1. What is the requirement for Citrix server installation? 2. What is Datastore 3. What is Data Collector? 4. What is LHC? 5. What is Client Lock Down? 6. What is Printer terminology in Citrix? 7. How to use datastore for database 8. What is the difference between all citrix versions? 9. What are different load evaluators are available in Citrix 10. How to implement Policies in Citrix 11. What you will check when any user is not able to launch citrix application. 12. What is IMA? 13. What is ICA and what is the advantage of ICA 14. What is Speed Screen? 15. What is the query command in citrix? 16. What are the different ports used in Citrix 17. How the licensing works in Citrix and difference in Citrix Licensing version wise 18. What are the consoles available to manage citrix server 19. What is Web Interface or Nfuse? 20. What is citrix secure / access gateway and how its work 21. What are the differences between Win2K and 2K3 Terminal server. 22. What is the difference between 2k & 2k3 terminal server licensing 23. What is SBC? 24. What is Printer driver replication and mapping?

25. 2512.moving servers to other zone ..ICA. IMA Ports 1494. What is the requirement of Installation Manager and what kind of extension its support. 2513 for CMC.. What are the parameters of Resource Manager? I've just been asked to provide a list of questions that an interviewer can ask a candidate about Citrix. 28.purpose of zones . .why is ICA that much faster than RDP ? Technological differences How they would bring new sites online How web interface and CSG work The process when users connect using these products to launch their apps. SG/MSAM) . How to recover when Datastore failing 26.components needed for web connectivity (IIS. Nfuse. A couple come to mind like: Default ICA port Command to put the server into install mode Purpose of the Data Store Purpose of the Data Collector How to change the ica port.licensing issues (server + connection lics) . preferred. Tell them about your setup and ask them how you could improve it What they know about Terminal Services Asked about the TS license server What are the differences between the Win2k license server and Win2k3? Differences in GPO's between the 2 OS's .troubleshooting using eventlog .load balancing definition and elementary "workflow" . How to recover when IMA failing 27. The ports for server-to-server communication and cmc ports.) . How to change the xml service port.preferences of zone DCs (most. SSL 443 .IMA service used for what .

Why does my CSG connection not work. To get detail on this please refer to Citrix administrative guide 4. Apart from this.Why does single sign on not work.Why does a new desktop get a "dial-up or network problems. Zone has server members and one of them is ZDC (Zone Data Collectors) in each zone.How do you configure a Cisco router TCP/IP stack for optimal citrix traffic? Purpose of Zones. should be ready with all Port details which is related to the citrix environment. when using NFuse or WI? . Zone is subset of Farm and is designed so that we could use Farm as a unit. after staring a print job? ." when the OS is win2k pro. Currently we have a mixed PS4. do I need to setup a CSG configuration? .How does the raid controller need to be set on a terminal server? . . This is the one very crucial part of the citrix. or XP pro. .0.Can you describe your best hardware configuration for a 35 to 40 user server? Hardcore: .0 and XP farm as we are in the process of migrating our XP servers to PS4. Zones are very help full in controlling traffic. Preferences of zone DCs This is done so that user accessing an application is directed to least busy server. user’s session. Purpose of the datastore to store all the information related to the published application. Normally whenever we install the device on the OS.How do you fight latency. we use the "Change user /Install" and after finishing the installation task we need to execute from the mode to use "change user /execute". and when is it needed? (Ping times) .How much ssl certificates. Data Collector is nothing but it keeps the information about the published application. These ZDCs communicate between zones. Ica port: 1494 I think to change install mode >change user\install >change user\execute Default ICA port is a common question to ask in the interview: 1494. while using a 56 bits version cert? . Zones etc.Why does the spooler service sometimes crash. Our current DataStore is a SQL2000 database on a W2K server (call it SQL1) which has daily Full backups and more frequent transaction log backups.How they troubleshoot citrix issues What sites do they use? Normal: .

As it is a mixed PS4 and XP farm should I do the DSMAINT MIGRATE on a PS4 server? Running Presentation Server 4. Workarounds are better than nothing but.. the application immediately closes.. . just in case. Run the following command: dsmaint migrate /srcdsn:"%ProgramFiles%\Citrix\Independent Management Architecture\MF20.EXE . Will the above work? 2)...dsn" /srcuser:<username> /srcpwd:<password> /dstdsn:"%ProgramFiles%\Citrix\Independent Management Architecture\SQL. At one of the servers (preferably a Data Collector though any Citrix server will do). 1). This should move the server from the original DB (SQL1) to the new DB (SQL2)... Is there a much easier way? 3). 3). It then closes. Patches up to and including PSE450R02W2k3001 have not resolved the problem.. it says: ACROTRAY.DLL Initialization it SQL2 with exactly the same login IDs etc as the original... When running Distiller in this way... Then it is a case of exporting all the apps from the SQL1 and importing them into SQL2 and ensuring that any changes made on SQL1 are done to SQL2 via the moved Server. take a copy of the mf20. Both Acrobat and Distiller work perfectly when run from the desktop. The application failed to initialize because the window station is shutting down. The workaround is to first open another non-Adobe application and then open Acrobat or Distiller and everything is fine. This problem appears to be fairly widespread as I have seen many other posts referring to the same issue. Build another W2K server with SQL2000 on .DSN" /dstuser:<username> /dstpwd:<password>.. So what is the best way to do this? I'm thinking the following as there have been posts about NOT using SQL Backups and Restores. 1).1. The problem seems to only occur when it is a seamless published application. Create a blank DB on SQL2 called exactly the same name as the one on SQL1 .5 R02 and Adobe Acrobat Standard 8. 2). I think it would be prudent to have a warm spare 'ready to go' .DSN in the same directory.2.Although we have 96 hours should our DataStore go down... a fix would be it XPDB 2).dsn and amend the current DB Server (SQL1) entries to the newly built server name (SQL2) and save it as SQL. When running Acrobat as a seamless window from web access..

how may I correct it? c) Question.DAT file. Due to the size increase. This is crippling us because servers who usually get 40-44 sessions per box are now only getting 26-31 users per box. A basic example is: -Windows Messaging Subsystem -Profiles -BACKUP OF Exchange -BACKUP 10 OF Exchange -BACKUP 100 OF Exchange -BACKUP 101 OF Exchange -BACKUP 102 OF Exchange . I already have my max registry size set to 250Mb and my swap file set to 3000Mb. each with multiple DWORD and BINARY values.FAV and Exchange~23. This knocks them down from as high as 75Mb profiles with 18Mb NTUSER. is Citrix going to address it in the near future? I am currently having an issue where my roaming profiles are growing larger than I think they should. etc.DAT (HKCU\Software\Microsoft\Windows NT\Current Version\Windows Messaging Subsystem\Profiles\).8 GHz Xeon processors (multithread turned off in BIOS) and 2 . what may be causing this? b) Question. with multiple sub keys.DAT entries and TS Roaming Profile files safely? My only solution so far is to contact each user individually and reset their profile from scratch and make them start over with their customizing.srs type files. These are also in series like the keys in the NTUSER. Some instances of this are as high as 777 key entries.) Now. it defaults back to around 190Mb so even fewer users can get on the system. in their TS roaming profile.DAT file. if not.DAT files.(etc. I have investigated and found that most of my users have multiple BACKUP OF EXCHANGE entries in the Windows Messaging Subsystem of their NTUSER. We also get multiple BACKUP OF Exchange. If I increase the max registry size more than 250Mb. please increase registry size and try again" error message when users try and open programs. These can add up to over 2Mb per user profile. and most of this is coming from the NTUSER. a) Question. my Windows 2000 server registries fill up and the server throws a "Registry full.Is there a fix for this problem and. how may I get rid of both the NTUSER.DAT files to 1Mb profiles with 600Kb NTUSER. We are using MetaFrame XP Feature Release 3 on six HP Proliant ML350 G3 servers with dual 2.

Ans: If you want to prevent the automatic generation of the backup keys. I already post in PS 4. Any specific settings that need to be done. But for this server the keyboard mapping is not working. We have recently formatted one of our Citrix Servers.5 section. but was the user max changed from 25 to 15? If not metaframe (then I apologize for posting in the wrong section) what product was it if anyone knows? Hi. This element is not currently working . Windows 2000 Server Service Pack 4 Citrix Metaframe XPe 1. 3% 2000.24737 We have a published seamless app that in turn is able to launch IE6 as a separate seamless window within the same it supported? No matter how long the user hovers over the taskbar button. and then reactivate the other window during the drag by hovering over the taskbar button for the second window until it comes to the front. 20% Windows 98 (soon to be XP by middle of Feb/06).GB RAM. Our workstations are 77% XP. I checked the Regional setting its same with other servers.0. you have to add a option to your *. this is obviously the local client taskbar. What version of the client is being used and what operating system? I think it was the metaframe. After that the keyboard mapping is not working in this particular server. We have a logon script which will dictate the keyboard mapping for the users. This is working fine when dragging direct from one window to the other. the corresponding window is never activated. However. Here the solution: BackupProfile=No Add this line under the [general] section. When the users login to other citrix servers there is no issues. Users are able to drag and drop from the main app window to the IE window. .0 Service Pack 4 Feature Release 3 Windows 2000 Professional Service Pack 4 Win32 Client 8. But I forgot to mention that there is also the limitation cause by the number of TS License and Citrix license that you own. our users need to be able to maximise the main app window. As the windows are both seamless. that include the outlook profile configuration.prf file.

You have a mixed farm. I wouldn't recommend running a mixed farm for anything other than as part of a migration. If users connect to both XPa and PS4. All of a sudden I am getting a machine here and there that is getting the following error:Metaframe Presentation Server connection interrupted.Anyone ever get this to work? I have the exact same issue with a customer I am working at.5 administration guide if you want to do an upgrade check out the following: http://support. You can have XPa servers and PS4.5 farm? I think I've read that a XPa server can't be upgraded to PS4. W2K with SP4.0 in the same farm.0.200 clients. Can XPa servers run in a PS4. I am coming into a new environment and they have XPa Servers and PS4 servers. Attempting to reconnect. One from the XPa servers and the other from the citrix licensing server that they introduced from PS3. but you need to consider the license implications as they are licensed differently..8 FR3. How do I tell what type of Farm it is? 2. You can tell what the individual servers are by looking at the server properties in the CMC.5 and 10.0 servers for different published applications then they will be using 2 licenses.0 then you have to migrate to a new farm and retain no settings. .0 unless your OS is Windows 2003.5 farm..5 from PS4. Network or dial-up problems are preventing communication with the Citrix MetaFrame server. Check out the PS4. Also you can't do an inpalce upgrade to 4. I have several TS servers. They are all in the same farm so: 1. Can XPa servers run in a Page 78. They can drag and drop between applications when they are not running maximised. But when dragging to the windows toolbar the mouse pointer changes to the restricted icon to show that it's not possible.5 and can't run in a 4. all running Metaframe 1.0 farm? 3. If you are migrating from earlier than PS3. Using PS4.

All the citrix servers were shut down last night.One machine in particular has been using citrix for well over 2yrs now. they get this message. HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE->Software->Microsoft->MSLicensing->HardwareID Deleted file HardwareID in registry also.1. . My boxes were pointed to the wrong MS Term server. and all of a sudden this happened. once updated this worked fine I had this issue seems there is something to do with the HardwareID in windows xp SP2. The machines that have this problem are running a variety of OS.. they get this message. We had the same problem thanks to you all we had it solved. but when anybody comes from the outside. It turned out to be the MS terminal licenses. Had this issue . It is as if it is firewall related. I have the same problem-.all are W2K SP4 server farms-. but when anybody comes from the outside. all Windows mind you.anyone know WHY it happened? I can see it something to do with TS Licensing. We're finding it only seems to affect clients on Windows XP and it appears to be licensing related. However the problem still remains. Well after much research on my problem. I have the same problem-. We have resolved the problem for most users (including all support staff) by restarting the terminal services licensing manager service on the appropriate domain controller however this is still leaving (we think) 2 users who are still receiving this error.this is occurring in 2 separate locations with nothing to do with each other. since internal LAN ICA sessions run fine. everyone else is ok.turned out the license had expired on ICA app.this is occurring in 2 separate locations with nothing to do with each other.. it was Windows Terminal server licenses we forgot to activate it we did and things are great now I deleted the reg key mentioned and it all works now! But. with the data collector first and then the other 4. and most of them are either running ICA client 8. but sill am facing same problem. It is as if it is firewall related. I deleted the HardwareID from the registry on the client computers and they worked fine.all are W2K SP4 server farms-. while they were down I rebooted the domain controller that controls the terminal services licensing and then brought the citrix servers up. or 8. since internal LAN ICA sessions run fine. but what? Only 2 users so far out of 100 got this problem.

Echo "----------------------------------------------------------------" WScript.Echo "Can't create MetaFrameFarm object" WScript.MetaFrameFarm"/> <script language="VBScript"> Dim theFarm.Number & ") " & Err. I can retrieve app name.echo "AllowMultiInstancePerUser: " & awinapp.Number <> 0 Then WScript.AppName .Echo "" WScript.Description WScript.Number End if theFarm.Echo "" For Each anApp In theFarm.echo "InstanceLimit: " & awinapp.FarmName WScript. groups etc just not instance limits.anApp.Number End if WScript.InstanceLimit 'AllowMultiInstancePerUser Property: Flag to identify is users are permitted more than one instance (BOOL) wscript.Echo "Can't enumerate applications" WScript.Quit Err.Echo "(" & Err.Anyone know how to retrieve an application limits via script? (allow 1 instance & max instances per user) I can't seem to find anything.Echo "MetaFrame Farm Name: " & theFarm.Number <> 0 Then WScript.WinAppObject2 if Err. </description> </runtime> <reference object="MetaFrameCOM. Array() Set theFarm = CreateObject("MetaFrameCOM.Number & ") " & Err. users.Initialize(MetaFrameWinFarmObject) if Err.Echo "" WScript.Quit Err.AppName WScript.Number <> 0 Then WScript.DistinguishedName ' InstanceLimit Property: The number of application instances allowed (INT) wscript. Try this one: <package> <job id=" FarmApplications"> <runtime> <description> List Applications and Limits.Echo "" WScript.Echo "(" & Err.MetaFrameFarm") if Err.Echo "Distinguished Name: " & anApp.Description WScript.Echo "(" & Err.Description WScript.Number End if WScript.Echo "Can't Initialize MetaFrameFarm object" WScript.AllowMultiInstancePerUser .Quit Err.aServer.Applications Set aWinApp = anApp.Echo "Application Name: " & anApp.Number & ") " & Err.

citrix. You didn't mention which OS you are running but you can look in and check the Win2K and Win2K3 folders.0 FR3 SP3? Upgrading is not a possibility for me. and the disk is </script> </job> </package> Anyone know where I can get hold of a CD for Citrix XPE 1.jspa?forumID=1 Check this forum for more information on citrix issues . but we need to rebuild a http://support.citrix.citrix.

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