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Safe/Good Places to bot

So since most of us are here to bot, we might as well help each other out. Most of
us will level and not use these spots anymore, so since were all apart of this
community this is your chance to give something back.

This will be a list of all good/safe places/mobs to bot at [Arggo and non Arggo] so
when you give a place/mob, make sure to list if its Arggo or not, the Level and the
location. You don't have to list 100% the spot (???.???) but you can if you'd like. So
it will be like this:

1. Level of Mob
2. Place of Mob
3. Coordinates (If possible)
4. Level of Danger (Safe, NA or Undetermined)
5. Report as Arggo if the Mob is Aggressive

Safe = No Arggo's within that spot.

NA = Nearby Arggo's, possible danger.
Undetermined = Not completely sure if Arggo consists within the area

*If the spot has arggo's nearby, but safe enough not to be bothered by them, please
report it as safe then.
*If you think an arggo might come into that spot, post it as NA.
*Arggo mobs will always be marked as NA, but of course will be considered as a
good spot.
*Make sure the mob/spot you post has been bot tested (at least until zevorc releases
his newer verion)

Removed anything under L20, then everyone can bot there rather then in a EA area,
WB, etc.


[NON-ARGGOs] - Non Aggressive Monsters

Mob: Lv 21 [Lake of Sky] (460 608) (Safe)

Mob: Lv 27 [Near Temple Orchid] (575 771) (Safe)
Mob: Lv 31 [N-E Mirror Lake Residence] (473 597) HexWolven Sharpshooter
Mob: Lv 31 [N/a] (475 583) (Safe)
Mob: Lv 33 [North Orchis Scene Vally] (591 547) TigerStripe Araneidd(Safe)
Mob: Lv 35 [Orchis Scene Vally] (586 574) Killer Pismire's (Safe)
Mob: Lv 35 [Orchis Seren Village] (586 559) (Safe)
Mob: Lv 40 [South City of Vanished] (241 617) Cloudthrust Vipent Form (In the
Air) (Safe)
Mod: Lv 50 [Just above bamboo village] (365 359) Nigonrator SoarVpent Safe
Mob: Lv 60 [City of Vanished] (253 677) ExtremityTerra EidoFoxie (Safe) (at
other places, they are arggo)

[ARGGOs] - Aggressive Monsters

Mob: Lv 34 [Orchis Sentry Vally East] (587 522) Scarletnob NA

Mob: Lv 40 [Shining Tide Woods] (624 818) EtherTransverse Pterodactyl(In The
Air) NA
Mob: Lv 42 [Mount Burhan] (385 802) Stargazer Wild Wolven NA
Mob: Lv 44 [SW of Gutter of Sky] (300 903) Hetemorph Diplopod NA
Mob: Lv 44 [Camp of Sumor] (305 857) Hetemorph Maneating Floacus NA
Mob: LV 52 [SE Ancient King Hill] (420 420) BarBarian Beserker (NA)
Mob: LV 63 [Ridge of Dreaming Cloud] (570 299) BlackThorn Assassin Tiger
Mob: Lv 72 [Outside of Lost Village] (642 484) (N/A)

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