AN01d4 Unit01: Beginnings of Civilization Ch.

Timeline: 2000 - 250 BCE
F.S.: The Hebrews: A people with a unique relationship with the divine.

Main Idea: The Phoenicians lived in the eastern end of the Mediterranean basin, called Canaan. The
Phoenicians shared this area with others, including the Philistines. Canaan became the home of the
Israelites who were predominantly Hebrews that migrated from Mesopotamia at a later date. Their history,
legends, and moral laws have had a major influence on Western culture, Christianity, and Islam.


I. Vocabulary: Refer to Crossword Puzzle.
II. Search for the Promised Land
A. Abraham & the Hebrews
B. A Single god that’s God.
1. Ethical Monotheism
2. Omnipotent, Omnipresent
3. The human-divine relationship develops into one similar to a child-parent relationship.
III. Moses (The Lawgiver) & Exodus
A. Leaving Egyptian Bondage & A New Covenant
B. A Return to the “Promised Land” and Religious (ethical) Law
IV. A Kingdom for the Children of Israel (~1020 – 586 BCE)
A. The Early kings of the Kingdom of Israel
B. The Temple & Ark of the Covenant
C. Internal Strife leads to a division=> Kingdom of Israel + Kingdom of Judah
V. Collapse
A. Foreign Conquest
B. Exile & Repatriation
C. Multiple Waves of Foreign Invaders.
VI. Judaism’s Family Tree
VII. Ponder (Think about this…)
A. The Star of David (A mythical explanation)
AN01d4 Unit01: Beginnings of Civilization Ch.03
B. Impact Today: Dietary Laws, Rituals
C. Modern Challenges

Materials/Sources:#Refer to the course calendar#for additional assignments and pertinent due dates.
! Heaven on Earth: A Tour of Solomon's Temple through Near Eastern Eyes. A lecture at the Library of Congress.
! PBS Video: Kingdom of David A multi-part documentary series.

Teacher Note: Here, as in any academic attempt to study beliefs and practices of peoples, the sources include scholarly work as
well as philosophical/ religious texts. Presentation of any source is to facilitate study, acquire an understanding, and enliven
discussion . In no form, content, or intent, are the materials presented to ‘teach’ any belief system. No particular denomination, if
applicable, is chosen over another.

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