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Homo Sapiens Design Parameters

Starting with the primitives we have:

Hedonism: The search for ‘painless pleasure’ with life and death merely

Life forces for the individual hedonist:

(Survival is autonomic)

The assembly of the tribe promotes increased security, and survival assistance to
improve the living adventure. (Survival is prime)

Life forces for the tribe/pack:

Survive (Survival is now conditioned by common law i.e. morality/love).
Protect - and comprehend hedonism.
Nurture youth
Explore – Nomadic conditioning to search for “greener grass.”

The tribe creates harmony through true communism. Hedonism’s good features
are expanded, while its more viol aspects are minimized for a win-win situation for
individuals. There is no good or evil here, merely experiences. For individuals to
survive together, some basic rules must be observed, thus common laws are formed that
harmonize within the tribal existence.

As a tribe gets larger than a dozen, the rules for social engagement differ.
Morality enters the picture as a need to maintain justice, and the leader’s
accomplishments have to be embellished for godlike qualities - with the problem of
prominence manifestations occurring. This is where the primary social contract should
exist i.e. at tribal levels without the outside world’s interference. The creation of a
perfect Spirit (Icon) at this point is a problem, that does solve ‘unanswerable questions’
illogically, and if retained at small tribal levels, has less damage than the ‘infection’ that
occurs with Super Tribes; that eventually develop zero tolerance - that is enforced
“democratically”!! So it is the empirical attitude of Mankind that becomes his own
regenerative ‘Devil’!
These communal tribes would now need to be overseen by a Government (via a
constitution/contract) for tying the individual tribes together in order to establish a State
(rather than have one big super tribe), with the melding of other States to form a
Republic, that is overseen by a Continental Government (that has no coupling to an
individual) - is far more efficient than what is currently instituted! Hilary Clinton was
wrong! It takes a tribe to nurture an individual! A village is just too large!

If a tribe believes in circumcision, whack away: boys, girls, both. If a tribe’s

entertainment is puffing weed, listening to exotic music and screwing promiscuously, let
the other tribe’s voyeurs make their xxx movies that improve their overall economic
growth! If a tribe decides to go to another world by committing suicide - goodbye, and
no thanks for cleaning up your mess i.e. if you didn’t leave money behind to pay for it!
And, if religion is prominent, and chastity important, those are rights that is truly a group
effort that definitely belongs to a tribe; that will not last very long.

Having individual rights is freedom, and no permission is needed to exercise

those rights providing no injury is occurring to another individual. Two consenting
adults copulating, and they are interrelated, is not a logical issue. They are to be
responsible for the results – and ethically should use wisdom as the motivation to at least
use a condom. For all we know, incest may just be a cog in an evolution machine, so
why damage the “injured” - the innocent result of a taboo relationship. I am not
condoning incest, but realizing that with the intense force of sex, one should simply
diminish the importance to conform to rules of our present society, while comprehending
the scope of insanity that is inherent in humans. We are all a bit nutty!

Giving up our rights for security under law is Slavery; executed via ‘silver
tongued’ oratory. Patrick Henry said it best with “Give me liberty or give me death!” We
are to live our lives concent rating on living while realizing death is normality. When our
children are killed in warfare, it is a price all humanity is paying, but it should not be
done to insure opulence! War for the sake of profit is piracy! Risking lives to take lives
for the purpose of wealth is a criminal mentality!

Laws should be direct and uncomplicated, without conditional subtitles. Rape,

theft, captivation, child abuse, fighting (physically) is all Assault, and that is all the title
needed for a judge to hear the case. Creating specialty subtitles actually dilute law, and
puts enough of a strain with professional specialists, that the outcome is totally distorted -
typically, with justice not being served - cold-heartedly.

So here we are mired in super tribes with no input to authority (unless we know
an agent, and can afford to pay for recognition), while being locked into serving a
capitalistic communistic society called the United States of America, with one world
order being attempted onto the rest of the planet. This is happening when all logic states
that containment and pressure will equal detonation i.e. once an honest spark occurs; that
is rational to the majority. So are we now racing toward extinction?
Academia’s Performance vs. Individualistic Ingenuity

I currently work as a consulting design engineer responsible to many small

corporations for fabricating equipment and tools that will work in production. The secret
of my success is based upon the understanding that simplicity, and that directly going
after what the customer desires in as succinct a manner as possible, is truly what the
customer is seeking. Also, following through with that concept usually yields the most
cost effectiveness. Please realize I am not a Scientist (nor an aerodynamicist) and that I
have spent more educational time in college on Constitutional Law, than on Stephen
Hawking’s expansions of Einstein. My basic philosophy is that man should always be
aware of, and learn from the real world around him. A primitive man is necessary for
evolution, and his internal desire of curiosity and imagination energizes him to create
new inventions; whereas, academia only assembles great ideas into systemized
innovations and methods to execute a ‘symphony’ of older inventions; to the point that
the more basic themes of older inventions are lost forever.

Obviously, ‘state of art’ is not my forte’ since it tends to elevate a product beyond
the capabilities of an operator, or typical in-plant mechanic/engineer. It is far more
difficult to be clever and design a simple machine to convert customers’ specifications
into reality, than to orchestrate a multitude of sophisticated kludges that would mire a
skilled technician with difficulty - that intensely tests his comprehension of programs and
transducers. With our educational system cranking out more ‘poorly educated’
individuals, I find the modern service people out there understanding less of the real
world, and they have become so specialized that changing a lamp, fuse, transistor, or IC
becomes a challenge. When gearing, air logic, or velocity is involved with a machine
problem, it is always the electronic power system that is at fault! This typically translates
to: buy a new machine with a “better” power supply. (?)

Keeping this in mind one can see where I am going with my soaring projects. I
tend to be very individualistic, and enjoy that kind of freedom. As I grow older however,
it becomes more difficult for me to maintain this edge of individualism, so I currently
cast my ideas on the ether to stimulate a brooding individualism that is within all us
humans. Model aircraft started out by being a loner’s hobby i.e. a social endeavor for
individualists that were separated from the typical organized activities such as baseball,
football, tennis, basketball etc. The organized sports were events that we had little interest
in, so we tended to bury ourselves in building distinctive model aircraft – to sate our
schemes for adventure, curiosity, while enjoying the limits of our imagination (the sport
flyer evolving into mild social competition).

I strive for helping individuals perceive their own solutions to problems, rather
than robotically clinging to ‘leaders’, or academia’s projections of logic – that is typically
out of context to the individua l’s needs. Most available information today is dispensed by
‘shotgun logic’ i.e. ask one question and a multitude of answers become available, to
which you become responsible for selecting the right answer. Being straightforward and
responding to a situation to shore up a problem, is the way to go without feeling a need
for some ‘superior’ creature’s approval. In fact, you may have the ‘superior’ creature
residing within you, thus yielding the best source of information to solve your particular
(unique) problem - which the majority may not think is serious.

Let me clarify this attitude with the fact that America was the land of opportunity!
Starting with the Native Americans, individualism was enhanced by the flow of
immigrants fleeing countries that attempted to manacle individualism. Socialism was
strongly taking root throughout the old world, so individualists were seeking a bold new
world to enjoy their fundamental rights of freedom. With the advent of a strong central
Government supported by the people, it became the death knoll for individualists - who
were replaced by corporate capitalists. In order to shirk responsibility, the capitalists
inverted the role of Government to that of ruler-ship in order to support individuals (but
not the individua lists, who unwittingly became the enemy of an evolving socialistic
Government). So we have now come full circle and end up with the modern state where
Government supports people! The Government by the people no longer exists! A state
of affairs that saddens us Native Americans.

Once we realize that all organizations (model airplane clubs included) are now
assembled to mimic Governmental structure, because Government controls the academia
where thought processes are developed, we then realize some inequities occur that create
‘rules’ for what is acceptable individualism. It is acceptable to doll up a corporate
manufactured item that comes off an assembly line somewhere in the world (to make its
exterior pretty) but it is really inappropriate to modify its performance in order to
enhance an individual’s limitations. Adding a tripper onto a RG-15 profile that is
incorporated into the Ellipse Sailplane design was considered heresy by most (believing
that I was blatantly stating “I knew more than the designer” - whereas the reality was that
I needed an enhancement that would compensate for my personal weakness, a tool to
make me fly stronger). [NOTE: When flying competition, the span between superior
pilots scoring and me decreased tremendously, thanks to the tripper]. Understand I am a
handicapped person, and will never be able to beat the world; however my ingenuity is
used to make up my weaknesses. This attitude of ingenuity could be used to move a
weaker expert into the winner’s circle a bit more frequently. Because of my technology I
frequently placed at a lot of meets from 1981 to 1991 - occasionally knocking a far better
pilot out of a scoring position. The point is that we are all individuals that are not equal
in the eyes of society, so stepping up to the plate and doing the best we can with what we
have, while enjoying the rewards of what we do accomplish, is all that should be
important to each of us.
Now that we are deeply into the machine age and our slavery is intensified by the
individual being bound up by property ‘prisons ;’ and becoming slaves to “evolving”
machinery. I guess once machines develop personalities like us, they will be the
replacements for us homo sapiens. I also believe the Ancient ones* that have survived
their time journey of millions of years, are laughing at our stupidity for not using
common sense i.e. and utilize simplicity as one of the prime building blocks to move into
the future - instead of warfare.
*I don’t believe in intergalactic travel. Those we title as Space Aliens are the
ancient ones that dominate our solar system. This is a more realistic (simple) view than
the exotics of “visitors from “far far away” outer space.”

Al Sugar 5/7/2010