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A case of G.S , 70 years old, female, married, Filipino,

Roman Catholic, born on January 13, 1940. Admitted for
the first time in Vicente Sotto Memorial Medical Center in
June 18, 2010 for fall injury with diagnosis of Spinal Cord

M - Instructed patient to take her medication

on time with right dose, right route, right time and
to complete the duration of her medicine.
- Celecoxib 300 mg
- Paracetamol 500 mg every 6 hours for fever
- Ciproflaxicin 500 mg
- Vitamin B complex
- Prequbaline 75 mg twice a day
- encouraged to take medications religiously as
prescribed by the physician
- instructed family member to remind patient to
take her medications on regular time
- instructed family member or patient not to
discontinue the drug without physician order
- encouraged significant other not to discontinue
the drug without the physician’s order
- informed the significant other and patient
about the side effects of the medications

E - Encouraged her to do her activities of daily
living as tolerated without exerting too much effort.
- encouraged the family members to provide a
safe environment conducive for the patient
- advised patient to wear rubber like slippers in
and outside of the house
- advised family members to put rubber mats
in the bathroom to avoid slipping.

T -Instructed patient to follow her treatment for

her faster recovery.
- encouraged the patient to have a follow-up check
up with the physician on the desired date
- encourage to attend rehabilitation as scheduled

H - Advised patient to maintain her good

hygiene by rushing teeth, taking a bath, and
- advised to hold on the railing of the stairs while
going up and down
- encouraged to use deep breathing techniques
and relaxation techniques
-advised significant others to accompany the
patient at all times
- advised to perform muscle strengthening
exercises like leg arm raising.

-diverted psychological stress by shifting to other
activities or hobbies that will not cause injury

O - Instructed patient to strictly follow

scheduled check-up.
- reminded to report if swelling, fever, pain,
weakness are noted

D - Encouraged patient to eat nutritious fruits

rich in Vitamin C, such as oranges, guavas, juices
and protein rich foods.
- encouraged to eat vegetables
- encouraged to eat 1 banana per day

S - Encouraged patient to pray to God for her

guidance and protection.
- encouraged the build personal relationship
with God
- to continue devote and pray to Sto. Nino


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