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    Subject   Number  of  students   Grade  

6  of  Nov,  2018   Math   21   KG2    
PDP  -­‐Personal  Aims  (What  do  YOU  need  to  work  on  in  order  grow  professionally?)  
I  want  to  improve  the  way  I  manage  the  classroom.  
Learning  Outcomes:     Resources/Materials    
(Link  to  the  ADEC  K-­‐5  curriculum  document)  
  Introduction:  Foam    
• Students will be able to Distinguish between tall and LC1:    teddy  bear,  book,  box,  candle,  cubes  to  measure  the  height  
short of  the  objects.  
• Students will be able to Encourage the children to use LC2:  Play  dough  A4  papers.  
the correct terminology
LC3:  White  board,  paintings,  crayons    
• Student will be able to independently build tall and
short towers and talk about them. LC4:    
Conclusion  :  
Lesson  Introduction  
Links  to  real  life:  (Bullet  points)  
Whole  group  activity:  Time___15  minutes____     1-­‐  Ask  the  children  about  their  family  members  and  who  is  
  the  tallest  between  them.  Or  who  is  the  shortest  between  
Opening/Introduction  (warm  up):  (Bullet  points)   them.  
On  the  center  area  I  will  ask  them  (before  I  start  can    
someone  tell  me  what  does  it  mean  to  be  tall  and  what  does    
it  mean  to  be  short).    
Active  Engagement:  (Bullet  points)    
• Ask them what items we can use to measure the  
height of things (from the classroom)
Guided  experience  (  whole  group  activity  )  language  instructions  
1- Introduce tall and short (short is when something has a small distance, and tall is when
something has a greater height).
2- Show them two different items and point on it, while saying this is short and this is tall, this
item is shorter than this, and this item is taller than that. (Explain that the short item is
short because it has a short distant, and the tall item is tall because it has a greater height).
3- Pick up two students in front of others and make them guess who’s taller and who’s shorter.
4- Choose several students and make other compare between them also, and correct the
answer if they didn’t say it right.
5- Ask the students to stand up and come with me to show them the activities and explain to
them what is expected from them to do in each activity.
6- Pick the students according to their activities and separate them in the corners.
Individual  experience  -­‐  Small  Group  Learning  Centers:  Time______  

Learning  Center  1  Title:     Learning  Center  2  Title:  

In  this  activity  children  have  to  measure  the  objects   Play  dough  activity,    
shown  on  the  paper,  (teddy  bear,  book,  box,  and   Create  two  towers  with  using  the  play  dough  one  tall  
candle)  by  using  the  cubes,  and  then  count  how  many   and  one  short.  
cubes  are  there,  and  then  write  it  down  beside  the    
picture  of  the  object.  
Learning  Center  3  Title:     Learning  Center  4  Title:    
In  this  activity  children  will  be  measuring  the  height  of  each    
other  by  using  their  handprints.  
Closing  activity:  Time:  5-­‐7  minutes  
 I  will  make  a  revision  with  the  students  by  asking  them  some  questions  about  the  lesson.  
Assessment  for  Learning:  
I  will  draw  a  tall  building  and  a  short  building  and  then  ask  them  which  one  is  taller  and  which  one  
is  shorter.