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My Purpose in Life

Internal Drive Inventory

Go through the entire list of words and note all those which give you a strong positive
feeling. Then see if three or four themes emerge that have the greatest feeling or
meaning to you. There is no right or wrong.

Personal achievement Winning

Happiness Finding good in others
Earning money Gaining recognition
Loving someone(others) Building something
Being loved, accepted Gaining approval from others
Popularity Creating something
Competence Getting things done
Independence Doing good
Risking Dominating
Being different Being unique
Being your best Being the best
Reaching potential Gaining security, safety
Finding excitement Controlling
Being a leader Having fun
Learning, gaining wisdom Working hard
Gaining mastery Having influence
Worthwhile contribution Experiencing life to its fullest
Fully expressing yourself Seeking adventure
Becoming an expert Power, authority
Making a positive difference Prestige
Developing people or things Increasing effectiveness
How much can I get away with? Waiting until the last moment
Solitude Peace of mind

Add any that are missed

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Internal drive history

List at least one accomplishment in each age category listed below that gave you the
greatest sense of joy. These are accomplishments that you personally felt good about
regardless of what others thought at the time. (If you don’t find an answer right away,
don’t push it, move on)

Age 0-12

1. What was the activity?

2. What did you actually do?

3. What specifically was the sense of joy?

4. What abilities were demonstrated by the accomplishment?

5. What was the general subject matter?

6. What were the circumstances?

7. What were the relationships to other people and things?

23-30, 31-40, 40+

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Summary questions
After you have completed the work on the ages, tackle the following questions:

1. Throughout your life, what has consistently produced the greatest sense of joy?

2. What skills and abilities do you most like to use?

3. What do you most appreciate/value about yourself?

4. What patterns, trends or consistencies do you observe in your answers?

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Describing your self ‘On purpose’

Goal: To create a description of what you are like when you are demonstrating your

Complete the following in as much detail as possible.

1. What are you doing when you experience the greatest sense of self-fulfilment?

2. Who are you being when you experience the greatest sense of joy?

3. Describe the visual images you see when you are being this person.

4. Describe what it feels like to be this person.

5. Describe the things you say to yourself when you are being this person.

6. Describe the conversations you have with others when you are being this person.

Devote some time to these questions and review your answers periodically to make
additions or deletions as you discover new and important things about your sense of

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Write your statement of purpose

Goal: To create a set of words that cause you to deeply feel what your life is about.

Instruction: Take the information from the above exercises and use the combination of
words and phrases to draw up a statement of purpose that has the strongest meaning
and deepest emotional feeling for you. Don’t worry about the statement being
grammatically correct. Your statement of purpose could have as little as one word or
be a sentence. The important thing is that it creates a strong emotional feeling within
you. The key is to come up with a definite theme that best describes the driving force
in your life that you can regularly review and that provides you with a strong emotional
charge each time you read it.

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