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IAS ACADEMY For Civil Services Examination IAS GENERAL STUDIES MAINS ETHICS STUDY MATERIAL 18/1, 38° FLOOR, OLD RAJENDER NAGAR-60. PH NOS. 8447007118, 1125728547 Introduction Administration appears. Invariably it has to do everything with the whole Goverment ‘When the word of administration is heard, in our.mind.only the word Public g) up and its variety of activities. All these activities are undertaken to provide all ty We hardly find any activity, which does not fall within the sph ministration. word, which is now becoming increasingly popular, is Gagertttuce the Government does. Basically, good Public Adpinjstgatn Maly Jead to good governance. The suceess or failure of activities of the sang ‘on the proper execution of national plans and programmes. Neplan, good it may be can be successful ristration. However, today we find ourselves to is netttPetesn nor impartial. We find corrupt f high consumerism, casteism, and nepotism all Tn the organjsati 0 c required to Keep diy wil iaging technology and requirements. At the same time, efforts to soy nt¥é also being made to develop positive attitude of the government offittals t {Beresired acts and behaviours. However, litte is achieved through all agctihy made ph this direction. Today, we find lot of gap between theory and praciice, Joh. This gap leads to hypocrisy. This contradiction leads to tensions and nathe’society. The contradiction between our thought and practice fetters us. We are ably to realise what is.ethically wrong and wish to rémove it, But out own doings fail According to Gandhi, social development must aim at removing as far as possible this contradiction. Present day administration and politics.widely acknowledge that corruption and power abuse weaken the nation. The obvious Solution is better, more transparent and accountable administration. Such an administration can be trustworthy only when it is Rising IAS Academy 911- 25728547, 9650752524 — Page 1