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Edmonton Journal Civic Election Candidate

Don Iveson, 31. Running for Councillor, Ward 10 780 710 6410


Twitter @doniveson


What are the three biggest issues in your campaign?

Your number one issue, and why?

Smarter Planning: Increasing numbers of Edmontonians are helping to limit sprawl by moving into denser housing, but they’re
mainly young professionals and empty-nesters. To increase choice in the housing market for families, I’ve pushed for policies that
should lead to more family-friendly redevelopment; for example, I made significant amendments to the city's Municipal
Development Plan to give infill redevelopment a greater priority and to set some standards for making density work better for
families with children. We need progress here to keep schools open. I also continue to press for updated planning in areas of
redevelopment pressure, especially near LRT stations. See more:

Number two issue, and why?

Neighbourhood Infrastructure Renewal: We're making progress with four neighbourhoods completing sidewalk and road
reconstruction per year, up from one in 2007. We're also investing in more preventive maintenance so we get full life out of our
existing infrastructure. I've advocated strongly for investment in neighbourhood reconstruction in 2008 and staunchly defended
the program from budget cuts in 2009 since we still have a backlog of more than 100 neighbourhoods in need of work thanks to
shortsighted cutbacks in the 1990s. See more:

Number three issue, and why?

Enhanced Transportation Choices: investments in transit and pedestrian and bike infrastructure are good for our economy, and
prices are low. Having more options can reduce congestion and wear on roads, and also helps lower families’ cost of living, which
can offset the cost of housing. Although building the planned new LRT lines will be expensive, they will move people more
efficiently than the similarly expensive freeways that would otherwise be needed. See more:

Which should be a higher spending priority for council, LRT construction or road construction, and why?
LRT construction If this question is about new roads vs. new LRT then I support LRT, though my top infrastructure priority is
streets, sidewalks and sewers in aging existing neighbourhoods.

City council has turned down a motion to hold a non-binding plebiscite on keeping the City Centre Airport as a
general aviation facility. Should the new council reopen the airport issue?

Do you live in the ward where you're running?


How important is social media to your campaign?

3 out of 5

What is your favourite blog?

What is the last book you read?

Green Metropolis by David Owen

What is the last piece of music you listened to?

The Ballad of RAA' by the Rural Alberta Advantage

What is your favourite beer? Answer this question to humour Mark Suits, Edmonton Journal beer blogger
Alley Kat Amber

Favourite place in Edmonton, outside your home?

River valley and ravine system trails with the family and the dog.

Three fantasy guests you'd like to have dinner with, and why? Can be living, dead or fictional
1) Emily Murphy, to learn more about how women's suffrage evolved in Edmonton and Canada. 2) Robert F. Kennedy, to hear
more about 1968 from someone who should have survived it but didn't. 3) Seventeenth century English political philosopher
Thomas Hobbes, because he was one of the first modern thinkers to describe government as a social contract.

What type of car do you drive? Make, model and year

Honda CRV, 2007 - shared with my wife

What is the best advice you ever received

That all politics should be conducted in complete sentences.

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