Kettle Corn

Our delicious, original gourmet popcorn mixed with premium pure cane
sugar and select sea salts will bring you back to the bowl over and over
again. The sweetest and most savory flavor around ... and it's a Popcorn
Palace classic!

Oreo's®Cookies & Cream

Peanut Butter Drizzle

What do you get when you mix the most popular cookie in America with

Uh oh! Our Popcorn Chefs have done it again! Their latest and maybe

our famous gourmet popcorn? That's right, Popcorn Palace's signature
Oreo's® Cookies & Cream. Delicious cookie crunch with real Oreo

greatest new flavor has already caused a big stir. Our classic Kettle Corn is
melded with all-natural peanut butter and is generously drizzled with deli-

Cookies mixed right in! Everyone loves Oreo's, and everyone will love our

ciously creamy white chocolate. WOW!

gourmet Cookies & Cream popcorn.

'Peanut Butter Drizzle is not available to order from May 1st to October 1st

Chicago Style

We took our two most popular popcorn flavors Cheddar





taste sensation.

Caramel Nut



Gourmet Caramel and




We have made a true hometown favorite

in honor of our great city of Chicago!

Caramel Nut popcorn is the "nutty" sibling of Gourmet Caramel, bathed in
a thick, premium

mix of cashews, almonds, and peanuts. An amazing

experience like our famous Gourmet Caramel popcorn, but loaded with a
lot of extra crunch. Yum!

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With its savory cheese flavor. . fun.Chocolate Drizzle Caramel Our chocolate-loving cooks at Popcorn Palace decided our unbelievable Gourrnet Caramel popcorn just wasn't enough. dripping based caramel. Spiced Apple. irresistible! into each kernel. 'Chocolate Drizzle is not available to order from May 1st to October 1st Rainbo\1\T Cheddar Cheese Cheddar Cheese popcorn is the "cheesiest" hard-to-please cheddar-lovers. Our Tangerine. popcorn around for those Looks good... just like that a star was born! Try it soon. Delish! "viola" . and savor the creamy real butter in this sweet and nutty treat.. The "other Palace has perfected customers.. delicious and . premium milk chocolate over a fresh batch of caramel popcorn and \Nhite Cheddar Our gourmet White Cheddar popcorn tastes just like the real thing. Grape. making this popcorn one of our most popular flavors. Gourmet Caramel Our famous popcorn. This is like a chunk of cheddar infused Wild Cherry. creamy. before it runs out. tastes even better! Kids just love this . A Popcorn Palace exclusive blend! www. it - with our secret recipe of real butter- guys" try making this flavor but Popcorn all with the help of our many satisfied Rich. Munch and crunch your way to the bottom of the bowl.. and Lemon popcorn flavors are fruity. So they drizzled rich. this finger-licking gourmet treat is just sharp enough to keep our customers coming back year after year. creamy. crunChy and sweet! l\1acadamia Butter Crunch You won't have time to pick out all the genuine macadamia nuts loaded into this unbelievable gourmet surprise.

.. __1_---_L__ ! snack!ciassic.1.-----j-------------t--+---T+----Rainbow Butter Macadamia Cheddar & Drizzle Corn & Butter Butter Corn Cheddar Cookies Peanut Kettle Cream Cream White Nut Caramel Caramel i _____ $39 Gourmet Kettle Chocolate Peanut White 6-Way May 1-oct IiII.' . ----.------.----IIJj----j-----Iifiesta ---i--~.__ ----+----+---I-----+-----t-u----G..-------+---+iIIicorn. -----------------------' _______ ----1-----+-----1" 1.IL__ 1---------..----t-kettle caramel.S. Available cheddar mix. ! ! i! i ! Isnackicl~ssici IIII I1I Ivalue III!! II:I & III I II IIIi I1 ______ --1 __ : I and i I I -£[ =~E E= J~t$-1~r~4._.l--iI---~-T --i------'[-. . 3 chocolate iI bag i ' iCaramel II-----+Name of Organization' -----. double chocolate..L. snack value bag IClassici jar I bag :~~1~~=t=: =-l~=t= ~---~ ! I I 5-Flavor Value Bag I I Order Now! 800..1'~ i Gift-Tin: I 6-Way -------t-------t-·---i Ijar ----+----~-~-bag ---+-+-----1--+--I I I bag -----J---L--_ ~_5.---.------------------.iIIvalue 1.'~--j----.) I ---j---~i---cream.~-~----~.-----1 isnackiclassiGi I---~l-+Ii'1....vor "FuYl"draisil1g Order FOYll1 t Classic Jar Snack Bag --ii-_____ +~ ______ J__ --+-+~~ -~-Ll ________ J___ =[t~-= ~=T~=I=:= l ___ r_J_~_ ----r-=t~~: :-:-----[J=-~:~ --j~=[:= -=l==r--I-1----~i--+-=-I=---r=--=1==]== -j=:~~t~= ----l--+-=-~t=t----:~=T=r:~~ ==+=f=~----T~l==~-t-1~ =-L-J== ~--=t=:~-t== (1/2 Gallon) (4 Cups) --~--~----------~-----------------------------------------~-----------------------------------------------------------------------I I-------------.----snack iI__ Gift --~-~----5=Fiavor --t~---jIjar -.L$~_~W''-5_ cream pretzel twists ----L-~lMay 1 to Oct ----~---+------t---t--1.2686 or popcornpalace. I----5-flavor Drizzle _~_J.~2~ L_ .i-----t---------..-6-Way II:1 i I items ___ 1 I ----1------t--------j'I___ -.I------------------Tin ----~-------+-1 'I'i.--------------1$12 Sampler Caramel --i-------i--+-~IIi'1IIiI --jar 1 bagi iII1'___ iII----------IiIi Rainbow Cookies chocolate (The i'-----'~-~I -----T-----j---Chicago 1 ___ --t---1--L__ $16 ___ L_ iI1 IGourmet I Crunch I i'-----. and Make check payable to your organization.I! __replaced I are wtih caramel nut.873.'-~-1---·-------Ii-----t---GiftTin i----j-----+----I'I--t------t---~---------------------~-' .--1-1--Gittsa. cheese.___ -------------------------------------IiII. -----------I---. --------------------------t--~___1--IIiI1II I --------+---I$8 i Gift ·-·--r----. cheddar Iii'-L____ cookies cheese.Ibag bag _~ _ -----t----------r--I ---l--L------f---i--I-i-~L--~-i-------r~--r-I1jar --t-----1-------T---r---r-----i----I~--t-----L---f-T-III~1QJ.-.classic snack value value *Not ----·.com/fundraiser ___ L__ I *Not Available I --1_~_ Gift Sampler (20 Cups) (1 Gallon) ' I 6-Way Gift Tin (2 Gallons) chocolate drizzle.--bag i-+---r-snack leiassiCIvalue ~--I---t---~ ___ ------t----+-~ 1______ __i$_1eJ...' iIcookies !! _____ i ! value _____ -+-___ i! ~.jJier: I -__ ~-----J----t----+iI---+---! ~----I---j----IDrizzle Style Style Chicago __ I--~----T------T----bag ~ ---i--T--'J5 bag -Nut IIIclassici t~ I1'classici 1 Ipretzels -1--II$24 i-bag I~--f----+--$25 $61 1$16 $8 $16 $24 bag iI~-----1~Jar ~-T--I--~j----~--t---r--iiIi+-____ ---I-----L. white cheddar -~-l--r--------f------t------caramel nut i I I i I ---t---! ---~-+------+----~~-t__-. ------i------j-----'I'iIand---+--1----I----i~snack.classic: III.1'~±' --T--~t-----j------i--------I---~----_=~C1=_& -_.--+--~-~ -----+--~+-------t---t--__ ~~_+~q.Ii. ------~ -----5____ ~----.