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Chapter: 001

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Episode 0 – Koyomi Vampire

I believe that it’s time for me to tell you about “Kiss-Shot Acerola-Orion Heart-Under-Blade.” I should
really, it’s my duty to. I met her during my spring break, between my second and third year of high
school. That meeting was both an impacting and devastating encounter. Anyways, I really believed that
it was all a stroke of bad luck. Of course, this wouldn’t have been the case if it had happened to
someone other than me. Well, maybe I should be honest and admit that it wasn’t really bad luck that
caused this, but rather a fault on my part. After all, I was the one that started it all, the chain of events.
That chain of events…
Let me try and phrase it in a way you’d understand, without being too vague with the phrase “chain
of events.” I’m not quite sure how long this chain is. I don’t know for certain when it began, what
followed, or how it ended. However whether this matter has even begun or ended, it is still unclear. I'm
not trying to confuse you with word play, but this is what I firmly believe.

In the end, I can only speak from my point of view. So it is impossible to know what sort of meaning
the chain of events had or didn't have to some external observer. If I could talk to them I may perhaps
grasp some part of the matter, but even then they won't ever find out if what I will hypothetically grasp
is the truth or not.
That right there isn’t the entire truth, but merely my own perception of it.
And that might just be enough.

However, to start with (this is one thing I am sure of), she, Kiss-Shot Acerola-Orion Heart-Under-
Blade, the being that is in the center of all the events, is simply that kind of existence.
It might mean one thing to an observer.
But to any other observer, it will most certainly mean something else.
No matter how similar the details, the perception of any story by two different people will never be
exactly the same.
Because she’s a vampire.

I believe that it’s not necessary to enter in details to explain what a vampire is. They’re in manga,
movies and games; it’s a concept that’s widely used. Despite the fact that the vampire culture didn't
even originate in Japan, the majority of the Japanese people are familiar with vampires. In short, it’s a
concept that’s old and persists even today.
But, during my spring break, I was attacked by this mere “concept,” a vampire.
You can say it was something stupid.
In fact, I think I was an idiot.

And, due to my stupidity, I was in hell for two weeks.

From beginning to end, my spring break was, in every way, hell.
It was a joke that was like hell, and a hell that was like a joke.

As I said before, I don't know when the chain of events started, where it headed, and where it ended.
From my point of view it’s like an eternal puzzle or a paradox, but there is just one thing that I am
certain of, and that is, when that hell began and ended.
March 26th to April 7th.
My spring break.
Kiss-Shot Acerola-Orion-Heart-Under-Blade. Afterwards, I finally understood those existences that
you would call an oddity.

I think the main reason why I had to live through that hell is because that before, I saw her as that. A
monster. Inhuman.
It wasn’t a very good observation.
And as I said, I was stupid.

To tell you about her will inevitably mean to open up to you about my stupidity at the time. And even
though it bothers me, I really think that it is necessary for me to tell you about this vampire.
The story of the scar she gave me.
The story of how I hurt her.
It’s something I really should talk about.
It’s something I must do.
It’s my responsibility.

…I believe that the introduction was longer than expected, and I dearly apologize for how it turned
out to be that way. No matter how I try to impress you by speaking to you about responsibility, it's still
nothing more than a responsibility of a foolish clown. Who knows when I'll whine and stop. In all
honesty, I have absolutely no confidence that I will successfully finish telling my tale. That's why I'm
aimlessly prolonging a fairly plausible introduction to the story.

However, my effort is reaching its limit, but once I begin to tell my story, it will be much more
difficult to stop myself from going like a rock that begins to roll downhill. But just in case I wasn't
prepared enough, I'll tell you the end of the story beforehand.
This story that is bound by a vampire results in a bad end.
The story only ends once misfortune befalls everyone.

However, that is only the end of hell, and the actual chain of events may perhaps still be happening
as we speak, and no matter what happens, the responsibility I feel towards her will not go away even
after I die.

To be continued…
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