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Survey on the Actual State of Health of Migrant Laborers
How are you? We are currently carrying out studies to assess the actual state of the health and usage of medical services by the migrant laborers residing in the region of Busan with support of the Ministry of Health and Welfare. As accurate surveys on the actual state of the health issues of the migrant laborer currently residing in the region of Busan have not been carried out yet, we would like to assess the current conditions of and problems in usage of health and medical services by the migrant laborers, and evaluate the appropriateness of the medical resources with the information we acquire through this survey in order to utilize them as the base data for medium to long-term plans for securing of medical safety net. Contents of the answers you gave in the survey will be used only for research and development of policies for health and medical services, and the confidentiality of your responses will be exhaustively ensured by analyzing and processing them anonymously. Accordingly, we would appreciate if you could answer as many questions as possible from the beginning to the end. We seek your sincere response to the questionnaire as we are striving to pursue in-depth study on the basis of the valuable opinions you provide. October 2010 Medical Safety Net Council for Homeless Migrant Laborers

How to answer the questions: Either check the appropriate ‘number’ or ‘box’ (□) with v, or fill in numbers in the ‘( )’. For the questions that are difficult to make selections, please answer in accordance with the first thought that enters your mind.

Should you have any inquiries regarding this survey, please contact us at the following numbers: 1. Lee, Min Seok, Public Health Care Project Team, Busan National University Hospital #305 Gudeok-ro, Seo-gu, Busan Metropolitan City ( 602-739) / Tel: 051-240-7080 / Fax: 051-240-7089 2. Han, Areum, Medical Service Team, Along with Immigrants (Foundation) 4th Fl. Songgwang Bldg., Jeonpo-2-dong, Jin-gu, Busan Metropolitan City ( 614-865) / Tel: 051-802-3438 / Fax: 051-803-9630

A. Personal Information

Inadequate lighting (too dark to work)① B. These are questions about the hazardous environment that you may encounter at your workplace.0 million won④ 2. etc) E. and if you have been exposed. etc) H. Noise (very noisy) C.5~2. general dust. Repetitively lifting heavy objects ① ① ① ① ② ② ② ② ② ② ② ② ② F. etc) D. cutter and extrusion device.0~3. Dust (iron dust. etc) ⑨ category ⑩ Others( ) Occupatio ① CNC ② Extrusion③ Grinding④ Press ⑤ Molding⑥ Others( nal type Work hours Average monthly wage ( 1 ) hours per day Work format ) Shift work between day and night Only during □ day □ Only during night □ Less than 1 million won 1~1. Inadequate supply of protective gears① . the extent of the seriousness of the problems.5 million won③1. Working Environment 1. Operating dangerous machines ① (press. Hazardous Factors and Conditions Exposure Not serious at all ① ① ① ① ① ① ① ① ① Extent of seriousness Little serious ② ② ② ② ② ② ② ② ② Very serious ③ ③ ③ ③ ③ ③ ③ ③ ③ ④ ④ ④ ④ ④ ④ ④ ④ Extremel y serious ④ Hazardous factors and conditions Yes No A. Working for prolonged period of time ① in uncomfortable posture G. Operating defective or very old ① machines I.0 million ② won ⑤ more than 3 million won B. Hazardous chemical substances (thinner and paint odor.Nationalit y Status of Stay 체류자격 Medical Insurance Date of birth Registe E-9□ D-3□ H-2□ Others ( red Nonregister ed Yes □ □ No □ ( ) ) Year Gender Male□ Female□ Initial date of entry Reside Busan□ Kimhae □ ntial Yangsan Others( □ area 부산□ 김해□ 거주지 양산□ Others ( ) ) ① Metalmachine ② Textile / /footwear ③ Rubber/ plastic ④ Manufacturing of food items ⑤ Business Automobile⑥ Chemical⑦ Furniture /timber ⑧ Construction works Service(restaurants. sawdust. Please mark the corresponding answer with v regarding questions on your experience of being exposed to the following problems.

What category of illness do you have? 1 Respiratory system (coughing. etc) ⑥ Headache and sleeping disorder ⑦ Eye disease ⑧ Others ( ) 4-2. etc) ③ Noise induced hearing loss ④ Cardiovascular system (paralysis. Meals C. eczema. Accommodation E. etc 2 Muscular and skeletal system (lumbago. Do you have illness you are suffering at the moment? (If “please answer the following Yes”. pulmonary disease. How long did it take for you to visit medical institution since you started feeling sick ① Within3 days ② Within 1 week ③ Within2 weeks ④ Within 1 month ⑤ Others ( ) 3-3. Extent of satisfaction Highly with work unsatisfied A. angina pectoris. please answer the following questions. Your State of Health and How You Cope when Sick 3.) ① Yes ② No 5-1. Do you believe that this illness is related to the work you were performing? ① Yes ② No 5. asthma. muscle ache.2. please answer the following questions. Have you ever been diagnosed with disease or underwent surgery before? (If “ Yes”. Amount of work B. nasitis. etc) ⑤ Skin (allergy. What was the attitude of the employer and manager when you informed them you are sick? ① Accompanied me to hospital ② Granted day off due to illness ③ Just buy medicine and make me work continuously ④ Make me work continuously without taking any measures ⑤ They scold me or get mad ⑥ Do not pay any attention ⑦ Others ( ) 4. Medical benefits F. What do you do when you feel sick? ① I persevere ② Buy and take medicine ④ I resort to folk medicine ⑤Others ( ) ③ Visit hospital 3-2. Handling of difficulties ① ① ① ① ① ① Somewhat unsatisfied ② ② ② ② ② ② Average ③ ③ ③ ③ ③ ③ Somewhat satisfied ④ ④ ④ ④ ④ ④ ⑤ ⑤ ⑤ ⑤ ⑤ Highly satisfied ⑤ C. What was the disease? ( ) . How satisfied are you on the following issues regarding your current employment? Or are you unsatisfied? Please mark ‘v’ for the corresponding extent of your satisfaction. Safety at workplace D.) ① Yes ② No 3-1.) ① Yes ② No 4-1. questions. Have you felt that you were sick during your stay in Korea? (If “ Yes”.

1 ranked difficulty: ( ) B. ⑤ It is difficult to acquire necessary information or receive consultations ⑥ The procedures involved is too complicated ⑦ I do not know exactly where the hospital is located ⑧ Others ( ) 8-2. In my home country ( ) times / In Korea ( ) times ③ Workplace 6-2.5-2. Was health check-up helpful in assessing your state of health? ① Yes ② No E. How many times have you visited hospital? ( 7-2. Where do you normally receive health check-up? ① Hospital ② Public health care center ④ Free medical care center Others( ) ⑤ 6-3. 2nd ranked difficulty: ( ) ① I have no time to go to hospital because I am overworked (prolonged period of work hours) ② The employer and the manager are not cooperative with my treatment ③ Cost of treatment is too high for me to bear ④ I experienced difficulties in treatment due to inadequate communication arising from my poor understanding of Korean language. Which hospital did you use? (Hospital name: ) times / Region: ) 8.) ① Yes ② No 7-1. Have you received health check-up before? Yes”. questions. please answer the following ? (If questions. st A. What is the foremost difficulty in using hospital? Please choose 2 in the order of the importance of the difficulties. 1 ranked difficulty: ( ) B. Health Check-up 6. Have you visited hospital in Korea due to illness? (If “ please answer the following Yes”. 2nd ranked difficulty: ( ) . What were the inconveniences and difficulties you experiences when you visited hospital? Please choose 2 in the order of the importance of the difficulties.) ① Yes ② No 8-1. Did you receive appropriate treatment? ① Yes ② No D. st A. please answer the following (If “ questions. Actual State of Usage of Medical Institution 7. Do you find it difficult to use hospital in Korea“Yes”.) ① Yes ② No 6-1.

Treatment hours B. etc) ④ Satisfy special medical demands such as industrial health care and health care for mother and child . “ following questions. Stand-by period C. prevention. Treatment facilities E. Location of free medical care center (transportation) F. Which medical institution do you use most often when you are sick? ① Hospital ② Free medical care center ③ Public health care center ④ Pharmacist ⑤ Oriental medical clinic E-1. Treatment procedures D. what are the services that should be added or expanded in order to enhance the medical services of the free medical care center? ① Supplying of sufficient medical drugs ② Health check-up ③ Linkage with other welfare institutions (education. Using Free Medical Care Center 11. How did you take care of the cost of medical service if you used medical institution in the past? ① Fully covered by health insurance Fully paid by myself ② ③ Health insurance + payment by myself ④ Assistance from others ⑤ Used free medical care center ⑥ Others ( ) 10. Expertise of treatment of medical staffs Highly Somewhat Somewhat Highly Average unsatisfied unsatisfied satisfied satisfied ① ① ① ① ① ① ② ② ② ② ② ② ③ ③ ③ ③ ③ ③ ④ ④ ④ ④ ④ ④ ⑤ ⑤ ⑤ ⑤ ⑤ ⑤ 11-3. Please indicate the extent of your satisfaction on various services related to free medical care center. How often would you like the free medical care center to provide medical care services to you? ① Once a week ② Once a month ③ Regularly on daily basis ④ Whenever I seek help ⑤ Others( ) 11-4. What is your monthly average number of medical service you received from free medical care centers? ( ) time per month 11-2. Have you used free medical care center during the last 1 year? (If please answer the Yes”. Services related to free medical care centers A.) ① Yes ② No 11-1.① Unjust treatment because I am a migrant laborer ② Excessive medical treatment expenditure ③ Insincere treatment by medical doctor ④ Unfamiliar with procedures in the hospital ⑤ Communication difficulties ⑥ I was afraid that my illegal status may be disclosed ⑦ Others( ) 9. In your opinion.

answer the following. What was the service you received at the public health care center? Please indicate 2 services that you most frequently received. I cannot sleep soundly due to worries and anxiety B. Following are questions on your recent state of mind. I am losing faith in myself C. A. used ? ① I do not have money ② Public health care center is too far from where I am ③ I do not know where it is or unfamiliar with services being provided ④ I thought the quality would be too low ⑤ It did not provide service I needed Others ⑥ ( ) G. Using Public Health Care Center 12. Have you visited public health care center over the last 1 year? (If “yes”. When compared to usage of other medical institutions.) ① Yes ② No 12-1. 2nd priority ( ) ② Vaccination (infection. cholera.⑤ Expansion of medical examination facility⑥ Others ( ) E-2. Attitude A. etc) ④ Internal medical treatment ⑥ Medical diagnosis and check-up of pregnant woman ⑧ Physiotherapy ⑩ House-call service ) 12-2. Please indicate the answer with ‘v’ that corresponds to your state. what were the inconveniences and difficulties you experienced when using health care center public ? ① Inconvenient due to its distance from where I live or work ② Limited range of treatment services rendered ③ Low quality of medical services ④ Difficult to use the center due to my lack of time ⑤ Staffs are unkind and do not explain in detail ⑥ I have no difficulties ⑦ Others( ) 13. What is your reason for not having public health care center in the past. 1st priority ( ① Health check-up ③ Vaccination and regular health check-up for infants ⑤ Dental treatment ⑦ Health education ⑨ Specialization center ⑪ Others ( ) B. typhoid fever. Anxieties and Mental Health 14. I cannot concentrating on what I am doing Never ① ① ① Once in a while ② ② ② Frequently ③ ③ ③ ④ ④ Always ④ .

I urinate frequently Q. I become confounded and do not know what to do even in the event of occurrence of trivial matter D. I experience feebleness and fatigue without reason I. I suffer from numbness of hand O. I have difficult time due to indigestion P.D. experience heaviness in the neck or pain in my back H. I feel that everything will work out harmoniously F. Once in a while ② ② ② ② ② ② ② ② ② ② ② ② ② ② ② ② ② ② ② Attitude Never ① ① ① ① ① ① ① ① ① ① ① ① ① ① ① ① ① ① ① Frequently ③ ③ ③ ③ ③ ③ ③ ③ ③ ③ ③ ③ ③ ③ ③ ③ ③ ③ ③ Always ④ ④ ④ ④ ④ ④ ④ ④ ④ ④ ④ ④ ④ ④ ④ ④ ④ ④ ④ A. Please indicate the answer with ‘v’ that corresponds to your state. My hands shakes and become fidgety G. I am more highly strung and disturbed that before B. I feel that I am living in the midst of tenseness G. I can solve the problems I am confronted with J. I become fearful without particular reason C. Following are questions related to state of your emotion and mentality. I faint or feel like fainting M. My heart pounds K. I suffer from dizziness L. I am in charge of playing useful role at the moment E. I do not experience feeling of congestion of chest N. I feel that I am an valueless person L. My face easily gets red and flushes S. I easily fall asleep and sleep soundly . I feel that I cannot overcome the difficulties confronted H. I feel that I am unfortunate and depressed K. My hands are normally warm but does not sweat R. In consideration of everything. I have headache. I feel that I can make decision on issues and affairs F. I have difficulty in keeping my body and mind steady due to extreme weakening of my nerves E. I feel that I am struggling for existence I. I feel happy ① ① ① ① ① ① ① ① ① ② ② ② ② ② ② ② ② ② ③ ③ ③ ③ ③ ③ ③ ③ ③ ④ ④ ④ ④ ④ ④ ④ ④ ④ 15. My mind is in tranquil state and I can sit for long time J.

If interpretation service is available. ③ A friend who is fluent in Korean language or interpreter assists me with interpretation in my native language . ② I speak and listen in English . communication is not possible . ⑤I have difficulties in communication as I cannot speak Korean language . what format would you prefer? ① Interpretation through telephone② Accompaniment by interpreter ③ Document translation service ④Others( ) Thank you very much for your response to the interview . 17. ④ Although I go with a Korean fellow worker. How do you communicate with the medical staff when using medical institution? ① I personally speak and listen in Korean language . I have nightmare ① ② ③ ④ F. Communication 16. When do you need interpretation or translation the most ? ① When using medical centers (when I am sick) ② When using immigration office or department of labor ③ In the event of occurrence of problem with employer during my work ④ When collecting various information necessary in daily life ⑤ Others( ) 18.T.

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