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Indiana Writing Project Core Council

Sept. 10, 2010

Present: Barb Miller, Alena Bogucki, Shirley Thacker, Kathy Flatter, Matt Hartman, Linda
Hanson, Linda Walker, Betsy Duckworth, Tammy Taylor, Bea Sousa, Joy Dewing

July 2010 Minutes approved

ITW October 8—all IWP TCs attending will have the opportunity to select a book from one of
the venders there, compliments of IWP
Appleseed WP Fall Conference October 16—Barry Lane keynote—also our Visioning Retreat!


- Bloof Books Reading - Peter Davis, Jennifer L. Knox, and Shana Compton
Tuesday, Sept. 14, 7:30 p.m., Bracken Library, Room 104
- Panel Discussion with Creative Writing Faculty
Jill Christman, Matt Mullins, Cathy Day, Sean Lovelace and Mark Neely
Wednesday, Sept. 29, 7:30 p.m., Arts & Journalism 175
- Haven Kimmel
Wednesday, Oct. 13, 7:30 p.m., Art Museum 217
- Mark Neely
Tuesday, Oct. 26, 7:30 p.m., Bracken Library, Room 104
- Nate Pritts & Matt Hart
Tuesday, Nov. 9, 7:30 p.m., Bracken Library, Room 104
- Undergraduate Gala Reading
Tuesday, Dec. 7, 7:30 p.m., Arts & Journalism 175
TIC Opportunity—Reading Miles Myers’ Changing our Minds together
- Contact Linda H. to participate

Publishing Student Work—opportunities:

NCTE’s National Gallery of Writing (IWP Gallery)
IWP website
- Need a permission to publish form posted on website, Matt will work on this
Teen Ink
Creative Publications:

LSRI update—continuing data gathering approved

BSU WP/IWP—rubric development and assessment project ongoing

Mississippi State writing research – Linda W. shared info on evaluating grades 9-10 pieces of
writing, looking for specific features of different genres. Work is leading to finding ways to
teach students the prominent features of top scoring papers.
Fall Comp Camp – Alena & Barb teaching fall Comp Camp. Pre-service teachers at BSU will
be participating in Comp Camp

Writing Club – Kathy shared that Jody Scales is leading a writing club after school.

Website – Matt shared website updates:

- Blog more visible with newsfeed of current headlines
- NWP newsfeed
- Connected to IWP facebook page
- Blog linked to IWP site
- Google calendar posted on homepage
- Meeting minutes posted on Core Council page
- Matt will update officers
- Send Alena articles for the blog
- 2010 Anthology posted

Learning Connections DOE Website – Jenny Smithson has started an Indiana Network page

Scribd – can make e-zine

Old Business
Leadership Team/ Coordinator descriptions – send descriptions to Matt
before next Core Council meeting on Oct. 15
- Inservice Leadership
- Continuity
- Youth & Continuity

New Business
Brochures – we need updated brochures for IWP and Indiana Network
- Bea will update the brochures
- Linda H. will send Bea updated Network info
- Will make the brochure for the IWP site, rather than for entire state

CAPE Conference – Jenny Smithson is presenting on writing workshop for 90 minutes 2 days
at the conference in October

Work Time: 35 minutes: Comp Camp, Saturday Seminar/ Inservice, Continuity

- Set dates and topics
- This I Believe: Series on lesson planning, TCs bringing a friend from same school to
plan unit together. 4 week session, 3 concurrent groups (elem, m.s., h.s.) working on
same idea (i.e. persuasive writing, create a template for future writing units) 12
contact hours, cost $100 per person, $40 for pre-service teachers (need a minimum of
15 participants) 9a.m.-12p.m., check-in and bagels at 8:30, RB292
o Oct. 23 – UbD – big ideas
o Oct. 30 – planning assessment
o Nov. 6 – mini lessons, activities,
o Nov. 13 – share
- Dec. 4 – Reader’s Theater using Christmas pieces
- Jan. 22 – writing to a prompt: ISTEP and ECA

- Tea on April 16 or 23. Share info from D.C., letter writing; A new look at Writer’s
Notebooks, travel writing & blogs,
- Oct. 23 ISI Day – have Kathy go to the event to talk about Core Council, other Core
Council members attend in the afternoon
- Sign in for events (ex. Summer poetry slam) and update contact information, then
send post card thanking them for attending
- Send out an update with info on website, Sat. Seminars, blog, etc. Year reps will
send info out
- D.C. team keep a blog
- Application for D.C. posted on IWP website

Comp Camp
- Focus for each Comp Camp day so kids get multiple exposures to each writing
- Purposeful focus for the pre-service teachers
- 3 goals for pre-service teachers:
o 1. observe modeling of teacher-student interactions
o 2. participate in WW methodology – conferencing with individuals
o 3. reflect on and understand benefits of WW structure – do a read aloud and
mini lesson
- Will provide a note sheet to guide reflections
- Barb will debrief with pre-service teachers in another room while Alena works with

Visioning Retreat on Oct. 16 – looked at last year’s agenda to plan this year’s
- 8:45: youth programs (Alena), inservice (Linda W.), continuity (Bea)
- 10:30 – how all these areas interact; Comp Camp as the showcase
- 12:30 – smaller breakouts: TIC (Jenny?), Tech Team (Matt), ISI(Linda V. &
Tammy), OI (Susan?), AI (Joy, Emily, & Sarah)