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Dear sons of earth,

You are not born normally, god has created you for a special purpose, not to live like birds and animals . I
know your life’s true goal and rightly speaking you don’t belong to a specific area or place but in reality you
are the sons of the whole world and you have to excel on this and you have to prepare yourselves to be the
sons of universe. Just by being an ordinary man or normal earth dweller you cannot get all the things that
you want, your goal, your thoughts and other things. Your actual goal is that you have to explore the whole
universe, you have to measure the universe with your own legs and you have to explore the universe in
calm, unstoppable speed.(amit:-exploring the universe means that u yourself become a part of
universe/aham brahmasmi) But this is not possible through bhakti marga(path). Just by chanting Ram Ram,
Hare Krishna, you cannot attain heights. Just by doing Bhajan kirtan(religious songs) you cannot be the
true sons of the world. Just by playing khar-tal and janghar(instruments usually played in bhajans) you
cannot explore the whole universe because this is pure form of a religious way. Dharma and sadhna are two
different roads, only one of it can give you totality in life and where the word Sampoornata (total) appears,
where is the Bhavana (feeling) of life’s Sampoornata (totality) that is possible only by the path of Sadhna to
achieve your goal, that is your life’s thinking, lakshay (goal) and for this reason you are born historically in
this earth because this is life’s mool swaroop (main figure).

For sometime Dharma can make a person’s direction zero, for sometime it makes you taste sweets and
listen stories, it can talk about Swarga and Narka (heaven and hell) but this is aftermath of death. while we
are living in present and in each step we take there are obstacles, we have to kick these obstacles and move
further and this is not possible through Dharma because Dharma is after death case, when you are living
dharma is to live in calm, cool, peaceful manner. That’s why in living conditions it cannot solve our life’s
troubles. We are facing family problems, daughter is well grown up and fit for marriage, you cannot sleep,
daridrata(state of being poor) is making faces at you, there are thousands of problems in our lives. Can
dharma exterminate these obstacles? Can it face life’s risks? Can it show its chest like a bir(brave person) in
front of these obstacles? Certainly not. Because dharma has only two 3rd class weapons of daya(kindness)
and maya(peace,love) due to which it is moving forwards. But his present world can not go further with the
pillar of daya, by forgiving someone life’s troubles cannot be solved. Joining your hands in front of evil
people cannot turn their minds. Just by pleading and joining hands you cannot defend your enemies. These
are only written in coward’s dictionary. One who cannot do anything tries to live with support of dharma. I
am not saying that dharma isn’t necessary in life. Dharma has its own place in life, only when the obstacles
are solved. Importance of dharma can be highlighted in life only when family obstacles are solved. When
there is state of flux in the house, then just by visiting some temples and pleading, the fire cannot be blown
off. For this you have to show your chest( I am referring showing chest because generally over here it is
supposed that brave persons maybe muscular and show their chest while challenging opponents) like a
brave person in front of it. In your present lives, in every 4 direction fire is burning, hundreds of obstacles
are challenging you. If you solve one then other hundreds will stop your way. That’s why your mind is
Ashant(not free), your heart has no prasannata(joy). That’s why, in life the kind of happiness, craze must
exist, it isn’t in your life. Looking in a specific way I find that these obstacles have made you coward and
useless in life. Even a smallest of smallest persons is attacking you, and there are no other ways to do this
too. For this you have to take a challenging step and show your chest and stand. You must have brightness
and determination in your eyes and will power must be seen in your face and this is only possible if you
have sadhna rupi khadga (sword in form of sadhna) then only you will have will, determination, craze and
bravery. From this sword you can exterminate the obstacles. From this you can defeat your enemies,
impoverishes can be thrown out from the roots and you can remove life’s trouble and obstacles. When life is
going up and down becoming haywire, in that time closing your eyes won’t work. Meditation lies very
forward then this. By meditating you cannot solve life’s true obstacles. When you have no rice to cook at
home then by closing your eyes rice wont cook; when its time to pay fees for your school kids then you
won’t get happiness by closing your eyes. When the houseowner comes to ask for rent at the door than by
meditating you cannot pay him. For these all there is a different technique and that technique is called

I agree that meditating is a easy to acquire and simple process. Exploring yourself and going within your
mind but when there is a fire burning in your heart, `when your inner mind is not shant (quiet, free) then
by closing your eyes you cannot enter the depths of your minds. This becomes like an example of an
ostrich. When an ostrich sees a hunter, it hides its head under sand and thinks that all his obstacles have
finished. He things “what can a hunter do to me now?” but within a few seconds he falls prey to the hunter
and everything is finished. Meditation is also likewise. When there are hundreds of enemies challenging you
then you may find peace while hiding your heads in sand but when poverty is going to take your health,
happiness, respect then what do u get by closing your eyes? This is a cowardly act and coward people
cannot be sons of mother earth, lets not talk about them being sons of the universe. When we are in
equilibrium balanced state, when we can attack our foes with full power when we carefully determine in
everyway, when we have no other works that meditation may be a very important procedure and may play
important role. That we enter our mind and heart with 100% accuracy. But this is only possible if we have
exterminated all our life’s obstacles. And we can get procedure only by means of Sadhna. Just by going to a
temple and striking the Ghanta (dong) and playing Shankha (shell which can be blown to produce sound)
you cannot please god. Just by dancing in the tune of Bhajan you may forget yourself for a second but again
u are failing to eradicate your miseries, pay proper attack to your enemies, cure your disease trouble/illness
nor you can face death eye to eye. If you cannot do these things than your life has become a load for you.
There is no sweetness; there is no utsah and masti (craze, happiness in flow. Just by sitting in some
temples, singing some bhajans, playing ghanta and shankha you are doing a procedure of fooling yourself.
For sometime you are trying to forget yourself but when you come out of the temple and you see your wife’s
sad face, when you find out your son is into drugs, when you think about your daughters marriage than you
again stand in the life’s coarse ground covered with stones….and at that time you feel that you fooled
yourself by going to temples , you tried to forget yourself for sometime and you think there is no god etc. it
becomes like an example that curing a man suffering from headache by giving him an injection of sleep. For
sometime the pain goes away but when its effect slows down than again the same pain starts to eat up your
life. I am not saying you not to go to the temples and sing bhajans. This may be important in life but to
make your life happy this is not sufficient. To give totality and completeness in life, it won’t help you.
Attaining totality in life is possible only by sadhna. Because sadhna is not a procedure of forgetting oneself
its not a technique to play with your life and betray it but by mantra, feeling and seeing the spiritual power
of the specific god and goddess in real life in conscious state.and gaining control over their powers, and by
mantra and will power forcing them to appear in front of you and forcing them to eradicate your life’s
problems, not by pleading. Bagalamuki sadhna, which is fully able to strike enemies, while Dhumawati
sadhna can kill your enemies. Astalakshmi prayog(technique) can throw poverty from the roots while Kuber
sadhna will give you total materialism, acceleration in business etc. Shastra’s have accepted in one voice
saying:”mantradinashya devta” meaning all gods are under mantra and by mantra only you can make them
appear in front of you or ask them to complete specific tasks. And also with the help of specific spiritual
godly powers you can solve all your troubles. This happens, surely happens(amit: I have tried it too and I
also agree that it happens). If we look at the baidic and puranic periods if we study nicely the lives of your
Rishimunis( sages and saints) then we find that they have not given emphasis on bhakti nor pleading. The
only thing they did was to make god’s appear, force them to appear with the help of specific mantras. That’s
why to solve life’s troubles , to remove obstacles and to make live peaceful and happy they were successful.
The sadhnas exist even today. Fully functional till today, the only thing you need is a sadhguru who is an
expert in this field and who has the knowledge of sadhnas through self practice and who has achieve totality
in life. Only the sadhguru can show you the correct path of your life, fill you with power and determination,
give brightness and totality to your dead body, who can give you the sword of sadhna with which you can
strike poverty, know the upcoming troubles and remove the negative aspects of life. Until and unless you
don’t have this power, this ability to do something the will power you are a normal and dependable living
creatures who will get trapped in death’s rope and move to death. If you think of this that it is also an
cowardly act. The true meaning of life is to struggle. To achieve totality(poornata) by exterminating troubles
and obstacles from the roots, to strike your enemies….and this is not possible through the path of bhakti,
closing your eyes wont help and also taking the support of cowardly words of forgiveness and kindness
won’t do you any good. It is not possible to solve life’s difficulties. For this you must have tez(brightness) in
youreyes, your face must show underlying will power and the sword of sadhna must be present in your
hands that can attack all obstacles and make our lives happy. You can do all these because you have got an
experienced guru, who has got totality and experience in sadhna. He is easily available. Who is not so far as
to search him you have to wander through mountains and jungles, not even the highest peaks where you
cannot step. This is your luck that in your life sadhguru is easily available. But for this you must have will
power, must have faith in your guru, must have the techniques to reach upto him and you must spare your
time to do sadhna. It is not necessary to do sadhnas for months and years. These sadhnas are also not very
hard and difficult to complete. This is very simple and you can easily accept and practice and I say that you
must practice. If not today than tomorrow you will realize that in life, totality cannot be achieved with bhakti
nor wandering in jungles. Diving in Ganges(Hindu holy river) and doing thirthayatra ( religious pilgrimage
journey) you wont achieve anything. By placing your head in false saints and gurus, your lives trouble wont
go away and by closing your eyes, you cannot run away from harsh realities of life. It is true that in your life
there are thousands of troubles in each step you take troubles and hardships start pouncing on you. Every
second you are weary of your enemies attack and while living you live in those trouble, suspicion, fear and
this is nothing but cowardly act. You must stand up with determination. You must come to me with your
guts. You must live bravely in society and using your sword of sadhna you must attack the obstacles with
full might showing no mercy and then in right words you will be a human being. Then the Ganges of
happiness will flow through your lives and this is possible only by sadhna.