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Penguin Readers Answer Key level

Crime Story Collection INTERMEDIATE 4

Crime Story Collection e

Partridge has been digging in the garden.
Because she has read in the newspaper
Activities while reading the book
‘Three is a Lucky Number ’
that her son has won a lot of money, and 1 (a) True
Answers to Book activities she hopes to get some of it. (b) False. His second wife had a brother.
f Because the police had found that (c) True
1 Open answers
Partridge’s real mother was alive. (d) False. At least four years earlier.
2 a funeral b bubble c inspector d will
13 Partridge says that he invented an old (e) False. Because she was 43, alone, and
3 a He planned to get their money, after
mother because he wanted to be alone. His had a lot of money.
killing them.
mother gave him a reason to refuse to see (f) False. They were married in a town
b He wants the bubbles to hide the electric
people and refuse to go abroad for his job. where they were both strangers.
Then he began to believe in her and to talk (g) True
c He expects that the electricity in the bath
to her. She was kind and beautiful and she (h) False. He found a letter addressed to
water will kill Edyth, who (he thinks) is in
loved him. His invented mother gave him him.
the bath.
love which his real mother had not given 2 Because this was Ronald’s third attempt to
d It doesn’t happen because Edyth is not in
him. murder his wife, but this time the wife was
the bath.
14 a in America lucky and he failed.
e Edyth goes to the police because she is
b Open answers
afraid Ronald is planning to kill her. ‘Full Circle’
c Open answers
She was surprised that he wanted her to 1 (a), (f), (b), (d), (c), (e)
15 Gamblers play games of chance with their
make her will on her wedding day. She is 2 (a) They find a bullet hole in the window of
money because they hope to win more
worried by the work which he has been the car.
doing in the bathroom. (b) He gives a false name and address.
16 1H 2G 3A 4E 5B 6D 7J 8F 9C 10I
f The police ask Edyth to let Ronald try to (c) A green Ford.
17 Open answers
kill her. (d) The numbers and letters on the
18 Open answers
g She escapes out of the bathroom numberplate.
19 a scarecrow b corn
window, across the flat roof of the kitchen (e) Because he is the owner of a Toyota with
20 a False. Skip took his case to a law court
and down the ladder which is kept that number.
and won the right to keep his daughter.
outside the kitchen door. (f) Because Terry is killed in an accident at
b True
h They are the footsteps of the police, who the place where he shot Caroline.
c False. He does not want to sell or rent
are coming to take Ronald to prison. ‘How’s Your Mother?’
the fishing rights.
i Open answers 1 (a) Humphrey to Reg Carter, the postman,
d False. It is such a shock that he is
4 Open answers about his imaginary mother.
unable to feel anything.
5 Open answers
e False. He wants Andy to be away when (b) Mr Brownlow, Humphrey’s employer, to
6 a false b true c true
he murders Frosby. Humphrey, but Humphrey pretends his
7 green Ford: Terry Layton
f True mother needs him.
Volkswagen: Kinsey Millhone
g False. He is very calm about it. (c) Reg Carter, the postman, to Humphrey,
small white car: Caroline
21 Open answers when he brings a package about Canada
first blue Toyota: Terry Layton
22 Open answers and the letter that says Humphrey has
second blue Toyota Ron Cagle
23 Wax is made from fats or oil. A waxwork is a won some money.
8 a The young man from the blue Toyota is
figure of a person or an animal made out of (d) Reg Carter to Humphrey when he gets
speaking to Kinsey Millhone after the car
wax. into the house to put out the fire.
crash. He has just felt Caroline’s neck.
24 (a) (i) (b) (i) (c) (ii) (d) (i)
b Mrs Spurrier is speaking to Kinsey about (e) Sergeant Wallace to Humphrey when he
25 Open answers
the crash in which her daughter died. says his imaginary mother is dead.
26 Open answers
She says the police believe it was murder (f) Humphrey to Sergeant Wallace, talking
27 You would use a spade to dig a hole.
because they found a bullet hole in the about his real mother.
28 1 dies 2 Emily 3 more confident
car. (g) Humphrey’s real mother to Humphrey,
4 taller/thinner/richer 5 health farm
c The police secretary, Emerald, is when she has read that he has won
6 dead 7 take her to court 8 money
speaking to Kinsey, who has asked for some money.
29 Open answers
information about one of the witnesses to
30 Open answers (h) Sergeant Wallace to Humphrey, when he
the crash.
31 a earthquake b clue tells him he has killed his mother and
d The manager of the restaurant where
32 a (vi) and (xi) come from Sheila’s ‘inside buried her.
Caroline worked is speaking to Kinsey
story’. 2 Open answers
about the young man who had been
b Before the story begins: (iii), (x), (I),
annoying her. ‘At the Old Swimming Hole’
Monday: (ii), (v), (vii), (xii)
e Judy Layton is speaking to Kinsey about 1 (a) To watch her old school friend Alicia
Tuesday: (iv), (viii), (ix)
Caroline who shared her room at swimming in a competition.
33 The mention in Sheila’s story of a gardener
university. (b) By shooting her at the moment when the
with ‘short, fat fingers’led Morse to the
f Kinsey is speaking to Ron Cagle about starting gun is fired.
the number plates of his blue Toyota,
34–39 Open answers (c) Because he says she has been lucky
which now has different number plates.
9 Open answers this time (when the other girl is killed).
Answers to Factsheet activities
(d) The man who is trying to kill her falls
10 Open answers ■ Communicative activities over the cat and falls downstairs.
11 a after they die b less important (e) They think she has sold Defence
Open answers Department secrets to the Chinese.
12 a He says that she is eighty six and that
she doesn’t go out at all, although her ■ Student’s activities (f) He tells her Alicia borrowed 750,000
health is not bad. dollars from Art Smollensk, the gambler.
Activities before reading the book (g) The noises in the background sound
b We are told that the bed in her room is
empty. Open answers, but if the story is written from familiar.
c When he learns that he has won a large the detective’s viewpoint, we are more likely to (h) Because Alicia is killed and Victoria has
sum of money. be interested in the solution. If it is written from not told the FBI where she is.
d The fact that Partridge has no document the murderer’s viewpoint, the reason for the 2 Open answers
showing that she has died; the stories of murderer’s action and the murderer ’s character
people in the village; the fact that become more important.

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Penguin Readers Answer Key
Crime Story Collection
‘Slowly, Slowly in the Wind’ money; Grafton – jealousy; Brett – keeping
(a) (iv), (b) (viii), (c) (vi), (d) (i), (e) (ii), (f) money and revenge for being left as a
(v), (g) (vii), (h) (iii) baby; Panetsky – money; Highsmith (1) –
‘Woodrow Wilson’s tie’ revenge for his daughter marrying the son
1 (a) The part where there are scenes of of someone he thought of as an enemy,
murder. and hatred; Highsmith (2) – the man is
(b) He thinks the scenes are funny. mad; Ritchie – money; Dexter–needing to
(c) Mildred takes the tickets. Fred sells kill a former lover to marry a richer woman.
(d) He is a delivery boy at a
(e) Because he thinks it is the best
place and that she will look funnier
with her clothes on.
(f) The people visiting the waxworks
realize the blood is real.
(g) He doesn’t understand why people
don’t think the murders are funny.
He tells the police what he has
(h) Because he wants people to take
notice of him.
2 Open answers
‘The Absence of Emily’
(a)Miss Peters, pretending to be Emily,
speaking to Albert. She rings so that
Millicent can see his reaction.
(b)Millicent to Albert. She has asked Mrs
Macmillan to pretend to be Emily.
(c) Albert to Millicent. He is telling her how
his first wife died.
(d)Millicent to Albert when he sees Mrs
Macmillan in the street and runs after
(e)Albert to Millicent when he receives a
letter from Emily.
(f) Albert to Millicent and her lawyer, when
they find him digging.
(g)Millicent to Albert, telling him about the
part Mrs Macmillan played.
(h)Emily to Albert, when she comes home.
She says she didn’t want Millicent to
know the truth.
‘The Inside Story’
1 (a) True
(b) True
(c) She was expecting a baby but
Bayley was the father.
(d) True
(e) True
(f) He didn’t believe she was going to
have a baby.
(g) Bayley told her that Mrs Granger
wanted to end her marriage and
marry him.
(g) Bayley murdered her because she
refused to do what he wanted.
2 Because there is a story written by the
person who was murdered inside the
main story and because the phrase ‘The
Inside Story’means the truth, told by the
person who really knows.

Activities after reading the book

Open answers, but the motives of the
murderers at a glance are: Allingham –

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