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ARSA leaders, other militant leaders and supporters met in
Saudi Arabia in October, 2018

ARSA (Arakan Rohingya Salvation Army) leaders and other militant leaders, supporters, and
financiers held a strategic secret meeting in Saudi Arabia in late October, 2018. One of the
main topics was to discuss the purchase of a huge amount of modern weapons to be
bought, presumably, in Thailand’s infamous weapons black market, and to smuggle them
clandestinely to the secret bases of ARSA and other terrorist groups in Bangladesh and
northern Rakhine State, Myanmar. Some of the same intelligence networks that gathered
and shared key intel concerning the execution of Saudi journalist Jamal Khashoggi followed
this meeting and its aftermath.

After launching a Jihad with huge multi-targeted attacks against the indigenous Rakhine
Buddhists, Hindus, and tribal ethnicities just over one year ago, on August 25, 2017, and
failing in their plan of genocidal extermination, the population of Bengali Muslims (aka the
contested term ‘Rohingya’) was ordered by their Islamic religious and militant leaders to
torch their own villages, and the villages of non-Muslims, and flee to Bangladesh. Their
intolerant and supremacist belief that they, by virtue of being Muslim, can justifiably eliminate
any and all non-Muslims, seize the land, and declare it an autonomous Islamic State remains
very strong, and many are hoping and planning to resume Jihad.

Key mastermind Muhammed Anwar, leader of the

Rohingya Society in Thailand among other things,
living in Sukhumvit, Bangkok, Thailand attended the
meeting. He lobbied to be the chief operator of the
arms deals, and proclaimed that he is fully capable to
do it, and that he will take full responsibility of arming
the Bengali Muslims so that they can, someday,
attack again, next time with much more deadly

ARSA representatives in Saudi Arabia and financiers quietly questioned their concerns about
Anwar - whether Anwar is reliable or not. There was worry and concern because some of
their recent purchases of weapons and drugs were discovered and confiscated in Thailand.
Anwar swore that he will be fully responsible and capable in buying quantities of weapons
and sending them to Northern Arakan/Rakhine State through Bangladesh.

Anwar is trying to be the main representative of ‘Rohingya’ Mujahids (holy warriors fighting
for Allah) in Southeast Asia, procuring quantities of modern weapons, and thereby controlling
huge amounts of money - and that is why they are assessing Anwar’s reliability.

(Comment: Go get your money Anwar, and buy your weapons, and be sure not to lose
anything, you are responsible, right?)

Obviously I cannot disclose any more details of the sources of this information now, I will
only say that smartphone technology can be very smart, as some of the regional intelligence
agencies know.

Put this on the corner of your desk, and watch it all unfold.

by Rick Heizman, Yangon, Nov 22, 2018