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Wahyu Septiadi

Control of base isolation system works as a base isolation damper seismic

forces that occur in the structure of the building so that the structure can survive
longer in receiving seismic forces. This final task is using base isolation bearings
type High Damping Rubber Bearing Soft (HDS) to reduce the earthquake forces
on on the 7th floor office building and 5 floors and parking compared to fixed
base structure. The structure is modeled as a three dimensional portal using
ETABS program and for seismic analysis using 3D static equivalent and respons
spectrum analysis. The analysis showed the vibration time for x direction of the
fixed base structure is 0,978 seconds while the base isolation structure showed
2,743 seconds (qualified FEMA 450). The result of planning base isolation
structure includes plate, beams, columns, beam column joint with supported by
bore pile foundation.

Keywords: Fixed Base Structure, Base Isolation System, High Damping

Rubber Bearing Soft (HDS), Equivalent Static Analysis, Respons
Spectrum Analysis


Wahyu Septiadi

Sistem kontrol base isolation berfungsi sebagai peredam gaya gempa yang
terjadi pada struktur gedung sehingga struktur dapat bertahan lebih lama dalam
menerima gaya gempa. Tugas akhir ini menggunakan base isolation tipe High
Damper Rubber Bearing Soft (HDS) dalam mereduksi gaya gempa pada gedung
kantor 7 lantai dan parkir 5 lantai dan dibandingkan dengan struktur fixed base.
Struktur dimodelkan sebagai portal 3 dimensi melalui program ETABS dengan
analisis gempa 3D statik ekuivalen dan respons spektrum. Hasil analisis
menunjukkan waktu getar arah x struktur fixed base sebesar 0,973 detik
sedangkan pada struktur base isolation sebesar 2,743 detik (memenuhi syarat
FEMA 450). Hasil perencanaan stuktur base isolation ini meliputi pelat, balok,
kolom, hubungan balok kolom dan didukung dengan pondasi tiang bor.

Kata Kunci: Struktur Fixed Base, Base Isolation System, High Damping Rubber
Bearing Soft (HDS), dan Analisis Statik Ekuivalen, Respons