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• Answer ALL questions from SECTION A and any TWO from SECTION B

SECTION A (40marks)

Q1 a) Explain briefly what biodiversity is? (2mks)

b) Explain three reasons for conservation of wildlife. (3mks)
c) State two consequences of habitat destruction (2mks)

Q2 Explain briefly how the following environments can be conserved and managed
a) Agricultural land (3mks)
b) Mined and abandoned areas (3mks)
c) Forests (3mks)

Q3 Describe briefly how the following factors contribute to environmental

a) Political system (3mks)
b) Culture of a community (2mks)
c) Financial resources (2mks)

Q4 a) Describe briefly a sustainable society (2mks)

b) Explain any three human action detrimental to the environment (3mks)
c) Describe three ways of making our environment sustainable. (3mks)

Q5 Explain the three key role of the following in environmental management

a) International organizations (3mks)
b) NEMA (National Environmental Management Authority) (3mks)
c) Laws and regulations on environment (3mks)


Q6 Development in an environment is a necessary evil. Discuss (10mks)

Q7 Discuss any 3R principles in environmental management and conservation. (10mks)

Q8 Identify some of the problems of waste management in your local area and explain
How you can provide solutions to improve the environmental health of the area.