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Research Area Topics

Tendering 1.      Selecting a tendering method for construction projects

2.      The administration of contracts in building surveys

Procurement studies 1.      Procurement systems : a guide to best practice in construction

2.    Selecting a suitable procurement method in building construction

Professional Ethics 1. The increasing role of ethics in the profession of quantity surveying
2. The standard of construction and the importance of good construction
3. Ethical behaviour of Sri Lankan Construction Industry

CSR and construction 1. CSR activities performed by construction stakeholders

2. Green entrepreneurship: A method for strengthening natural resources and national economy in Sri Lanka
3. Ethical Management Practice” to ensure the corporate sustainability in construction industry

Sustainability 1. Sustainable Leadership Practices to develop Sri Lankan Construction Industry

2. Building resilience to promote Sustainability
3. Sustainable project management practices
4. Lean construction as a sustainable development tool for Construction Industry
5. Green procurement for construction industry
6. Application of "Project Feasibility Study" as a sustainable and socially responsible construction
management practice
7. Application of "Reverse Logistic" concept for construction industry
8. Achieving resource efficiency in Construction Industry
9. Adaptive Re-use of buildings to ensure sustainability

Green building 1. Study the Advantages of New and Existing Building Commissioning to ensure Energy Efficiency
2. Existing Building conversion to High-Performance sustainable buildings
3. Study the Advantages of New and Existing Building Commissioning to ensure Energy Efficiency
4. Existing Building conversion to High-Performance sustainable buildings
5. Study on Zero Waste Building Designs for Sri Lanka
6. Adaptation of Passive House Concept for Sri Lanka
7. Economic analysis of passive houses and low-energy houses compared with standard houses in Sri Lanka
8. Recycling and re use of demolishing waste
9. Innovative technologies in Construction Industry
10. Adaptive Re-use of buildings to ensure sustainability
11. Innovative construction waste management practices
12.      Rain water harvesting systems
13.      Energy efficiency methods
14.    Sustainable materials
15.  Methods to improve indoor air quality
16.      Combining green roofs and solar panels.
17.     Use of green roofs
18.      Waste management with the aim of zero waste
19.    The utilization of sustainable construction methods within the construction industry.
20. Urban Planning and Smart cities

Variations 1.      Minimizing Cost overrun issues in Construction safety

2.      Managing construction Project delays
3.     Construction claims and Disputes

Project Management 1.      Project management: power and leadership: Adopting an appropriate style
2.   A Study of using construction economic principles
3. Management and leadership issues of construction industry
4.   The construction management in the light of current technology
5.      The Nature and Management of Risk in Construction Industry
6.     A Review of Cost Control Techniques for Building Projects
7. Applicability of "Safe Working Cycle" concept to the Sri Lankan construction industry
8.      Health & safety issues in construction industry
9.      Stakeholder management of construction project
10.      Implementing health and safety plans in construction project
11.     Resources planning for construction projects
12.      Risk management in building construction
13.    Project monitoring methods

Conflict Management 1.      ADR methods in Construction Industry

2.     Innovative methods of Conflict management of construction projects

Construction 1.      The global recession and construction industry

2.   The life expectancy of a building after construction
3.   The information and construction cost cycle
4. Storm Hazards & Sea level rise in the human settlements of major cities
5. Urban infrastructure at risk : Water management energy mobility
6. Conservation and restoration as adaptation strategies
7. Innovative construction techniques used in Dubai

Quantity Surveying 1.      The application of Software’s in the quantity surveying

2.    Measurement of construction works
3.      Managing accuracy in cost estimating
4. Application of BIM in Quantity Surveying