so because : [1 mark]

(A) Only change in physical takes place (B) Energy transfer takes place
(C) It is reversible (D) All of these

29. The process of collecting rain water in huge, cemented pits is called : [1 mark]
(A) storing of water (B) filtration of water
(C) transporation of water (D) rain water harvesting

30. The explosion of firework is a [1 mark]

(A) displacement reaction. (B) physical change.
(C) chemical change. (D) slow change.

31. The ratio (by mass) of elements in water molecule is [1 mark]

(A) 1: 4. (B) 1: 6. (C) 1: 8. (D) 1: 16.

32. Which of the following is not a type of carbohydrates ? [1 mark]

(A) Starch (B) Cellulose (C) Glycerol (D) Sugar

33. Rough endoplasmic reticulum is involved in – [1 mark]

(A) Protein synthesis (B) Lipid synthesis (C) (A) and (B) Both (D) None of the above

Vibrant Academy (I) Pvt. Ltd."A-14(A)"Road No.1, IPIA, Kota (Raj.) Ph. 0744-2425408 ( 2

1 Some Natural Phenominal 4 2

2 Electric Current and Its Effects 5,6,23 6

3 Light 7,17,22 9

4 Sound 8,24,25 5

5 Magnet 16 5


1 Acid and Bases 9,10,11 9

2 Fiber to Fabric 18,26,27 7

3 Water: A Precious Resource 19,29 6

4 Physical and Chemical Changes 28,30 2

5 General Chemistry 31 1

6 Fibers 3 2


1 Reproduction 1,15,20 4(5*)

2 Body Movements 2,20 1(5*)

3 Transportation in Animals 12 3

4 Nutrition in Animals 13 3

5 Food 14,32 4

6 Cellular Organization 21,33 6

(India) Private Limited SESSION 2017-18

1. The question paper has 26 questions in all. All questions are compulsory.
2. Marks are indicated against each question.
3. Questions from serial number 1 to 7 are very short answer type questions. Each question carries one
4. Questions from serial number 8 to18 are 3 marks questions. Answer of these questions should not exceed
80 words each.
5. Questions from serial number 19 to 25 are 5 marks questions. Answer of these questions should not
exceed 100 words each.
6. Question numbers 26 is map question of 5 marks. After completion, attach the map inside your answer

1. Who was the founder of Delhi Sultanate?

2. Who wrote the Ramcharitmanas?

3. Which ruler changed the capital from Delhi to Daulatabad ?

4. What is the scale for measuring the magnitude of an earthquake?

5. Who is the executive head of a state?

6. Where is Ganga Brahmaputra basin located ?

7. What is the meaning of Fauna?

8. Write a short note on the growth of prosperity of Hampi.

9. What are miniature paintings?

10. What is Media?

11. Why the Ganga – Brahmaputra basin is thickly populated and Amazon basin is not?

12. How are tropical grasslands different from temperate grasslands?

13. Why is it difficult for the people to live in deserts?

14. Explain any three basic requirements of a settlement and give examples.

15. Briefly explain the meaning of natural vegetation?

Vibrant Academy (I) Pvt. Ltd."A-14(A)"Road No.1, IPIA, Kota (Raj.) Ph. 0744-2425408 ( 1
16. What are the powers of Chief Minister?

17. Write down the rights and duties of a customer.

18. Explain the meaning of the following terms:

(a) Publish (b) Censorship .

19. What were the teachings of the Bhakti saint Kabir?

20. Explain the types of advertisement.

21. What is the social responsibility of the media?

22. What are the different means of mass communication? Explain the relative importance of them.

23. Differentiate between the Ganga – Brahmaputra basin and the Amazon basin.

24. Write the differences between Prairies and Velds.

25. Explain in detail about the economic policies of Alauddin Khalji.

26. Locate and label the following items in the given map of India.
(i) Desert Vegetation
(ii) Ranthambhore National Park
(iii) Sariska
(iv) Dargah of Sufi Saint Hazrat Nizamuddin
(v) Khajuraho Temple

Vibrant Academy (I) Pvt. Ltd."A-14(A)"Road No.1, IPIA, Kota (Raj.) Ph. 0744-2425408 ( 2
Map Q. No. 26

Note : Please attach this map in your answer sheet with properly marked answers in it.

Vibrant Academy (I) Pvt. Ltd."A-14(A)"Road No.1, IPIA, Kota (Raj.) Ph. 0744-2425408 ( 3
1 The Delhi Sultans 1,3,25 9

2 Devotional Paths to the Divine 2,19 4

3 Our Changing Earth 4 1

4 How the State Government Works 5,16 4

Human Environment Interactions

5 6,11,23 9
(The Tropical and Subtropical Region)

6 Natual Vegetation and Wildlife 7,15 4

7 Towns, Traders and Craftspersons 8 3

8 The Making of Regional Cultures 9 3

9 Understanding Media 10,21,22 13

10 Life in a Template Grasslands 12,24 8

11 Life in the Desert 13 3

Human Environment Settlement ,Transport and
12 14 3
13 A Chain of Markets 17 3

14 Understanding Advertising 18,20 8

15 Miscellaneous 26 5