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Socio-Economic Cheque Program Overview The Socio-Economic Cheque program is a regular national agreement and collaboration between CPC & CUPW to process & deliver Socio-Economic Cheques when there is potential for a work disruption to ensure delivery of the cheques to those that are relying on it. The program is setup to run once a month to allow for special processing as the normal flow of mail stops during a work disruption. CPC works with PWGSC, the largest issuer of Socio-Economic Cheques in Canada, to define the criteria of the plan such as delivery day. We then offer the program to those that issue socio-economic cheques. Socio-Economic Cheques in the program Definition: “Socio-Economic Cheques (SEC) for this purpose are defined as Federal, Provincial or Municipal government financial assistance payments to individuals that are senior citizens, unemployed, considered disadvantaged (low income) or on medical, social, rent or child assistance programs” November Participation: CPC processed and delivered about 605,500 cheques, primarily on November 22" '* PWGSC: 555,000, primarily Canada Pension Plan, Old Age Security, and Child Care Benefit + Province of Quebec: 48,000 © Province of Alberta: 3,500 Program Execution The mailers typically induct their mail earlier to allow the mail to reach all areas of Canada and co-ordinate a one day a month delivery for all cheques and allow for unforeseen delays. The cheques are kept isolated and follow a parallel process to the regular mail stream throughout the entire network and monitored closely to ensure success and provide ability to enact contingencies. If there is a work disruption CUPW provides volunteers to come in to plants, depots, and retail offices to sort and deliver the items as required. The 2018 program was similar to past programs, but CPC took on work to minimize effort required by the cheque producers that was a barrler to entry for some mallers in the past.