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YULIARTI DARAJATI Improves Writing Skill for Beginners through Finger Painting Activity to
PAUD Students Group A in PAUD CERIA, Pamulang South Tangerang, Academic Year 2016 – 2017
Thesis Tangerang Selatan. PANCA SAKTI University, Bekasi 2017 – Faculty of Teachers Training and

This research conducted to find a way how to improve writing skill for beginners on Group A
students in PAUD CERIA Pamulang II South Tangerang through Finger Painting Activity and to know if
this activity meets the expectation. To obtain the data, writer used observation sheet and documentation
as instruments.

This research uses Class Action Research method (metode Penelitian Tindakan Kelas / PTK) and
Kemmis & Taggart Action. A number of respondents are 14 with 7 indicators for data Analysis target
using qualitative data such as observation, field record and documentation during learning process using
finger painting which is analyzed applying technique of percentage calculation. It is aimed to measure
students’ understanding in mastering the material.

The results proves that by applying finger painting can improve writing skill for beginners
especially PAUD Group A. After conducting Class Action Research by reviewing the condition before the
research in indicator 5, 6 and 7, students have still not improved 100%. In the first cycle, in some
indicators showed some changes in several indicators around 35% starting to improve in line with the
expectation, in the second cycle, it is showed a significant improvement more than 86%. In fact, by
applying finger painting can easily help improve writing skill PAUD CERIA students Group A, Pamulang
II, South Tangerang.

The results of this research gives an important contribution on how to select the right way to
improve PAUD students’ skills.

Keyword: Writing Skill for Beginners, Finger Painting.