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This contract is entered into between

L&R Bully House Inc.

905-351-1460 or 905-341-6104

(Here in further known as Seller/Breeder)


BUYER NAME: _____________________________________________________________________

( Here in further known as Owner/ Buyer)

ADDRESS: _________________________________________________________________________

CITY: _______________________ PROVINCE: __________ POSTAL CODE: _______________

Description of Puppies - Male: ________ Female: _________ Colour: ___________________

The above American Bully is sold as a PET _____SHOW PROSPECT ______.

Ear cropping _____ No Ear Cropping: _____ (There is an additional fee of $650 to include ear cropping)

Breeding rights _____ No Breeding Rights _____ (There is an additional fee of $1,500 for breeding rights)

As payment for said dog, buyer agrees to pay the Breeder the sum of $ __________________.

Payment in full is due before buyer takes possession of said dog.

A deposit of $___________ was paid on ______________________ to ensure reservation.

Final Payment Due __________________________for the sum of $__________________

The buyer understands that once deposits is made, it is a commitment to buy and a legally binding
contract of said dog and is therefore** NON REFUNDABLE ** but may be transferred to another litter
under certain circumstances.


A SHOW PROSPECT is a dog that goes beyond the definition of Pet/Companion dog. This dog is not
guaranteed to become a Champion of record, but with the proper care and training on the part of the
Buyer and / or Handler, this dog should be a reasonable contender and do well in the show ring).

1. The Breeder agrees, to the best of their knowledge, that the dog purchased by the Buyer is free from
any communicable diseases and is of sound body, stable temperament and is in good general health
with first vaccinations and deworming, also providing a medical record indicating such.

The breeder will provide a 1 YEAR HEALTH GUARANTEE starting from the puppy’s date of birth, against
genetic defects such as hip dysplasia, epilepsy, eye, and heart defects.

2. It is important to take your puppy to the vet within 48 -72 hrs of bringing him/her home for a
complete health check. This vet visit/ record must be submitted in their original form not a
photocopy within 24 hours of said that visit to L & R Bully House Inc. Failure to do so will void health
guarantee. This will offer buyer peace of mind in knowing they have acquired a healthy puppy. Please
take a stool sample with you. Although the puppies have been dewormed properly, there still may be
worms or other microorganisms present. Puppies easily pick up organisms in their new environments.

3. If the dog is proven to have any genetic defect(s) that puppy may be kept and a replacement puppy
will be offered OR puppy may be returned and a replacement puppy offered. No monetary
compensation will be offered for the puppy or medical expenses incurred thus far if any. Replacement
puppy will be provided when the next available pup, of equal value becomes available chosen by the
breeder. All medical and shipping costs are the sole responsibility of the Buyer.

Sudden death or illness must be reported immediately upon commencement.

L & R Bully House Inc. has the right to remove the puppy from the owners vet live or otherwise and
transfer to breeders vet to be assessed. If sudden death has occurred the owner must allow for the
transfer directly to the Breeders vet to be autopsied at owners expense to determine the actual cause of
death. If the owner refuses the transfer and autopsy the entire contract becomes null and void.
4. Your puppy is a Purebred American Bully with bloodlines whom are legitimately registered ABKC
(American Bully Kennel Club). Buyer agrees to take the responsibility of registering the dog purchased
with the ABKC within 14 days of receiving the puppy.

5. If said puppy is sold with a FULL BREEDING CONTRACT Buyer agrees that they must only breed to
other reputable registered kennels and dogs within those kennels, whom are currently registered ABKC
and or UKC. This agreement is at the discretion of and must be approved by the Breeder. Non-registered
dogs or other clubs are not permitted to be breed to this puppy in order to keep blood line records

Said breeding must also be of the same classification as this said puppy (i.e. Standard/Standard or
Pocket/Pocket) in order to keep lines correct. Should any of these conditions be questioned and
determined to have been breached, the breeding contract will then be deemed null/void and all
breeding rights revoked. The breeder reserves the right to repossess the dog with all registered
paperwork ABKC to be transferred back to the breeder. Breach of this contract and repossession will
not entitle the buyer to any monetary compensation.

6. If the puppy was purchased with a NON‐BREEDING CONTRACT, (which will be kept on file), The Buyer
agrees it is their responsibility to arrange to have said dog spayed or neutered before 6 months of age.
Buyer agrees to provide Breeder with a certificate from a competent veterinarian proving the surgery
was completed.

If original certificate of (spay/ neuter) has not been received by one year of age, Breeder has the right to
repossess said dog to ensure its’ alteration at Buyer’s expense before Buyer can retain ownership.

The buyer agrees to ensure that said dog is not bred or allowed to produce a litter before they are
altered. If these circumstances were to arise, breeder/seller has the right to repossess said dog and
puppies as the buyer will be held in breach of contract with no refund. The said dog and all paperwork
ABKC will be transferred back to the breeder and buyers ownership contract will then become null/void.

7. Buyer agrees that if said dog does transfer ownership they must notify L & R Bully House Inc. for
approval before doing so and the non‐breeding contract will be transferred to the new owner and must
remain in effect.

8. Buyer agrees that it is their responsibility to familiarize themselves with the breed of said dogs, and
understand the nature of the breed and any medical conditions related to the breed.

9. If Buyer has changed their mind or has found they are unable to care for said dog/pup, then the dog is
to be returned to Breeder immediately. Dog is not to go to any other person/society/institution/shelter
or rescue. Breeder will take dog back and find a suitable home. No exchange of money or replacement
will be offered.
10. Buyer acknowledges that said dogs’ temperament may change with lack of proper training and
discipline, or if dog is mishandled or abused.

11. Buyer agrees to provide proper nutritional requirements and to maintain a healthy lifestyle for said
dog. Ensure dog lives a lifestyle that is suited to the breed. Recommended food for this dog is Raw Food

12. Buyer agrees that it is their responsibility to ensure that the dog purchased from the Breeder obtains
all the proper training and care. They must participate in at least one obedience class to help socialize
and train the dog to become a good canine citizen.

FINALLY, The BUYER agrees to a non-disclosure agreement between both parties whereby the BUYER
may not discuss with any third party the details of this agreement or any business dealings discussed
and or written with any third parties including but not limited to persons, institutions, kennels, rescues

Buyer releases Seller, L & R Bully House Inc. and their estate from any and all liabilities, and/or
damages by fault of this dog after the time of sale. These damages include but are not limited to,
destruction of property and / or physical damage to any person or group of people. This contract is
made out in duplicate; the Seller and the Buyer each to receive one copy.

I have read, understand that this is a legally binding contract and agree to the terms & conditions set
out in this contract by placing my signature on the line below.

Breeder: ____________________________________________________________________________

Signed: __________________________________________ Date: ______________________________

Buyer: _____________________________________________________________________________

Signed: ___________________________________________ Date_____________________________