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San Geronimo Center

Inspiration. Innovation. Multiplication.

Prepared by
Matthew Z. Daniels
October 2010
San Geronimo Center
This summary proposes the purchase and reform of a 20-acre coastal estate formerly owned by
Stuart and Irene Heath into a center for the multiplication of churches, innovation of social enterprises,
and outreach among the post-modern, post-Christian generation in Uruguay, the most secular state in
the Western Hemisphere. TOTAL PROJECT COST: $350.000

“The Son of Man came to seek and to save that which was lost.” (Luke 19:10).

1.0 Theological Rationale: Restoring Four poverties

According to Genesis 2-3, when humankind chose their own way rather than Godʼs, we lost
four crucial relationships that have left us poverty-stricken on all fronts. Lost until God
Himself would intervene were oneness with God, oneness with each other, oneness with
ourselves, and oneness with creation.

Four great losses. Four areas of poverty. And Jesus with one soul mission. “Seek and
save that which was lost.”

2.0 Cultural Background

How does this poverty show up in Uruguay? Even with all its beauty and relative prosperity,
one does not have to look far. Known for a century as “the graveyard of missions,” Uruguay
is the only nation where Christmas was legally changed to “Family Day” and Easter called
“Tourism Week.”. Itʼs a place where everyone knows someone who has been a victim of
suicide, and one of the highest depression rates in the world. A place where humankind is
seen as the absolute greatest good and politics is seen as the key to salvation. A place
once called the “Switzerland of South America” that now stares in the mirror like an aged
and forgotten debutante, wondering if anyone remembers her name.

Jesus remembers her name.

3.0 A Mission of Reconciliation

The San Geronimo project is a 20-acre leadership training, resource and coaching center on
the coast 40 minutes outside of Montevideo where our mission is to join Christ in
reconciling a lost world to God through spiritual inspiration, social innovation, and
leadership multiplication of Christ-centered communities among the global-emerging
cultures in Uruguay, the Southern Cone region, and throughout Latin America.
Located halfway to the South American resort mecca of Punta del Este, San Geronimo sits
on a hilltop in the shadow of the Uruguayan sierras overlooking the sea just minutes off the
coastal highway.

3.1 Inspiration
We are networked with thousands of non-believers in Montevideo who are eager to grow
personally and who are attracted to open dialogue about Jesus. For them, San Geronimo is
a creative safe-haven lead by Christ-followers who love them unconditionally and who they
trust enough to invite into their own journey.

3.2 Innovation
Among our community are Christ-followers and not-yet Christ followers with brilliant ideas
that can make lasting positive change in the areas of spiritual renewal, social fairness,
creation care, and material poverty. At San Geronimo, they can brainstorm, research, and
network with experts from across the world in theological education, commerce,
development, and other areas as the seeds of an idea germinate and begin to grow.

Church leaders and their teams also gain the tools they need to engage culture, the courage
they need to try new things, and the clarity to know the essentials they need to hold on to.
For these people, San Geronimo is part Research and Development, part nursery for new

3.3 Multiplication
Inspiration and innovation spread beyond one center on a hilltop. Our vision is for an ever-
expanding network of practitioners of another way of living the Church. We see a grace-
filled grassroots movement in which small companies of men and women engage their
neighborhoods and societies spiritually and socially, and that Jesus, through them, would
seek and save that which was lost on every corner of the nation and beyond.

4.0 Objectives
Our over-arching objectives are as follows.

1. Disciple to Christ a generation of Uruguayans, imbued with the Holy Spirit, high creative
function and courage, who tackle societal problems by more fully incarnating Christ into
society, gifting the Latin America as a whole with theologians, pastors, artists,
professionals, and agents of change.
2. Serve as a seedbed for missional-incarnational church-planting movements in the
Southern Cone through blessing, inspiring, training, and coaching nascent missional
3. Bless the nation through spiritual and leadership development of entrepreneurs and
spiritual leaders as well as through the encouragement of micro-business and social
4. Develop a first-rate facility focusing on beauty, hospitality, and usability.
5. Become fully self-sufficient and support a two-person staff within three years.

5.0 Project Partners

The San Geronimo project is a partnership between Christian Associates, the San Geronimo
Center, and the Trinity Graduate School program for Cultural Engagement, and the El Living
church community of Montevideo, Uruguay, and is led by Matthew Daniels.

John Cochran, Associate Pastor Harvest Bible Chapel, Quad Cities
Jeff Fitzpatrick, Independent investor and consultant
Dr. Michael Cooper, Director of Graduate program in Social Enterprise, Trinity Graduate
Michael and Pat Harper, nurse anesthetist, lay apologist, hobby farmer, accountant (Pat)
Diego and Alison Hill, members of our local church community
Noemí Delgado, Uruguayan social worker and non-profit consultant

6.0 Current Programs at the Center

One-on-one Executive Coaching Retreats
Searching Conversations for Seekers
Hospitality Weekends
Church-plantersʼ leadership cohort (in development)
Annual Christian Associates South American Leadership Summit (in development)
6.1 Current Projects in development with the Center
• Serve the City Uruguay: open NGO which promotes practical, creative volunteerism
• The Missional Café: a coffee shop in Montevideo as a base of ministry in the city.
• The Luthier Project: aims at employment & promotion of fair practices in the industry.
• The Rice House project: turning rice waste into fireproof low-income housing.

7.0 Financials
Start-up expenses are reasonable, though higher than expected for a “third-world” economy.
While located close to the coast, it is at the same time distant enough from the most popular
tourist destination to make it a good value for the investment. A similar center in the US or
UK would be three to five times the price. Our total project costs are US$350,000.

The estate will be owned and operated locally, funded through grants, donations, ultimately
becoming self-sustaining. Donation streams will be channeled through Christian Associates
for the project and then given to the Uruguayan organization through a qualified grant

Start-up Assets!
Long-term Assets (property purchase, renewable energy)" " $225,000
Short-term Assets (furnishing, lighting)" " $10,500
Total Assets! ! ! ! $225,500

Start-up Funding
Start-up Expenses to Fund (construction, office, operations, legal)" $110,700
Fundraising Expenses" " $3,800

Total Funding Required! ! ! ! $350,000

Desired Capital Investment Breakdown! "
Planned Investment from Foundations" " $100,000
Investment from Churches" " $100,000
Investment from Founding Partners" " $100,000
Additional Investors" " $50,000
Total Planned Investment" " " " $350,000

Upon completion of purchase and investment, the property will have two furnished houses
with five bedrooms which can lodge up to eighteen people at one time, a chapel, an atelier, a
garage, and workshop. The center will be energy and water independent and secure.

The quality-level of the reform plan will be to make the lodgings comfortable, attractive, and
inspiring without going “over the top” in expense.

Contact Information
Matt and Toni Daniels
Phone: 901.473.1613
8.0 Photos

45 minutes outside of Montevideo, 30 minutes from Located on nearly 20 acres, potential for self-sufficiency,
international airport. woods, open spaces, walking paths, close to Sierras.

Principal house in excellent condition, easily parks 15 vehicles. Hilltop location provides view of Sierras, sea, and excellent
wind, solar, land conditions for sustainability.

Outbuildings consist of two garages and three stone buildings Original owners were lay preacher-businessman and spouse.
dating from 1820’s. Property price includes all assets currently House fully furnished and includes 1,000 volume biblical
on the property. theological library.
English style architecture and quality construction make Spaces for reflection and conversation abound.
the main building fully usable with only minor

Main house has three fully furnished bedrooms. Current usage include monthly leadership gathering of CA
Uruguay faith community as well as use by other groups.

Entryway lined with Eucalyptus trees leads out to groves Two-thirds of the estate contains walking paths and trails
of Citrus and Eucalyptus plantations surrounding the through wooded areas.