DIMENTIA - MOUNT FALCAR - DAY The otherworldly stands are already brimming with life and vibrant conversations when Mace steps out of a mid-sized portal with Master Akio and Leona. He studies the scenario in which his first tournament fight is to take place. He is not surprised when his sight fills with barren landscape, but does arch his eyebrows and lets his jaw drop when he properly notices the massive chain of hills. Seeming to go on as far as the eye can see, they come together to create a jagged, towering, and hazardous mountain, outlined by spectators. MACE I didn't think it would be this huge... Taranis approaches the trio with two other Watchers following in his stride. TARANIS Welcome to Mount Falcar, Mr. Ryder. This will be the arena for your tournament bout against Heiligian competitor Zale Velarios. He bows his head amiably to Master Akio (who returns the gesture), but his fierce features become stumped when they face Leona. TARANIS (CONT'D) I don't believe I've been told of this particular competitor. MACE Leona isn't a competitor. She... she's visiting for a short while with Master Akio. Satisfied with the clarification, Taranis returns to his business-as-usual ways. TARANIS Very well, you are expected atop Mount Falcar in exactly three minutes. Best of luck. He walks off. Elandra emerges into the scene and takes his place. ELANDRA Zale, huh? I haven't see him fight, Mace, but keep your guard up. I know he's part of the Heiligian

Battalion, so he's bound to be a tough adversary regardless. Mace gradually warms up by winding his shoulders and loosening his muscles and neck. MACE I can take him. Just hope Logan and Millena won't hold it against me. Elandra gives his arm an admonitory tap. ELANDRA This tournament isn't about friendships, Mace, it's about WINNING! Don't let us down by having pity for any other world. She acknowledges Master Akio with a speedy smile but offers not a single glance to Leona's arrogant stare of apathy. ELANDRA (CONT'D) I'll be waiting in the stands. Far left side, 328-C. Good luck, Mace. Don't let us down. He calls out after her as she leaves. MACE I hate pressure! She sends him a joking, loving smile without stoppage to her pacing. MASTER AKIO You should make your way to the designated starting point, Mace. I know you'll do more than well. Come, Leona. Leona follows Akio, but not before giving Mace the gift of a rare smile profuse with a dangerous charm and maybe a slight bit of encouragement. On the opposite side of Mount Falcar, Zale is hypnotized by the rugged mounds and their cliff-like edges. Encircling him are Logan, Millena, and a group of Heiligians. LOGAN Be careful in there, buddy. Stay alert! MILLENA Logan, you seem to be more confident in Mace than Zale. I think Heilig's chances of stealing another victory are as great as ever.

LOGAN I'm not doubting Zale, Mil. I've never seen Mace fight, but he looks tough, that's all. (To Zale) He looks like the type to rely more on strength than speed, so just try to outdo him in agility. ZALE Don't worry about me. I'm not going down easy. Millena sets her left hand on Zale's shoulder. MILLENA It's almost time. You should get going. I wish you the best of luck, Zale. Zale nods and flashes a reserved grin before leaving to face his opponent. The camera shifts focus to a select area of the stands. All eyes turn to Emperor Luther as he arrives from a portal to witness the upcoming battle, accompanied by Lara on his side and his remaining generals and few guards behind him. LARA Excuse me a minute... Luther resumes his journey to his seat while Lara leaves him, passes by Drake, and stops in front of the very last Dimentian guard of the group. LARA (CONT'D) (to the guard) Talk to me. The guard surveys her with wide, shocked eyes. LARA (CONT'D) Hello, Drake. GUARD Um, my name is not Drake, Miss Dal-LARA Be quiet! Drake chuckles and, with his back to Lara, replies. DRAKE Risking to talk to me in such a public place? This must be very important.

LARA Somewhat. Look to your right. He does so, though a bit perplexed. LARA (CONT'D) The girl in the red. What do you know about her? DRAKE No one in the Dwelling knows anything about her other than she shares Mace's housing. LARA Sit near to her. See if you can strike up a conversation. DRAKE What? I'd like to keep my head, if you don't mind! LARA Come on, Drake... She gently dabs his cheek with the palm of her hand. LARA (CONT'D) Use that charm. And she leaves the reluctant Drake behind to rejoin her clique. We are now soaring above the mountaintop through translucent, white puffs of clouds, the sound of the whipping wind constant in our ears. We see Zale primarily, looking more than ready as he steps through uneven stones and coarse earth, dressed in a light Heiligian Battalion armor with an elongated lance strapped to the back, prepared to tear through flesh if need be. When we arrive on the other side of Mount Falcar, it is to watch as Mace (in his aloof black-and-green shirt and yellow toned jeans) kicking a large round rock out of his way in order to come closer to his adversary. A bright light breaks through the sky and transforms into Taranis, gliding over the two fighters and absorbing the attention of the eager crowd. TARANIS Welcome to Mount Falcar, landmark of this part of Dimentia, named after its previous emperor. Luther shifts positions in his seat.

TARANIS (CONT'D) It is also set to be the arena for the battle between Mace of Earth, and Zale, representant of Heilig. The crowd shouts scattered praises to both men announced. TARANIS (CONT'D) They will struggle to bring their world one step closer to the power of the Adonis Stone while having deal with each other's strengths, as well as the crumbling hills they step over. Taranis waves his arms in a symmetrically circular motion. Spectators gasp as the shining aura around him is dispersed and spread through the mountain, washing over every inch of its surface. When it vanishes, Mount Falcar rumbles with the intensity of a coming earthquake until a large fragment of it is separated from the whole and tumbles like a menacing boulder to the ground below. Zale is forced to leap to his right to avoid being taken along with the mountainous debris. We now admire as the same blinding light released by Taranis "seeps" from beneath the mountain and reacts similarly to a viscous, unnaturally-adhesive liquid that expands until the entire ground (all the way to near the stands) is dominated by the heavenly light. TARANIS (CONT'D) If one of the fighters should suffer an unfortunate fall from the mountaintop and land onto the light, he will be disqualified from the match. Mace gives a jolt as another fragment of the mountain near him flies from the rest of the structure and crashes on the lighted ground below. TARANIS (CONT'D) Mace Versus Zale begins... NOW! Before the "now" has even fully escaped from Taranis's mouth, Zale is already hurling himself with all he's got at a caught by-surprise Mace. His plummeting punch pummels nothingness as Mace rolls to his right side in evasion. As he stands, Zale's right elbow shoots back at him with a noticeable hunger for continuous offense. Mace's hands rise in the blink of an eye and grasp Zale's attacking arm, rendering him incapable until Mace connects a ascending kick to his back. Zale refuses to meet with the earth so shortly into the fight; he regains his balance surprisingly quick and gyrates in place with a high roundhouse. Mace ducks under his rapid leg and sends a right hook that is speedily caught by Zale. Mace sends a left one that meets the same fate. The two

fighters grit their teeth and send flames at each other's eyes as they struggle as opposing forces... until Mace's forearms suddenly flash with a light blue energy that expels Zale from spot and into the air. In her stands, Elandra's eyes widen and she wraps shocked fingers around Master Akio's wrist. Lara leans forward with eyes that don't believe what she just saw. Zale falls stomach-first onto an oval-shaped rock with a groan. ZALE What the hell... He's given no time to contemplate on how he could possibly have been thrown back like that: Mace is dashing forward fifteen miles an hour and landing a low kick to the stone supporting Zale's body. Zale jumps back as the stone shatters and its fractions shower the screen. The Heiligian ably blocks as Mace dives at him with a flashing combination of a left punch into a spinning right one, into a successful one legged sweep. When Zale's back collides with the ground, Mace's right leg flies upward and allows his heel to forcefully descend onto its fallen target. Zale hurriedly stops the attack with his forearms and connects his right boot with Mace's back; the latter falls forward on both hands. Zale attempts to remain on the offensive, but Mace flips his body further and dodges the second kick, though is unable to foresee a third, lightning-fast one that catches him on the side of the face. Zale charges again, decided on not giving Mace the chance to bounce back. Mace is ready for him this time, and the two engage in an endless trade of barricaded punches, high and mid kicks, and sweeps. The process ends when Mace blocks a hopping kick and throws himself backwards, nailing Zale's jaw with his sneakers. Zale stumbles back... onto a piece of the mountaintop that crumbles and falls. A good part of the watching Heiligians cry out in shock, and some (Millena included) rise from their seat with jaws on the floor. Zale is falling helplessly but, mid-flight, manages to grab a hold of a protruding stone on the newly-made mountain wall. He looks down. To his overwhelming relief, a sort of "second level" of the mountain still stands and places a sturdy distance between him and the glowing floor far below. He looks up... ...overhead, Mace is throwing himself into the gap, and plunging straight for Zale with a dropkick. Zale lets go of the hanging stone. Mace reaches it and lands on it just long enough to propel himself more directly at Zale and cause it to fly off-screen

like a soccer ball. Zale has landed safely. He prepares himself for the still falling Mace, who motions his legs as if he were riding a bicycle midair, flinging a combination of nine flying kicks at Zale until he arrives at the flooring. Zale focuses on blocking them all. He is about to unleash payback the moment Mace is forced to end his string of kicks and lands on his back, but his initial intentions turn into a leap backwards when Mace rises to his feet with a devastating uppercut. They peer at each other, adrenaline pumping through their veins and emanating from their pupils. Zale grins, breathing hard and reassuming his fighting stance. Mace returns the gesture and cracks his knuckles. We visit the stands one more time with a view of Drake. Per the crafty Lara's request, he is sitting away from the larger part of the Earth spectators, specifically one spot above Leona, who is focused on the fight despite her usual expression of apathy and boredom. He looks at the flowing, shoulder-length black hair in front of him and, as if he'd suddenly looked into the deepest depth of hell, frowns in clear concern. The moment of planning the next move is over, and the battle resumes. Mace raises his left hand chest-length and, a surprising second time and out of seemingly nowhere, his forearm incandesce with the unnatural, light blue concentration of energy. He swings his arm backward: the aura detaches itself from his flesh and vanishes, but in doing so, launches Mace forward at Zale like a temporary flame to a turbo-charged vehicle. Zale almost loses his breath with the unexpectedness of Mace's arrival to the very inch in front of him; he comes close to toppling over when he instinctively crouches down to avoid the big swing of the Earthling's haymaker. In his low stance, Zale sends his left fist toward Mace's abdomen; alas, the latter jumps for escape and simultaneously sends a sneaker to Zale's face while dropping. As Zale staggers, a reverse roundhouse comes his way. He pushes himself to prevent the move from doing any damage, but Mace strings a backhanded left strike to his combo. Zale swiftly catches Mace's speeding fist and casts a left boot to his midsection; the strike fails as Mace makes use of sheer strength to pull his trapped left fist downward and thus cause Zale to lose his balance and miss. Still, Zale's concentration is not hurt for long, and he successfully knocks Mace with a well-aimed left hook, followed by a right one and a hopping kick to the chest. Mace's back slams against the dirty terrain and he wipes a thin drop of blood from his lower lip. Meanwhile, Zale is back at it again with a leap and an unforgiving, two-fisted falling shot. His hands bury into the

ground, exuding a momentary white flash and sending large chunks of red earth and stones flying from where Mace lay not a fraction of an instant ago. The next second, Zale sees Mace (who has skillfully thrown his body in the attack's opposite direction) charging an uppercut while running like a bull at a reddened target. Cackling, bolt-like flashes give power to the oncoming blow. Knowing what's in store for him, Zale closes his hands, stiffens his arms, and crosses them, creating a strong shield. Mace's powerful uppercut collides with it. We follow Zale as his still-standing body slides back, boots causing tracks on the earth; more astounding is the fact that Mace's uppercut has somehow transferred the bolts it used onto Zale's arms. Zale groans in pain as a dire stinging sensation burns within his very skin, and wildly flaps his arms in hopes of ridding himself of the impetuous manifestation. His moment of shock and attenuated limbs is all Mace needs to draw the upper hand in the situation; he goes for a string of assaults made up of left punch, a hit from both legs, and a baleful rap to the stomach that actually causes Zale to be flung upwards, face down, giving Mace the chance to put the icing on the cake by bouncing after him and landing a charged clout from both palms midair. A sudden flash of blue has Zale going further into the sky like a haywire bullet. Millena socks Logan's shoulder in anxiety, which fails to draw the attention of someone who is as fixated on the fight as him. Zale, now countless yards away from Mace, gets to his feet, looking sour, just as another big part of Mount Falcar crumbles behind him.

INT. DIMENTIAN FORTRESS - VICE'S QUARTERS - DAY Vice lies on his bed, a lit cigarette between his lips, puffing smoke into the room and adding to the haziness surrounding the furniture. His hands inspect a wad of high value bills bound together by a rubber band. He stares at the white clouds dancing before him, appearing more thoughtful than he ever has before. His thoughts flicker out when he hears a persistent knock on his door. Vice stands, walks over, and opens it. Bianca runs in and throws herself against the nearest desk, sobbing wildly. Vice is overflowing with disorientation. VICE What the hell is the matter with

you? BIANCA (straining to speak) Vice... She embraces him. The confusion commanding Vice's features gets mixed up with repugnance. As gently as possible, he pushes Bianca away. VICE I'm not for all that sentimental crap, babe. He puts out his cigarette on the ashtray atop the wooden desk. VICE (CONT'D) Just say what's wrong with you, don't sugar-coat it. Bianca wipes a thin tear from the side of her eyes. BIANCA It's Luther, Vice. VICE What about the big guy? BIANCA He wants... he... wants to put me to death. Vice's eyes widen with shock. VICE What did you do to piss him off like that? Nothing! BIANCA

She sits on his bed and buries her face in her hands. BIANCA (CONT'D) He just said... he said I don't have any "use" for him anymore... that I'm just taking up space in this fortress and... that I can't go back home, either, because I "know too much about the fortress". So he's gonna have me killed... More desperate sobs. BIANCA (CONT'D) Killed! I'm never going to see you again!

VICE ...what is this, a marriage? Bianca manages to glare at him through her tears. Vice looks regretful as he approaches her, sits beside her, and sets a comforting hand on her shoulder. VICE (CONT'D) I didn't mean to sound like an asshole, sorry, babe. But uh... well, I'm... you caught me by surprise, you know? I can't believe that man wants you dead. BIANCA Well, he does! And he says he's gonna do it in public, too, for the whole of Dimentia to witness! I'm so scared, Vice... so scared! She smears his jacket with her tears. VICE Ugh! Bianca, stop! Look! Listen to me! He guides her moist eyes parallel to his. VICE (CONT'D) Is there absolutely no way we can do something about this? What if we ran off? BIANCA No, Luther's forces would find us, he has eyes everywhere. She stands and walks across the room. BIANCA (CONT'D) If only there was some way I could PROVE my worth to him. If only I could... give him some sort of valuable information, then I'm sure he'd change his mind. She sighs in defeat. BIANCA (CONT'D) But I know nothing. I guess he's right... I am of no use to him. VICE (fretfully) Oh, boy... BIANCA

I overheard him talking to that blond Jezebel about some sort of conspiracy that he knows little about. He seemed so caught up in it... damn it, I just wish I could help him somehow! My life would be saved! I'd stay here for years and years... with you. Vice lightly smacks his forehead with his right hand and takes a long, deep breath. VICE What if... He seems to change his mind. Shit... VICE (CONT'D)

BIANCA What is it, Vice? Vice... do you know something important? Something that could keep me from death? She hurries over to him with desperation in her smeared face, grabs a tight hold of his shoulders, and looks deep into his eyes. BIANCA (CONT'D) I am begging you, Vice, with every inch of my soul! If you can help me somehow, PLEASE tell me! Don't let Luther take my life! Vice is mentally stuck in one place. His mouth moves hesitantly but no words come out. BIANCA (CONT'D) You know something, Vice, I can tell! Please, tell me what you know! I'll do anything! VICE I'm gonna tell you PART of what I know. It'll be enough to get you out of this scrap. Bianca continues to burrow into his eyes with hers, growing increasingly more panicky. VICE (CONT'D) There IS someone conspiring against him. I'm not going to you who it is or who is helping him, but... he wants to get some sort of "keys" from different worlds.

BIANCA Keys? But why would he want keys? VICE I ain't telling you nothin' else, babe. You better work with what you got. I need to look out for myself, too. BIANCA Okay... fine, I understand. She throws her arms around him again, tighter than before. BIANCA (CONT'D) Thank you so much, Vice! I owe you my life until the end of my days! With her chin on his shoulder and her countenance safe from his analyzing, Bianca gives the screen a sigh of relief. INT. DIMENTIAN FORTRESS - ARMORY - DAY Amid the splendor of the armory and the exuberance of its weaponry stands Hamon, admiring the curvaceous blade of an ancient-looking sword. Heavy-looking, black gauntlets caress the shining surface for a good while... and then it happens. Hamon collapses onto the nearest end table with an outcry. He clutches the sides of his skull with the force of someone attempting to keep it together. Jars and knives rain down on the golden marble as the demon thrashes everything around him with frenzied arms. There is a flash. We soar through The Underworld. Horrible flames lunge at us from below and the crying and wailing of tortured souls joins with the sickening sound of rendered flesh in order to storm our ears and darken out spirits. Another flash and we return to the armory. Hamon is on the ground. He is having a hard time breathing, but seems more settled now. With a bit of effort, he stands. His heavy red eyes fall upon the pieces of a broken jar... he sees his reflection... Staring back is the face of a demonic beast. Rather than clear human flesh, Hamon's eyes find themselves surrounded by contorted, charred-like skin filled with gashes from jaw to forehead. He panics. The cloth cloaking his mouth muffles a distressed scream not unlike the ones we have heard coming forth from The Underworld. HAMON

What is happening to me? I can't... The door to the armory opens. Serpen Kia steps in. SERPEN KIA Hamon? What are you doing in the armory? Were you not summoned to the fight? Hamon replies in a guttural voice. HAMON Leave! Now! SERPEN KIA What is the matter with you? Words become entangled in a roar. NOW! HAMON

Serpen Kia is clearly disturbed by the scene as he slams the door shut.

CLOSE UP ON HAMON Raspy breathing. A wild stare. My gem! HAMON (CONT'D)

EXT. DIMENTIA - MOUNT FALCAR - DAY Though the distance between the two warriors is great, the tension building up inside of them and emerging from their gazes is unmistakable, even to the audience. Zale hops backwards; his body loses its physical form and separates into brilliant particles, copies of which appear behind Mace and carve the ethereal path for Zale to teleport. The moment his feet touch the dirty soil, he is already holding his lance in his clenched fists and bringing its sharp blade down over Mace's head. Not a moment too soon, Mace throws his hands in the air and wraps his fingers around the exposed handle of the lance. Zale makes use of all his might to force the weapon onto its target, while Mace strives for the exact opposite with a powerful drive. The lance tilts downward... upward... back to midway... We unexpectedly see Mace release his hold and scurry a couple

steps back with enough speed to escape damage from the suddenly-falling lance. Its edge scrapes the ground. Mace's right leg stomps down on it... then his left one... in the blink of an eye, he has "climbed" up the handle of the lance and swung his right sneaker over Zale's skull. Zale loses his mastery over his weapon and tumbles to the rocks. With a gyration, Mace rapidly steals control of the lance and prepares to resume the offense. Zale extends his right, open palm. The lance in Mace's hand begins to quiver right before it purposively shoots from his hands and returns to its original wielder. Quick on his feet, Mace withdraws his dual, oriental-style daggers, their lengthy and beautifully serpentine blades seeming almost alive as they hatefully stare at the rival being held by Zale. The Heiligian competitor rises. With an angry shout resembling a war cry, he takes off after Mace, swaying his weapon, his lance warningly cutting up the strong wind of the altitude. An unafraid Mace rushes onward to meet him head-on, daggers revolving in a fluid motion. They clash. Though our eyes try, we find it nearly impossible to keep track of the constantly-whirling blades, arms, legs, and jumping bodies; Mace and Zale are locked in a fast-paced contest consisting of never-ending evasion, speedy punches, and would-be-harmful kicks. It is undoubtedly taking all of their agility to stay up to par with each other's variable movements. We stray from the fight into a scene we can properly follow. Like a stunningly-carved and an unbelievably realistic sculpture, Leona is frozen in her seat, her breasts barely heaving in a show of how caught up she is on the battle taking place atop the mount up ahead. A possible diversion comes right after: Drake leans forward in his seat, forearms against his knees. He is discernibly uneager as he speaks to the girl in front of him. DRAKE I'm one hundred percent sure Mace's gonna be the winner. You shouldn't be too worried. Leona's bright green eyes lazily wander to the right and just as monotonously return to the fight; that is the only show of acknowledgement from her part. Drake shakes his head, making it all the more obvious just how much he wishes he was somewhere far, far away right now. DRAKE (CONT'D) I've seen you around the Dwelling a

couple times. Are you... visiting or something? Leona brushes her loosened hair to over her left shoulder. Annoyance befalls Drake. He is stumped as he looks for what the hell he could say next. DRAKE (CONT'D) I'm just trying to be friendly, you know? What's your name? He is almost amazed when, this time, Leona actually turns rather sluggishly to face him. LEONA Sorry for being rude, but the sound of my name is directly followed by the slicing of a vital organ. Do you accept the consequence? A lone left eyebrow rises in Drake's face. The rest is petrified and staring in disbelief into Leona's features, which are calm despite the mention of a painful method of murder. She continues to look at him with false interest in his answer. Drake finds himself unable to do much besides shake his head uncomfortably. LEONA (CONT'D) (bored) Too bad, I was so looking forward to meeting you. Leona leaves him with a single and very short nod, then returns to watching Mace as if nothing had happened. Drake catches Lara's eyes a couple seats away. He doesn't need to say a single word: his rigid shrug is all the sign of defeat Lara needs to understand. LARA (to herself) Honestly... Elandra comes into focus. She looks from Lara to Drake with suspicion plastered all over her visage. Her sight meets the spy's. Lara shoots Elandra an arrogant scrutiny, looks her up down as a queen would look at her serf, crosses her legs, flips her hair, and looks away at the fight. Elandra is much less preoccupied with being visually snubbed by Lara, and much more with the connection she witnessed between her and one of the Earth fighters. Back to the battle. Among the blur of skilled hits, Mace

sends his right dagger to the side of Zale's neck. Zale bends his body back, just avoiding the sterling blade. Recognizing a rare chance, he twirls his lance before Mace can return to his stance, strikes the Earthling in the midsection, and sends another one to his jaw immediately after. Mace is thrown to the ground and begins to slide a couple feet over the uneven surface. He looks up to see the handle of the enemy lance coming to "greet" his fallen body. With a snap, Mace grabs the lance a second time and proceeds to slice the handle with his dagger... but his eyes widen when he sees that his action left not a scratch on the Heiligian weapon. MACE Whoa! Zale releases his lance but, rather than falling, it appears to gain a life of its own when it spins in place and clobbers Mace's cheek, sending him straight into a small mountain wall. His robust frame smashes into it and causes pieces of it to glide from their safe haven. Mace recovers rather fast, but here comes Zale again without a moment's rest, lance aimed to finish the fight. Mace waits for the exact, right instant in which to step out of his spot and allow Zale's lance to sink so far into the wall that even his forearm goes in. Zale tugs to free himself, but to no avail. Mace attacks. We see Zale desperately try to defend himself with kicks from Mace's chain of punches, but he can only do so for so long. Mace's fist eventually clubs Zale's face and gives way for him to receive a strong, roundabout kick to the torso. The efficacy of these has the rest of Zale's body slam, hard, against the mountain wall... it crumbles and shatters when he nearly goes through it. Zale fights off the flying remains of the wall while in a highly-unstable position. He finally notices that he is standing on the very edge of the "arena", and below him is the modified ground that will punish him with loss. Vehement, he prepares to run away from the danger area and attack Mace with his lance yet again... but his potential victim becomes the unexpected assailant; Mace is already soaring through the air and battering Zale in the chest with a flying kick. Zale is falling a second time... only this time, unfortunately assured that his defeat is imminent should he touch the next level of terra firma. It's a race to save himself when he boldly handles his lance and shoves it into the wall rushing past his view at lightning speed. He yells as his arms burn due to the erratic momentum of his

lance cutting the inside of the wall and attempting to end its master's descent. We can hear horrified gasps in the stands... all which turn into soothed exhales when Zale stops his perilous trip and finds himself hanging onto the handle of his lance, midair. Mace groans and runs his fingers severely through his hair. MACE (CONT'D) You gotta be joking! Hands in the pockets of his jeans, he raises his voice to Zale. MACE (CONT'D) Just jump down, man! Unless Heiligians can fly, you're not getting back up here! Zale takes a deep breath. ZALE (to himself) I can't fly... but I can come close to it. To the surprise of many people in the surroundings, Zale's lance acts with a mind of its own once again, this time slitting the insides of the mountain while heightening quickly and, consequently, allowing Zale to be elevated back. Mace makes his right hand into a brutal fist. He steadies his breathing. The familiar aura of energy returns to mask his arm. He crouches down and crushes the foremost piece of earth with a crippling punch. The result is a wave of a large rocks and firm similarities that get blown away by the punch and fly down toward the incoming Zale. Zale gasps. He stops his ascension and flips in a circle around the handle of the lance, altogether saving himself from being belted by the rocks with a hit from both boots. He is about to resume his previous action when Mace abruptly repeats the same attack, and another wave of mountain-slices form a dangerous waterfall, Zale as the bull's-eye. Forced into a constant, defensive state, Zale actually descends very slightly.

ZOOM INTO: Luther, in the stands. His yellow eyes reflect Mace's energy-fueled punches as we are intimidatingly drawn into the glare beneath the steel bull mask. FLASHBACK TO:

EXT. DIMENTIA - MARBLE ARENA - DAY JONATHAN RYDER (looking exactly like a slightly older Mace without the stubble) is backed up by cheers from the viewers directly behind him as he stands confidently before Dimentia's very own LARA DALTON. She receives a mess of encouraging shouts and scattered wolf whistles from the opposing spectators. Her hair is in a lengthy ponytail, with flowing bangs over her left eye. Jonathan assumes his fighting stance. Rather than doing the same, the arena turns into a catwalk as Lara struts over to him, examining the luminosity of her fingernails, a cocky smile on her face. JONATHAN Aren't you gonna fight me? LARA Aren't you going to attack me? Worry not... I'm not as fragile as I may seem. JONATHAN I've noticed. LARA Go ahead, hun. Throw the first punch, will ya? Jonathan nods with a grin. He throws his right fist at Lara with lightning speed. The girl does not even flinch as, without haste, she matches his pace in raising her right forearm and calmly driving his punch away from her. Behind Jonathan's failed fist, Lara smiles evilly. Ryder goes all-out now. Lara smacks away his left knee, ducks under his clothesline, spins around, and sends her left elbow to his face. Jonathan catches her elbow mid-flight. She smiles. He almost unwillingly returns it. Such smile makes sure to disappear without a trace when Lara leaps and propels her body over Jonathan's head, landing behind him and sending three accelerated kicks: one low, one mid, one high. Jonathan aptly blocks all three accordingly, then performs a Capoera-style flip. To avoid being slugged by the devastating double-kick, Lara escapes with a more technical flip (as well as a gasp of unexpectedness). Jonathan's shoes touch the marble of the arena, and Lara charges with four unsuccessful punches, strung into a winged flying punt-kick from her right boot. Despite its velocity, Jonathan ducks it as well, rolls once over the arena, faces

Lara before she can do the same, and sends a straight punch to her back. Amazingly enough, Lara grapples his fist without even turning around. Jonathan is thrown off. Next thing he knows, Lara's left leg has bent with unnatural flexibility, her spiked heel coming close to touching the back of her head but, instead, punishing Jonathan's. Jonathan stumbles forward, his fist still caught in Lara's hand. He thumps softly against her body with a pained groan; as his jaw rests temporarily over her shoulder, he sees her flashing him another devilish smile. He tries to free himself in time, but cannot avoid the kick to the nose as Lara tilts her body slightly to the right, allowing her left leg to rise (in front this time) and its point to reach Jonathan. The arena vibrates with a malign giggle from Lara during which she sends Jonathan crashing to the ground with boulder like double-slaps to the face. The laughter taunts him as he rises to his knees and wipes blood from his nose and lips. Lara basks in the volcanic cheering from a select division of the stands. LARA (CONT'D) (to Jonathan) All those fights, and you still managed to come out as the victor, defeating every opponent that was thrown at you. A gleaming black whip suddenly SNAPS across Jonathan's face and forces him back to the floor. LARA (CONT'D) But now, tough guy... you've met your match! Jonathan begins to get back up, but the whip reappears out of thin air again and ensnares his throat, bringing him closer to Lara, but keeping him on his knees. Lara leans over her whip with a seductive stare that taunts rather than attract. LARA (CONT'D) I'm undefeated, sweetie, and it's not a so-called "champion" like yourself who's going to change that. JONATHAN You're too cocky, "Miss Dalton". The fight has just begun!

Before Lara can insult his attempt at regaining the crowd's respect, Jonathan acts in an unforeseen way that takes little more than a split second. He stretches out both arms; a bright blue manifestation flies from various spots of his surroundings, join together in front of his hands, and explode into one giant-sized projectile. Lara is hurled into the air, finally falling... centimeters away from the edge of the arena. She almost chokes when she realizes how close she just came to the ring-out. Jonathan has gotten back up and, despite the red fluid in his face, is beaming. Lara is taking longer to do so, still in a state of shock. JONATHAN (CONT'D) I think we're about to have an amazing fight... "sweetie". We FADE OUT as soon as the poisonous Black Widow Blades materialize in Lara's hands and she furiously locks Jonathan in her murderous gaze, running after him like a shot bullet. FADE IN:

EXT. DIMENTIA - MOUNT FALCAR - DAY Luther is looking bloodthirsty. LARA Luther... are you alright? He looks around. Maverick, who we see standing beside the stands, signals to him. LUTHER I must speak with Maverick immediately. LARA Should I come? LUTHER No, continue to watch the fight. I need to know who the winner is... and just how he won. Lara appears considerably confounded, but permits Luther to leave without arguments. As we return to the fight, we notice that Zale has sunk closer to ring-out a good distance, and Mace is relentless in his continuous, charged-up punches to the mount's edge.

CLOSE UP ON ZALE Streaks of light spring forth from the palm of his hands and slide down the lance's handle, eventually burying themselves into the wall. We hear a rumbling sound within the mountain just as Zale is further pelted with falling debris and sinks further. That is when a bright-white projectile erupts from the ground ahead of Mace. Left without a choice, Mace leaps back to avoid being struck. Zale is more than willing to take full advantage of this by skyrocketing up the mountain with use of his lance... the large wall begins to crumble... for a moment, it seems all is lost for Zale... but just as the mountain becomes smaller, Zale tops off his desperate act by propelling himself from his lance and landing hard on his back atop Mount Falcar. The lance, however, goes down with the fallen wall. An impatient Mace unleashes his fury and the two fighters resume the intense bout.

INT. HEILIG - CAMPGROUND - DAY In a clearing hidden within packed trees and lofty vegetation is a modest campground. Diavol sits beside one of two tents. He bites into a dark blue fruit and makes a disgusted face before spitting out the chunks. Ugh... DIAVOL

He shoots a wary glance to the side of the screen. Viper is huddled in a spot near a pile of logs and stones with his back to us. Becoming alert to Diavol's stare, he cocks his head to look at him. We see that his fangs are damp with blood, making him look like a frightening, flesh-hungry animal from a child's nightmare. As if he shared our thoughts, Diavol puts on a look of fearful disgust. VIPER Why do I feel your eyes burning into me? DIAVOL Nothing... it's these... He throws the bitten fruit into the trees.

DIAVOL (CONT'D) ...these damn fruits. I'm sick of eating them day and night. VIPER Then maybe you would like to share in my meal? With a pleased face, Viper shows Diavol the raw meat that has been victimized by his claws, red dripping from the sides and crawling over Viper's hand. Diavol holds back the fruit in his stomach. Viper chuckles in his raspy, guttural voice. The inscription of a polished, rectangular stone resting on a partially-smashed create next to Diavol begins to glow. He looks at Viper hesitantly. VIPER (CONT'D) It can only be a message from Luther. Accept it! Diavol is still unsure in his motion, but nevertheless takes the stone in his hand and looks down at it gravely. The inscription moves and spreads over the surface to form a detailed outline of Luther's mask. It speaks with the same thunderous tone. LUTHER I have your next orders. DIAVOL (gruffly) What are they? Viper rises and glares at Diavol, blood flowing like rushing water from between his fangs. VIPER You will speak to your emperor with respect! LUTHER At ease, Viper. This scum will suffer for every word that irks me when he returns. Diavol bites his tongue and swallows the reply his mind begged him to emit. LUTHER (CONT'D) The fact that the rebels' leader has abandoned them at such a crucial time tells me there is more to this story than is apparent. I want answers... and you two are going to get them for me.

VIPER How, my liege? LUTHER You will get the information from the only possible source: one of the rebels. DIAVOL You... mean... LUTHER Return to their training base and take one of them hostage. Draw from the animal all the facts you can, any way you can. Then kill him. VIPER We will do so at once, Emperor Luther. LUTHER As I trust you will. The inscriptions on the stone return to their usual formation... but Diavol continues to gawk at it icily. DIAVOL (an angry murmur) I won't be your lapdog for long... Diavol feels four areas of his throat threaten to be ripped when Viper's claws extend to them before he can even feel surprise. VIPER You are the most pathetic fool Dimentia and Heilig may have ever seen in their times! Were the emperor here to hear your feeble defiance for himself, your blood would be forming a lake in this jungle! His nightmarish face closes in on Diavol, whose breath is cut short when he feels the hot, mad air seeping from Viper's mandible on his terror-stricken face. Viper rips off a good slab of his raw meat with his fangs and makes sure to chew it slowly, passionately, and inches from Diavol. VIPER (CONT'D) If you ever... betray Luther or I... it is your delectable insides... I will be enjoying next. The screen focuses on Viper's working fangs. He chomps down on what's left of the meat, and we fade out at once.

EXT. DIMENTIA - MOUNT FALCAR - DAY Zale briskly walks back, arms moving at their full potential to break the hunger of Mace's fierce sequence of punches. When the combo breaks, Zale lifts his leg straight for Mace's nose. The screen drops with Mace while he parries the kick, and continues to zero in on him as his legs become ablaze with lustrous energy and he completes a back-flip, pelting Zale's chin and shoving him into the nearest mound, which crumbles as the Heiligian cuts through it like a hot knife on butter. Mace stampedes after his adversary. Zale teleports behind him after his first six steps, and manages to turn the tables by blasting the Earthling with his two fists, then going for a hopping face-kick. When Zale's boots leave the ground, Mace's shoes already have done the same, and a millisecond earlier; as a result, Zale's strike misses by a short distance, and he suffers a prevailing spinning kick to the stomach. Mace chuckles to himself, sweat running down his face and adrenaline pumping through him as fast as his blood. He allows Zale to get back up this time, and takes a quick moment to loosen his muscles and hop in place, fists tightened. Zale shows no fear and comes for Mace just as prepared. Mace refuses to stand his ground, and makes it easier for his opponent by coming to meet him halfway. An obstacle crops up in their path, however: with a CRACKING sound worthy of a pending natural disaster, the mountain splits and caves in, causing a gap that grows and grows with each second. Damn! ZALE

He stops dead in his tracks when he sees the expanding cliff forming right in front of him. He looks to Mace, expecting to see him doing the same. He is wrong. Time slows down, and our eyes widen slightly: Mace has leapt, no delay and no skepticism, over the growing chasm. He appears to hover, suspended in the free air, while a huge, starving mouth opens up beneath him, ready to swallow and digest him with doom. In her seat, Elandra reaches out to the far-away Mace as if she could somehow pull him back, looking terrified. Master Akio stands. Even Leona is unquiet, halfway through getting up, more absorbed by the events unfolding than ever, with Drake looking even more alarmed behind her.

Mace begins to fall... he is going to reach the edge of the gap... but the gap grows, stealing the safety of the mountaintop away from him... he is falling faster... his sneakers are about to touch nothingness... but they are drawn to the edge that is trying to escape... Mace lands on the other side of the abyss, safe and sound. Zale's eyes are the size of golf balls, petrified, watching as Mace's determined glower comes closer and closer. Mace's entire body disappears under a cosmic blue blanket. He tackles Zale. The concentrated energy radiating from Mace's body looks much like a shooting star pushing Zale further and further upwards... until time returns to its standard pace, and it is Zale who looks more like a shooting star as he flies through the sky with no sign of stoppage. The journey only ends when his attire comes into contact with the light of the level ground, and he is zapped away yet again, landing near the stands. Taranis appears above this scene to say what we are gradually realizing. TARANIS The Heiligian Zale has been defeated. Mace and Earth win this round of the tournament. Every Earthling present joins in a single, triumphant yell. Lara finally realizes she is smack in the middle of them all. She gives a jolt, startled with the unexpected explosion of noise all around her, but soon recuperates, rolls her eyes, and leaves. The camera follows her until she nudges her way past Elandra. The joyous guide to the Earth Dwelling is beaming despite the impoliteness of the Dimentian. As a large group leaves the stands to meet with Mace, she catches a sight of Pyrros and forces her way over to him. PYRROS An impressive fighter. One of the reasons I am overjoyed with the knowledge that he is to aid Donnovan and I. Elandra's smile softens. ELANDRA That is what I want to talk to you about. PYRROS Speak, then.

ELANDRA Contrary to what you might be thinking, I'm not here to show my dislike for the destruction of that which we're fighting for. I just want to make a request. PYRROS Go ahead. ELANDRA Well... with Mace's victory, Earth is going to rise in the ranks of the tournament. Specifically, it will be above Dimentia due to its first loss. This means that Dimentia's chances of winning the Adonis Stone are slimmer than ever. PYRROS Where are you going with this? ELANDRA I want to ask you that you not destroy the Stone until the exact time when Dimentia steals the top spot in the ranks. Pyrros shows no emotion. ELANDRA (CONT'D) I... just won't bear to know the Stone has been destroyed if Earth is about to win the rights to it. It's a simple request, Pyrros. PYRROS You are asking me that I only shatter the sacred stone if Dimentia wins it? ELANDRA Um... odd sentence structure, but... yes, that's basically what I am asking you. PYRROS Well, Elandra, I-Pyrros's breath is suddenly caught in his throat. ELANDRA Pyrros! What's happening?


We see the monstrous features that make up the colossal beast, Sabre. He is bound by chains curled over his gigantic arms, legs, and neck, roaring with ear-splitting intensity, angry and discomforted. In front of him is the entrance of the Community of Valora...

FAST ZOOM OUT / BACK TO SCENE PYRROS Donnovan... ELANDRA (worried) What about him? PYRROS I have placed a protection over him, so as to keep him safe... but I see unavoidable danger approaching the exact place where he is... ELANDRA What kind of danger? PYRROS I must go. He will need help. Pyrros hurries off-scene. ELANDRA Pyrros, wait! She goes after him. Not far from there, Leona and Master Akio have just imposed themselves through the crowd of ecstatic Earthlings to reach the man of the hour. Mace is beaming, perhaps even more-so as he sees Leona and Akio. He embraces Leona with one arm, while the group still cheers and talks profusely about the fight. Leona is taken by surprise by Mace's abrupt action; it takes her mind a few instants to convince her to return it. LEONA You can hold your own pretty well. MACE I'm guessing that coming from you, that translates to "you're the best fighter I've ever seen". MASTER AKIO

That very well may be, Mace. Your father would get choked up with pride were he here to witness your instant victory in the tournament he loved so much. Mace drifts off for a second. MACE I bet. So... where's Elandra? I thought she'd be the loudest of all of us. LEONA Her absence is far from taking away from your display of skills. On the contrary, it's only making it calmer. Still, Master Akio surveys the area for a hint of Elandra's whereabouts that never comes.

EXT. DIMENTIA - OUTSIDE COMMUNITY OF VALORA - DAY Donnovan is standing at the entrance to his home community. Rather than walking in and reliving his memories for what might be the last time, he simply takes in the view with adoring eyes. His profound moment is torn to pieces by a roar so dynamic, it shakes the unwary heart. Donnovan spins around, withdrawing his sword. In the horizon, he sees a shadow the size of four-story building, erratic and being loosely controlled by a pack of smaller figures. He hurries away from his place and hides himself behind a large stone structure belonging to the greater wall of Valora. In a few more seconds, Sabre has arrived. He is wild and mercilessly violent, desperately attempting to free himself from the chains binding him and being wielded by Luther's guards and higher generals. Luther, tranquil as ever with hands crossed behind his back, walks past Sabre as though there weren't a gargantuan and destructive animal standing there. He reaches the entrance to Valora and shouts his words, making sure they are carried out to every ear within the community. LUTHER The wretched souls residing in this sickening community has tested my patience for the last time!

We see a few people step out of their homes. Most of them nearly have a heart attack when they see Luther and Sabre. A few run for it in the opposite direction. LUTHER (CONT'D) As the forgiving king that I am, I warned you and your families against defying my rule! But every one of you was ignorant, careless, inconsequential when it came to extent of my iron fist! For that, you will ALL PAY! As if on cue, Sabre utters another roar that nearly obliterates the foundation of Valora's homes. LUTHER (CONT'D) (to those behind him) Feeding time.

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