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Adobe Photoshop 6.0 with Adobe ImageReady 3.

® ® ™


Elliptical marquee
Single row marquee
Adobe Online Single column marquee Pencil (B) (Photoshop)
(N)† (ImageReady)
(M) Marquee Move (V) Polygonal lasso
Slice select
Magnetic lasso*
(L) Lasso Magic wand (W)

(C) Crop† Slice (K)

Art history*
Pattern stamp*
(J) Airbrush† Paintbrush (B)
Radial gradient *,‡
(S) Clone stamp History brush (Y)* Background eraser*
Angle gradient *,‡
Magic eraser
(E) Eraser Gradient (G)* Diamond gradient *,‡
Reflected gradient *,‡
(R) Blur† Dodge (O)†
Paint bucket†
(A) Path component
Type (T)
selection* Burn†
Create a mask or selection*,‡
(P) Pen* Rectangle (U) Sponge†
Horizontally orient type‡
Vertically orient type‡
(N) Notes* Eyedropper (I)
Direct selection*
(H) Hand Zoom (Z) Color sampler*
Freeform pen* Measure*
Switch colors (X) Add anchor point*
Foreground color
Convert point*
Background color Circle image map §
(D) Default colors Delete anchor point* Polygon image map §
Image map select §
(Q) Standard mode* Quick mask mode (Q)* Magnetic pen*‡
Rounded rectangle
(F) Standard
Full screen mode (F) Ellipse
screen mode
Audio annotation* Custom shape*
(F) Full screen mode Jump to ImageReady Line
with menu bar (Ctrl + Shift + M)
Additional ImageReady Toolbox items

Adobe Online * Not in ImageReady

In a different location in the ImageReady toolbox.
(M) Rounded ‡ Tools appear in Options bar only.
rectangle marquee
§ ImageReady only.
(hidden below marquee)

(P) Rectangle image map

Toolbar shortcuts
• Press shortcut key (in parentheses) to select tool.
(A) Toggle Image map
Toggle slices visibility (Q)§ • Ctrl + Tab to cycle through open documents.*
Preview in default browser
• Alt + click tool or + press shortcut key to cycle through hidden tools
(Y) Rollover preview (Ctrl + Alt + P)§
(except ).
• Select tool, or select tool and press Enter to display Options bar.
Jump to Photoshop • Ctrl + click to display context-sensitive menu.
(Ctrl+ Shift + M)
• Press to constrain dragging or drawing to straight line or multiples of 45º.
• Press Caps Lock to use precise cross hair for brushes.
• Press Enter to apply an operation of the magnetic lasso*, or press Esc to cancel the operation.

The Quick Reference in online Help contains all shortcuts not shown on menus, including shortcuts for the
3D Transform, Hue/Saturation, and Curves dialog boxes.
*Not in ImageReady Key

Fits image in window Double-click , or Ctrl + Ø (zero) Scrolls image with hand tool* Spacebar + drag, or drag view area box in
Navigator palette
100% magnification Double-click , or Alt + Ctrl + Ø (zero)
Scrolls up or down 1 screen Page Up or Page Down†
Zooms in or out Ctrl + or
Scrolls up or down 10 units + Page Up or Page Down†
or Ctrl + spacebar, or Alt + spacebar
Moves view to upper left corner or lower Home or End
Applies zoom percentage, and keeps zoom + Enter in Navigator palette right corner
percentage box active*
Toggles layer mask on/off as rubylith* \
Zooms in on specified area of an image* Ctrl + drag over preview in Navigator
palette †Hold down Ctrl to scroll left (Page Up) or right (Page Down).

Selecting and moving objects

Repositions marquee while selecting‡ Any marquee tool (except single column Switches from to * Alt + click
and single row) + spacebar + drag
Moves copy of selection + Alt + drag selection‡
Adds to or subtracts from selection Any selection tool + or Alt + drag †
Moves selection area 1 pixel Any selection +
Intersects a selection Any selection tool + + Alt + drag †‡
Moves selection 1 pixel +
Constrains marquee to square or circle‡ + drag †
Moves layer 1 pixel when nothing selected Ctrl +
Draws marquee from center‡ Alt + drag on layer
Constrains shape and draws marquee from + Alt + drag Increases or decreases detection width* + [ or ]
Accepts cropping or exits cropping + Enter or Esc
Ctrl (except when or any pen tool is
selected) Makes protractor * + Alt + drag end point
Switches from to * Alt + drag Snaps guide to ruler ticks + drag guide
Toggles guide orientation Alt + drag guide
†Hold down to move 10 pixels.
‡Applies to shape tools.

Any painting tool + Alt Fills selection/layer with foreground or Alt + Backspace, or Ctrl + Backspace†
background color
Selects background color + Alt + click
Fills from history* Alt + Ctrl + Backspace†
* +
Displays Fill dialog box + Backspace
Deletes * + Alt + click
Lock transparent pixels on/off /
Sets opacity, pressure, or ex Any painting or editing tool + number keys
posure for painting mode (e.g., 0 = 100%, 1 = 10%, 4 then 5 in quick Connects points with a straight line Any painting tool + + click
succession = 45%)
†Hold down to preserve transparency.
Cycles through blending modes +
*Not in ImageReady Key

Moves type in image Ctrl + drag type when Type is selected Toggles Subscript on/off* + Alt + Ctrl + +
Aligns left, center, or right* + + Ctrl + L, C, or R Chooses 100% horizontal scale* + Ctrl + X
Aligns top, center, or bottom* + + Ctrl + L, C, or R Chooses 100% vertical scale* + Alt + Ctrl + X
Selects 1 character left/right or 1 line + , Chooses Auto leading* + Alt + Ctrl + A
down/up, or 1 word left/right or + Ctrl +
Chooses 0 for tracking* + Ctrl + Q
Selects characters from insertion point to + click
mouse click point Justifies paragraph - left align last line* + Ctrl + J
Moves 1 character left/right, 1 line , , or Ctrl + Justifies paragraph - force last line* + Ctrl + F
down/up, or 1 word left/right Toggles paragraph hyphenation on/off* + Alt + Ctrl + H
Designates new origin over existing type Shift + click or click + drag Toggles single/every-line composer + Alt + Ctrl + T
Selects word, line, paragraph, or story Double-click, triple-click, quadruple-click, on/off*
or quintuple-click Decreases/increases type size of selected + Ctrl + < >†
Shows/Hides selection on selected type Ctrl + H text 2 pts./px.
Decreases/increases leading Alt + ††
Toggles Underlining on/off* + Ctrl + U
2 pts./px.
Toggles Strikethrough on/off* + Ctrl + / ††
Decreases/increases baseline shift + Alt +
Toggles All Uppercase on/off* + Ctrl + K 2 pts./px.
Toggles Small Caps on/off* + Ctrl + H Decreases/increases Alt + ††

kerning/tracking 20/1000 ems

Toggles Superscript on/off* + Ctrl + +

Hold down Alt to decrease/increase 10x.
Hold down Ctrl to decrease/increase 10x.

Path editing*
Selects multiple anchor points + + click Switches from to when pointer is over Alt + Ctrl
anchor point or direction point
Selects entire path + Alt + click
Switches from or to when pointer Alt
Duplicates a path + Alt + Ctrl + drag is over anchor point or direction point.
Switches from to Ctrl Closes path + double-click
Switches from to when over path Alt Closes path with straight-line segment + Alt + double-click

Slicing and Optimizing

Toggles browser dither for selected image + Ctrl + Y Draws square slice + drag
pane in Optimized view§
Draws from center outward Alt + drag
Toggles through gamma previews in Alt + Ctrl + Y
selected image pane§ Draws square slice from center outward Alt + + drag
Toggles through Optimized/ 2up/4up/ Ctrl + Y Reposition slice while creating slice Spacebar + drag
Original window§ Toggles snap to slices on and off Ctrl while drawing a slice
Toggles between Slice tool and Slice Ctrl Opens context-sensitive menu Right mouse button on slice
selection tool
§ImageReady only.
*Not in ImageReady

Actions palette History palette

A. Turns set on/off.* A. Sets source for history brush.* A
B. Turns action on/off. A B. Snapshot*; B
C. Turns command on/off; double-click on snapshot displays Rename
C Snapshot dialog box.
Alt + click turns current command on and all
others off.* C. States of the image, from first to most recent;
D. Turns breakout point on/off; + Ctrl + Z steps forward;
Alt + click turns on current breakout point, and D Alt + Ctrl + Z steps backward*;
turns off all other breakout points in an action.* Alt + click duplicates any states except the
E. Stops action. current state.*
F. Records action. D. Drag slider moves selection between states. D E
G. Plays action; L. Double-click records commands again E. Creates new document from current state or
Ctrl + click plays a command. (double-click set or action displays Options snapshot.*
H. Creates new set.* dialog box).
I. Creates new action and begins recording; Other history shortcuts
Alt + click creates and begins recording new Other action shortcuts • Alt + Clear History (in History menu) clears
actions without confirmation. • F9 shows/hides palette. history permanently (No Undo).*
J. Double-click changes action options. • + click selects non-contiguous items of the
K. Reveals / hides content; same kind.
Ctrl + double-click plays entire action; • Ctrl + click selects contiguous items of the
Alt + click collapses/expands all components of same kind.
an action.†

Paths palette* Channels palette*

A. Path name; A A. Shows/hides channels;
+ Ctrl + click adds path to selection; Clicking top icon shows/hides composite
Ctrl + Alt click subtracts the path from selection; channel.
+ Alt + Ctrl + click retains intersection of B. Loads channel as a selection. A
path as a selection; C. Saves current selection as a new channel;
+ Ctrl + H hides path or selection. Alt + click sets options. E
B. Fills path with current foreground color; D. Ctrl + click creates a new spot channel.
Alt + click sets options. B C D E E. + click color channel selects/deselects in
C. Strokes path with current stroke tool; multiple color-channel selection.
Alt + click sets options.
D. Loads path as selections; Other channel shortcuts
Alt + click sets options. B C D
• + click alpha channel selects/deselects alpha
E. Makes selection a work path; channel and shows/hides as a Quick Mask. • ~ displays composite.
Alt + click sets options. • Double-click alpha channel displays channel • Ctrl + ~ selects composite.

Brushes pop-up palette Swatches palette Color palette Info palette

• Click in empty area of palette creates new swatch • F6 shows/hides palette. • F8 shows/hides palette.
• Click in empty area of pop-up creates new brush.*
from foreground color.* • Alt + click color in color bar selects background • Click eyedropper icon changes color
• Alt + click brush deletes brush.*
• Ctrl + click swatch deletes swatch.* color. readout modes.*
• Double-click brush to rename brush.*
• Alt + click swatch selects background color. • Right mouse click color bar displays Color • Click cross-hair icon changes
• [ or ] decreases/increases brush size.*
• + click swatch replaces color.§ Bar menu. measurement units.*
• + [ or ] decreases/increases brush softness/
• + click on a second color selects multiple • + click color bar cycles through color choices.
hardness in 25% increments.*
contiguous colors.§
• + [ or ] selects first/last brush.§
• Ctrl + click on multiple colors selects multiple
• [ or ] selects previous/next brush.§
discontiguous colors. §
*Not in ImageReady

Common palette Layers palette

shortcuts A. Layer lock options (from left to right);
Transparency, Image, Position, All; A
A. Ctrl + click thumbnail loads as selection; A B C
/ (forward slash) toggles lock transparency for
+ Ctrl + click thumbnail adds to current C. Deletes selected layer, channel, path, layer M
target layer, or last applied lock.
selection; effect/style, or state; B N
Alt + Ctrl + click thumbnail subtracts from B. Links/unlinks to/from target layer.
Alt + click deletes without confirmation. C. Indicates active paint layer (brush icon if layer C O
current selection; P
+ Alt + Ctrl + click intersects with current image is active, mask icon if layer mask is active). E
Other common palette shortcuts D Q
selection. D. Shows/hides layer or layer set;
• Tab shows/hides all palettes. Alt + click shows this layer or layer set
B. Creates new layer, channel, layer effect/style, E
• + Tab shows/hides all palettes except the only/shows all layers or layer sets.
path,or snapshot;
toolbox and options bar.* E. Double-click to edit layer effect/style options;
Alt + click sets options.
Alt + double-click hides effect/style; F R
+ drag effect/style to another layer/file to
Blending Mode N
add effect to target layer set;
All the shortcuts are + Alt +the letter. I
M Alt + drag effect/style to another layer/file to T
S copy effect and replace target layer style;
Other Blending mode palette O
+ Alt + drag effect/style to another
shortcuts H layer/file to copy effect into target layer set.
• + + Alt + D to desaturate.* D F. Reveals/hides content; S. Alt + click groups/ungroups with/from previous
• + + Alt + S to saturate.* B
Alt + click reveals / hides all layers and effects. layer.
• + + Alt + S to dodge/burn K
G G. Points to clipping layer. T. Double-click to edit layer style;
shadows.* E H. Creates layer style. Alt + double-click for Layer Properties dialog.
• + + Alt + M to dodge/burn I. Creates layer mask with Reveal All/Reveal
midtones.* T Selection; Layers menu shortcuts
• + + Alt + H to dodge/burn C • Alt + Merge Down copies current layer to layer
Alt + click creates layer mask as Hide All/Hide
highlights.* Selection; below.
• + Alt + L to threshold (Bitmap mode only)* • + Alt + Q to paint behind (Paintbrush Ctrl + click creates layer clipping path with • Alt + Merge Visible copies all visible layers to
• + Alt + R to clear (Paint bucket and line tool only) Reveal All/Reveal Selection; active layer.
tools only)* Alt + Ctrl + click creates layer clipping path with • Alt + Merge Linked copies visable linked layers to
Hide All/Hide Selection. active layer.
J. Creates new layer set;
Tool options bar Ctrl + click creates new layer set below current Other layer shortcuts
Create new shape layer Commit Cancel layer/layer set; • Ctrl + click layer thumbnail to load layer
Create new work path* Alt + click creates new layer set with dialog. transparency as selection.
Create filled region (Shape tools only) Alternative
K. Creates new fill/adjustment layer. • + Alt + [ or ] activates bottom/top layer.
Add to selection/shape area ( + drag* or +) L. Creates new empty layer;
Subtract from selection/shape area (Alt + drag* or -) • Alt + [ or ] selects next layer down/up.
Intersect selection/shape area ( + Alt*) Alt + click creates new empty layer with dialog; • Ctrl + [ or ] moves target layer down/up.
Ctrl + click creates new layer below target layer. • + Alt + Ctrl + E merges a copy of all visible
Exclude overlapping shape areas (Shape tools only)
Boolean features work with all Selection, Shape and Pen tools. M. Layer Set. layers into target layer.
* Shortcuts work with selection tools only. N. Links/unlinks layer to/from layer mask/layer • Ctrl + E merges down
Bring to front clipping path. • + Ctrl + E merges visible.
Bring forward O. Alt + click disables/enables layer clipping path.
Send backward • + Ctrl + [ or ] brings target layer to the
P. Double-click to open Layer Mask Options dialog; back/front, or back/front of set.
Send to back
+ click toggles layer maskon/off; • Right mouse click on layer set for layer set prop-
Work with Slice and Image map select tool.§
\ (backslash), or + Alt + click toggles erties and transperency.
Align top edges Distribute top edges rubylith mode for layer mask on/off;
Align vertical centers Distribute vertical centers • + Alt + P for pass through blending mode for
Align bottom edges Distribute bottom edges Alt + click toggles layer mask and composite
layer set.
Align left edges Distribute left edges Q. Double-click selects all type and temporarily
Align horizontal centers Distribute horizontal centers selects type tool.
Align right edges Distribute right edges R. Indicates New Fill or Adjustment layer.
*Not in ImageReady

Extract Image Liquify Image ImageReady

toolbox shortcuts* toolbox shortcuts Animation palette
Edge highlighter tool (B) Warp tool (W)
Frame shortcuts
Fill tool (G) Twirl clockwise tool (R) • + click on second frame selects/
Eraser tool (E) Twirl counterclockwise tool (L) deselects multiple frames.
Eyedropper tool (I) Pucker tool (P) • Ctrl + click on multiple frames selects/
Cleanup tool (C) Bloat tool (B) deselects multiple discontiguous frames.
Edge touchup tool (T) Shift pixels tool (S) • + Alt + paste frames replaces thedestination
Zoom tool (Z) Reflection tool (M) frame with the copied frames.
Hand tool (H) • + Ctrl + - drag moves the content of
Reconstruct tool (E)
selected layer concurrently in all selected
Freeze tool (F)
animation frames.
Thaw tool (T)
• Alt + paste frame gives most recent screen option
Other Extract* Image and Liquify selected and bypasses dialog box.
Image shortcuts
(Extract* only) (Liquify only)
• Alt toggles between edge highlighter tool and • Alt + tool reverses direction for Shift Pixels and
eraser tool. Reflect tools. ImageReady Transform of selections,
• Ctrl with edge highlighter tool selected toggles • Alt + drag in Preview with Reconstruct tool, Color Table palette selection borders, and
Smart Highlighting. Displace, Amplitwist or Affine mode selected, • Alt + click on swatch chooses swatch as
• Alt + delete removes current highlight; continually samples the distortion. background color. • Alt transforms from center or reflects.
or Ctrl + delete highlights the entire image. • in Brush Size and Pressure text box • + click on a second color selects multiple • constrains.
• + click with fill tool selected fills foreground decreases / increases brush pressure by 1; contiguous colors. Last color clickedbecomes • Ctrl distorts.
area and previews extraction. with Brush Size and Pressure Slider foreground color. • Enter applies.
• Ctrl + drag moves mask when edge touchup tool showing decreases / increases brush pressure
• Ctrl + click on multiple colors selects multiple • Ctrl + or Esc cancels.
is selected. by 1;
discontiguous colors. Last color clicked becomes • Alt + Ctrl + T free transforms with duplicate data.
• Alt + drag add opacity when cleanup tool Hold down to decreases / increases 10x.
foreground color.
selected. • + Alt + Ctrl + T transforms again with
(Extract* and Liquify) • Alt + click on new color button or drag color proxy duplicate data.
• X toggles show menu options in preview from Tool palette onto new colorbutton adds the
• Alt + click reverts settings and review.
between Original and Extracted; current background color.
• [ or ] decreases or increases brush size.
+ X enables cleanup and edge touchup tools • Ctrl + click on new color button or drag color
before preview. • Tab cycles through controls on right from top;
or + Tab cycles through controls on right proxy from Tool palette onto new color button
• F cycles through the Display menu in preview inserts foreground color and creates a custom
from bottom.
from top to bottom; palette.
or + F cycles bottom to top.
• in Brush Size text box decreases /
increases brush size by 1;
with Brush Size Slider showing
decreases / increases brush size by 1;
Hold down to decreases / increases 10x.

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