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Target Grammar Application Sheet (TGAS) Assignment name: Summary

Examples Explanation/ details

Paraphrasing —
Combine ideas from several I combined three paragraphs describing three different fields
sentences (water, energy and waste) of environmental issues into two
sentences: “However, many aspects of life, like water, energy
and waste, have approved it wrong to do so. Since residential
consumption only counts a little of the total (10% of water, less
than 25% of energy and 3% of waste), agriculture, industry,
commerce and government are the main ones to blame.”
Change the order of ideas The original article talked about public’s wrong ideas about
environmental protection, the mechanism behind it, the
problems accompany, and the proposal to deal with the issue. I
change the order by moving the proposal to the first paragraph,
which, in my opinion, should be regarded as one important part
of the main ideas of the whole article. I don’t remain it on the
end of the summary since the proposal is short and author’s
idea could be clearly defined when I put it on the start.
Change unique language The original article used “double bind”, which I thought was a
special way of saying this that represented the writer’s unique
voice. I changed it to “dilemma” plus a dash. Commented [MOU1]: Good choice for this ‘unique’
Collocations — language
think→ I used the word “think” in somewhere of the summary. But in
be under the impression that the end I found it might be kind of informal to use this sole verb,
and I think “be under the impression that” would be more Commented [MOU2]: Good to see you’re considering these
formal and closer to the initial idea of the author. choices carefully.
could not→ I use modal verb some times in this summary, but overusing it
be incapable of seems like a little bit informal. Therefore, I change it into “be
incapable of”, which looks more suitable for the task assigned.
be matched to→ I change the part of speech of “match” here. This noun phrase
a perfect match could express the close relationship more precisely.
Signal phrases/ reporting —
the article Forget Shorter I add this signal phrase at the beginning of my summary, to
Showers states that serve as an attribution line that gives article information and
the main idea of the article.
Jensen implies at the I use the verb “imply” here since the idea is not explicit on the
beginning of the article that beginning of the article, but it is exactly what the author would
like to express, so I think the choice of this word may be precise.
Jensen also describes(phrase) Here I use the signal phrase structure “describe+phrase”, to add
to the variety of reporting language structure.