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Goose Creek Friends

Newsletter September 2018

Goose Creek Meeting of the Religious Society of Friends (Quakers), Lincoln, Virginia

Queries for Ninth Month: Monthly Meeting for Worship

Home and Family with a Concern for Business:
Do you regularly seek God’s guidance? Ninth Month
Do you make your home a place of affection where God’s Friends approved use of the grounds and Meeting House on
presence is felt? September 9 by the Lincoln Community League for their
Do you allow time for family worship and spiritual ice cream social.
exploration, taking care to include both the very young and Friends approved Catherine Cox’s request to show a few
very old? short Friends Journal videos in the larger gathering room
How do you take care that commitments outside the home after the rise of Meeting on September 9.
do not encroach upon the time and loving attention the On August 10, 2018, a memorial was held in good order
family needs for its health and well-being? for Frances Annie Nichols Hendrickson, a member of this
How does the Meeting support families of all kinds in their Meeting.
attempts to improve communication, family life, and the Friends approved the annual report of the Archive
rearing of children in an atmosphere of love? Committee, which has been working to preserve Meeting
Do you cultivate healthful and moderate habits, avoiding documents and to make them accessible for research.
the hazards of drugs, intoxicants, and over-indulgence Friends approved the request of the local chapter of the
generally? Sons of the American Revolution to place a plaque on the
Can you keep a sense of humor and avoid taking yourself grave of William Hough in the Waterford Burying Ground.
too seriously? They previously placed a commemorative plaque on the
grave of his brother, Benjamin Hough. The ceremony will
be held on October 13; Friends from Meeting will attend.
Monthly Meeting for Worship The Property Committee reported that construction of a new
with a Concern for Business: shed will be under way as soon as the permit is received,
and that painting of exterior wood trim on the Meeting
Eighth Month House will begin soon. Meeting has also contracted with a
Meeting approved a report from the SPICES Peace Troupe. local company to do tree work. Replacement of the shutters
The Troupe presented a workshop at Opequon Quaker on the front of the Meeting House is still being looked into.
Camp this year which was well received. They continue Our stone steps have twice been run into by drivers and
to meet and plan their next activities, including a possible have been repaired. Oakdale School’s interior peeling paint
documentary called “Solve It With SPICES – The Making has been repaired.
of a Peace Troupe.”
The Unity with Nature Committee developed a letter that
Friends can take to restaurants asking that they refrain from
using plastic straws. The Committee requested approval to
print the letter on Goose Creek stationery and asked Friends
to deliver the letter to local restaurants on a voluntary basis.
Meeting approved.
Members noted with thanks Frank Elmore’s contributions
over the years to our beautiful flower arrangements.

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Friends Publishing: Rise of

Meeting on September 9
You might be familiar with Friends Publishing Company
as the source of Friends Journal, now available online
as well as in print. But Friends Publishing is keeping up
with the times in more ways than one, and it has become Goose Creek Meeting for
one of the main sources of information about Quakerism
for people all over the world. QuakerSpeak is a YouTube
Worship and First Day School
channel that has had visits from over a million individuals Friends Wilderness Center
If you’d like to hear more about this outreach and see a
September 30 at 10 am
couple of QuakerSpeak videos, join Catherine Cox (a Directions will be available at
member of the Friends Publishing Company board) in
the larger gathering room after the rise of Meeting on Meeting and will be emailed.
September 9.
Meeting for Worship will also
be held at the Meeting House
From the Unity with that day at 9:45 am.
Nature Committee:
Water Conservation and Mountains you go out to eat and ask that it be given to the restaurant
Water is a vital natural resource. Only 3% of the water manager or owner.  Simple, right?  And of course, skip
found on earth is the fresh water we need for drinking, the straw! Tell your server you don’t need one when you
growing food, cleaning, and many other things – and order a drink.
two thirds of that fresh water is frozen and therefore not Thank you from Unity with Nature, and please let
available for use. Billions of people are facing serious us know if you do deliver a letter – and, even better,
water shortages, or soon will. Managing the earth’s supply whether you discover on your next visit that it has made
of fresh water is essential. a difference!
Mountains supply two thirds of the fresh water that
people depend upon. Mountain watersheds must be
protected and enhanced by stopping deforestation,
Baltimore Yearly Meeting:
planting trees, and managing flows to reduce flooding Fall Family Camp Weekends
and soil loss. Climate change is adding to the challenges. Shiloh Quaker Camp: September 21-23
Locally, the Friends of the Blue Ridge Mountains
( work to preserve our mountains Catoctin Quaker Camp: October 5-7
from environmental deterioration. The Mountain Opequon Quaker Camp: October 26-28
Institute ( works in the Himalayas, the
Come for games and crafts, splash in the creek or hike,
Andes, and the western U.S. – Jed Shilling
and help with autumn work projects that will suit all
The Last Straw Initiative kinds of skill sets. Meals will be served, and there will
By now you have all heard that Seattle has banned plastic be a camp fire in the evening. Families and individuals
straws and several large companies have pledged to do so welcome!
as well (including Starbucks, Marriott, & Carnival Cruise Celebrating Native Americans Today – October 13,
Lines).  There is a similar initiative in the District called Noon to 5 pm at Sandy Spring Friends School (Sandy
One Last Straw, asking restaurants to pledge to stop using Spring, MD)
plastic straws, but what about in our local areas?
Sponsored by the BYM Indian Affairs Committee.
Please consider joining a Goose Creek initiative to ask There will be a film festival, dancing and drumming,
our local restaurants to give up plastic straws.  It is food, an art exhibit and craft vendors, and visits from
simple — just pick up a letter at Meeting (or download the Piscataway Mobile Museum and American Indian
one from our website), then take it with you the next time Society tribal leaders.
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Frances Annie Nichols Hendrickson

W e at Meeting are saddened by the loss of

Frances Annie Nichols Hendrickson, a
beloved member who worshipped with us until
In Meeting we did not see the risk-taker side of
Frances Annie. We did, however, see evidence
of another great love—that of teaching. She
poor health prevented her from attending on taught kindergarten for 29 years. When told that
Sundays. After worshipping with her family the Edward Nichols Charitable Trust, set up by
here as a young person, she lived in Rockville, her father years earlier, was not earning much
MD, and attended Bethesda Meeting. Then in interest to be distributed to three schools in the
the later years of their lives, when she and her Purcellville area, she immediately said, “Give
husband moved back to Loudoun County, they the money to the Meeting Scholarship Fund.
returned to our Meeting and greatly enriched our Each Sunday when I see our children leave for
community. The Nichols family was a central First Day School, I wonder how in the world
part of Goose Creek Meeting from its beginning their parents will ever afford to pay for their
in 1743 when Isaac Nichols arrived here. The college. Colleges cost so much nowadays.”
last Nichols to be active in our Meeting, Frances After checking with her brothers, she confirmed
Annie represented a link to our past which, that the family did want the money to be donated
unfortunately, now seems to have been severed. to our Goose Creek Scholarship Fund, which had
We were delighted to renew our friendships with been started with (along with two other sources)
her family at her recent memorial on August 1. a bequest from her aunt Mabel Lybolt and her
A lady of grace and beauty, Frances Annie husband Arthur. Originally, the Lybolt money
lived a full and rich life of ninety years. She had been used for loans but subsequently was
had many loves, the primary one being for changed to grants. Thanks to Frances Annie’s
her family—husband Bart, daughter Sarah, concern for children, our Meeting’s young people
son John, grandchildren, great grandchildren, now have more scholarship assistance available.
brothers Milton and Kenny, nieces and nephews, Frances Annie and Bart go down in our Meeting’s
and their offspring. At her memorial her family’s annals as the first couple to be married in our
devotion to her was quite apparent. A niece current Meeting House after it was damaged by a
fondly recalled receiving a lovely quilt when her severe wind storm in 1943 and restored in 1948.
son was born. Their wedding was in 1951.
Enjoying stitchery, Frances Annie loved to knit As one of our oldest members who grew up in the
and crochet. She was likewise remembered for Meeting, she provided us important information
wearing colorful clothes. about our past as she recalled memories and
Other interests took her beyond the home front stories of Goose Creek’s past when many of its
in Rockville or Loudoun: spending time at families had worshipped together for generations.
the beach house, taking cruises, traveling to We shall miss Frances Annie in innumerable
distant areas. With a world map on their wall, ways. She loved this Meeting; we loved her.
she and Bart marked with pins the many places – Caroline Pelton
where they had gone. Reportedly, her favorite
adventure was on a barge.
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Sundays Facing Bench

Meeting for worship at 9:45 a.m. SEPTEMBER
First Day School at 10:00 a.m. Peggy King
Fellowship at 10:45 a.m. OCTOBER
Caroline Pelton
First Day
9.9 Sun 11:00 am Friends Publishing videos in the gathering room
9.16 Wed 6:30 pm Religious Education Committee Meeting Quaker Games
9.23 Sun 11:00 am Ministry & Oversight Committee Meeting 09/09/18
9.30 Sun 9:45 am Meeting for Worship at Goose Creek Voter Registration
10:00 am Meeting for Worship & First Day School 09/16/18
at Friends Wilderness Center
OCTOBER Quaker Games
10.7 Sun 11 am Meeting for Worship with 09/30/18
a Concern for Business First Day School
10.14 Sun 11 am Guests from Baltimore Yearly Meeting Headed to FWC
10.21 Sun 11 am Parent and Religious Education Committee
Discussion Session, re: Youth Safety Guidelines

Frances Annie Hendrickson, July 20, 2018
Upcoming in First Day School | September The Goose Creek Friends Newsletter
is published monthly by the
09/02/18 Quaker Games: Students will 09/23/18 More Quaker Games: We’ll Goose Creek Friends Meeting,
18204 Lincoln Road, P.O. Box 105,
have a chance to participate in (even work on games that help us learn more Lincoln, VA 20160.
create) well-known games updated with about Quaker history, faith and practice.
a Quaker twist. 09/30/18 Friends Wildnerness Center: Debbi Sudduth, 540.338.3363
09/09/18 Let’s Vote! Students will learn First Day School will be at the Friends
the importance of registering and voting Wilderness Center but no formal class at Rich Weidner, 540.554.2747
and related Quaker values. the Meeting House.
09/16/18 Quilting. Come join us to TREASURER
Brian Burgher
continue our quilting project. Learn how
to coordinate colors and shapes to create NEWSLETTER EDITOR
a handmade quilt. Catherine Cox, 301-471-5330
“There is that near you, which will guide you; Goose-Creek-Friends-Meeting-
oh! wait for it, and be sure ye keep to it.” DONATIONS
– Isaac Penington, 1678 Please direct donations for
Goose Creek Friends Meeting to
Brian Burgher, P.O. Box 105
Lincoln, Virginia 20160