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The shortage of educational facilities such as classrooms has long been a

conundrum of the Philippines even before the implementation of the K to 12 Program.

The law, having been passed in 2013 and with its full implementation in 2016, calls for
more additional facilities especially laboratories and shops to accommodate the various
specialized subjects offered in Grades 11 and 12 of the K to 12 Program. The government
has already started constructing facilities in the public schools of the mountain barangays
belonging to the South District of Cebu City to meet the requirements of the K to 12
program, consequently, a site was identified for a stand-alone senior high school to further
diminish the lack of educational facilities in said barangays.

The study was undertaken to help address the lack of educational facilities in the
aforementioned barangays wherein different tools of research were employed to obtain
the necessary data needed to come up with a physical development plan for the
educational campus.

Together with what the Philippine Constitution states that the state shall make such
quality education at all levels accessible to all and with the data proving that the identified
site is suitable and that there is indeed a particular need for the development, the project,
therefore, is implementable.