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Red River Pulpwood Queens

October Newsletter
By Carey Weeks October 1, 2010

Major Pettigrew’s Last Stand: On Rudyard

Kipling as shared by the Major and Mrs. Ali
Rudyard Kipling God gives all men all earth to
(30 December 1865 – 18 love,
January 1936) was a But since man’s heart is small,
British author and poet. Ordains for each one spot shall
Upcoming Events: prove
Born in Bombay, in British
India, he is best known for Beloved over all.
• 10-15-2010 Skype
his works of fiction The Each to his choice, and I rejoice
interview with Major
Jungle Book (1894), The lot has fallen to me
Pettigrew’s Last Stand
In a fair ground—in a fair
author Helen Simonson many short stories,
to be included in the including The Man Who
show Beauty and the Would Be King (1888); and Yea, Sussex by the sea!
Book. his poems, including The Red River
Mandalay (1890), Gunga “Sussex” by Kipling Pulpwood Queens
• 10-16/17-2010 Texas
Book Festival, State Din(1890). He is regarded will be interviewing
Capital Building, Austin, as a major "innovator in the Nobel Prize in author Helen
the art of the short story"; Literature making him the Simonson via Skype
his children's books are first English Lan-
10-23-2010 October
on October 15,
• enduring classics of guage writer to receive
Gathering of Authors; 4 2010. The interview
children's literature; and the prize, and to date he
States Fair Grounds; will appear on the
his best works are said to remains its youngest re-
Texarkana, AR. exhibit "a versatile and pilot episode of
cipient. Among other hon- Kathy Patrick’s
• 10-30-2010 Acadiana luminous narrative gift". ors, he was sounded out new show Beauty
Book Festival,, 8am-5pm; for the British Poet Lau-
Kipling was one of the
Cite des Artes, Lafayette, reateship and on several
most popular writers in
LA; Free. English, in both prose and occasions for a knighthood,
verse, in the late 19th and all of which he declined. -
early 20th centuries. (
In 1907 he was awarded

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