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Pierce County

Ofnee of the County Executive PATMcCARTHY

930 T m a Avenue South, Room 737 (253) 7987477
Tacoma, Washington 98402-2100

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Deputy Executive
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October 1,2010

The Honorable Christine Gregoire, Governor

P 0 Box 40002
Olympia, WA 98504-0002

Re: WSDOT Pontoon Replacement Project - SR 520

Dear Governor Gregoire:

At a recent meeting of the Puget Sound Regional Council Executive Board, upon which we all serve, a
representative fiom the Department of Transportation gave a report on Phase 1 of the SR 520 mega-project. He
stated that the construction of the pontoons for the floating bridge was to be done in Grays Harbor County. The
question was asked why Grays Harbor County and not Pierce County's Port of Tacoma which is closer to SR
5201 The answer was somewhat unclear other than to say there were environmental concerns regarding the
Tacoma location. We were surprised and quite frankly disappointed. We're writing to encourage the state to
include a large portion of this important work here in Tacoma

Previous phases of the SR 520 mega-project have been sited in the Grays Hsrrbor regioa While we support
economic development throughout the state, we also know that Pierce County/Tawma is suffering higher than
average unemployment rates, particularly in the construction trades. A project of this scale would assist in
keeping valuable constructionjobs here in the South Sound. We hereby request that we be informed of any
general contractors with whom WSDOT is working or provides construction documents, so that we can make
this same request of these firms.

Building pontoons for floating bridges is not new to our area Graving yard facilities are ready to go in the Port
- and more would be on the way if WSDOT awards the construction project to a Tacoma firm. We understand
that Phase 2 Pontoons are smaller and could easily be fabricated in Pierce CountyRacoma

We look forward to helping WSDOT construct quality replacement pontoons on this critical infrastructure
replacement project. As representatives of Pierce County and Tacoma and with support fhm the Port of
Tacoma officials we want you to know that we me ready to go to work!

Pat McCarthy Derek Young

Pierce County Executive
PSRC Executive Board PSRC Executive Bo
cc: Paula Hammond, Secretary, WSDOT
Clare Petrich, Port of Tacoma Director, PSRC Development Committee