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list of jyotish magazines available in the link bellow (copy/paste all)
Name Size
ACVA American Concil Vedic Astro 1,0 MB
acva journal vol. 8_2003.pdf 505 KB
acva journal_1999 _stars 15 to 18_buy kindle_.pdf 252 KB
ACVA_Brochure-curiculum.pdf 239 KB
AIAC magazines 17,9 MB
A Commentary on Purusha Suktam.pdf 815 KB
A Comparative Study of BSP vs BCP.pdf 105 KB
A Look Ahead Into 2012 CE Part II.pdf 195 KB
A Look at Maharshi Bhrigu Methodology.pdf 94 KB
A Look at the Varnada Calculation.pdf 433 KB
A Look Into Maharshi Bhrigu s Easy Methodology.pdf 80 KB
A Look Into Planetary Death Places 1&2.pdf 326 KB
A Look into Pranapada Lagna 1&2.pdf 372 KB
A Particle Which Belongs to the Gods.pdf 229 KB
A Square Issue.pdf 398 KB
AIAC Times Vol.1-8.pdf 7,1 MB
AIAC Times Vol.3.pdf 1,6 MB
AIAC Times Vol.9.pdf 1,3 MB
AIAC Times Vol.10.pdf 1,1 MB
All About Children.pdf 600 KB
An Eclipse of the Sun by Venus.pdf 112 KB
Basic Chart Reading Skills.pdf 159 KB
Comparative Study BSP vs BCP.pdf 107 KB
Life of Sages.pdf 399 KB
Mustache Connection.pdf 1,4 MB
Panchang Analysis Dick Cheney.pdf 97 KB
Panchang Analysis James Randi.pdf 95 KB
panchang Children.pdf 452 KB
Perceptions of the Mind Journey of the Soul.pdf 122 KB
Search for the Historical Parasara.pdf 112 KB
Whats in a Symbol.pdf 190 KB
AIFAS-Research-Journal 44,8 MB
AIFAS Research Journal 2004.pdf 2,3 MB
AIFAS Research Journal 2005.pdf 5,0 MB
AIFAS Research Journal 2006.pdf 5,9 MB
AIFAS Research Journal 2007.pdf 3,8 MB
AIFAS Research Journal 2008.pdf 4,8 MB
AIFAS Research Journal 2009.pdf 4,2 MB
AIFAS Research Journal 2010.pdf 3,3 MB
AIFAS Research Journal 2011.pdf 3,7 MB
AIFAS Research Journal 2012.pdf 4,1 MB
AIFAS Research Journal 2013.pdf 2,9 MB
AIFAS Research Journal 2014.pdf 3,5 MB
AIFAS Research Journal 2015_ 01 to 03_.pdf 1,1 MB
The astrological newsletter_Issue_01a_2010.pdf 62 KB
The astrological newsletter_Issue_01b_2010.pdf 50 KB
The astrological newsletter_Issue_02_2010.pdf 66 KB
The astrological newsletter_Issue_03_2010.pdf 114 KB
The astrological newsletter_Issue_04_2010.pdf 112 KB
The astrological newsletter_Issue_05_2010.pdf 136 KB
The astrological newsletter_Issue_06_2010.pdf 573 KB
The astrological newsletter_Issue_07_2010.pdf 749 KB
The astrological newsletter_Issue_08_2010.pdf 186 KB
The astrological newsletter_Issue_09_2010.pdf 180 KB
The astrological newsletter_Issue_11_2010.pdf 303 KB
The astrological newsletter_Issue_12_2010.pdf 243 KB
The astrological newsletter_Issue_13_2010.pdf 312 KB
The astrological newsletter_Issue_14_2010.pdf 328 KB
The astrological newsletter_Issue_15_2010.pdf 435 KB
File Listing
Magazines_Vedic Page 2

Name Size
The astrological newsletter_Issue_16_2010.pdf 424 KB
The astrological newsletter_Issue_17_2010.pdf 377 KB
The astrological newsletter_Issue_18_2011.pdf 503 KB
The astrological newsletter_Issue_19_2011.pdf 454 KB
The astrological newsletter_Issue_20_2011.pdf 450 KB
The astrological newsletter_Issue_21_2011.pdf 434 KB
The astrological newsletter_Issue_22_2011.pdf 410 KB
The astrological newsletter_Issue_23_2011.pdf 526 KB
The astrological newsletter_Issue_24_2011.pdf 369 KB
The astrological newsletter_Issue_25_2011.pdf 378 KB
The astrological newsletter_Issue_26_2012.pdf 465 KB
The astrological newsletter_Issue_27_2012.pdf 506 KB
The astrological newsletter_Issue_28_2012.pdf 631 KB
The astrological newsletter_Issue_29_2012.pdf 353 KB
The astrological newsletter_Issue_30_2012.pdf 669 KB
The astrological newsletter_Issue_31_2012.pdf 700 KB
The astrological newsletter_Issue_32_2012.pdf 677 KB
The astrological newsletter_Issue_33_2012.pdf 814 KB
The astrological newsletter_Issue_33_2013.pdf 664 KB
The astrological newsletter_Issue_34_2013.pdf 837 KB
The astrological newsletter_Issue_35_2013.pdf 629 KB
The astrological newsletter_Issue_37.pdf 565 KB
The astrological newsletter_Issue_40A.pdf 915 KB
Goravani E_zine 1,2 MB
Goravani E_zine1.pdf 435 KB
Goravani E_zine2.pdf 764 KB
Jyotish Digest magazine 12,7 MB
Jyotish digest 2009-04-Oct-Dec.pdf 5,8 MB
Jyotish_Digest 2007_04.pdf 2,5 MB
The Jyotish Digest | Premier Vedic Astrology Journal.webarchive 4,4 MB
jyotish news SJVC Sanjay Rath 2,7 MB
issue 1998.10.pdf 85 KB
issue 1999.02.pdf 165 KB
issue 1999.12.pdf 168 KB
issue 2000.08.1.pdf 81 KB
issue 2000.08.2.pdf 189 KB
issue 2000.08.3.pdf 76 KB
issue 2000.11.1.pdf 207 KB
issue 2000.11.2.pdf 90 KB
issue 2001..pdf 251 KB
issue 2001.01.pdf 111 KB
issue 2001.02.pdf 254 KB
issue 2001.09.pdf 96 KB
issue 2005.03 Tantra and Misconceptions.pdf 134 KB
issue 2006.0.pdf 169 KB
Pancha Tattva_S.Rath.pdf 106 KB
Sanjay Rath_hard to digest 382 KB
raju letter.pdf 141 KB
Raju.pdf 119 KB
vijay deep Complaint.pdf 117 KB
Tripapa_Chakra.pdf 94 KB
Kapiel Raj 4,8 MB
Jyotish_astrology krs_emagazine_edition 1_Kapiel Raaj.pdf 4,8 MB
People's Astrological Magazine_by Jaganadha RamaSastry Karra_started in 2015 3,1 MB
Peoples Astrological Magazine_2015Q1.pdf 1,1 MB
Peoples Astrological Magazine_2015Q2.pdf 856 KB
Peoples Astrological Magazine_2015Q3.pdf 620 KB
Peoples Astrological Magazine_2015Q4.pdf 584 KB
Raman_Gayatri devi 210,4 MB
Astrological magazine-Raman_magster till 26-10-2016_elmedia player 166,0 MB
File Listing
Magazines_Vedic Page 3

Name Size
1942_The Astrological Magazine.pdf 22,6 MB
1953_The Astrological Magazine.pdf 10,1 MB
1959_The Astrological Magazine.pdf 46,7 MB
1983_The Astrological Magazine_jul._dec.pdf 13,5 MB
2010-bad issues- jan-feb do not exist_ redownload 33,2 MB
03_cropped new2.pdf 16,7 MB
04_cropped new2.pdf 9,3 MB
05 copy_cropped new2.pdf 7,2 MB
2016_The Astrological Magazine_12 issues.pdf 11,7 MB
2017_paid till 26-11-2017_to download 23,1 MB
1 to 10.pdf 23,1 MB
magster automatic payment of $7.99 USD_26-11-2016.pdf 51 KB
magster automatic payment of $7.99 USD_26-11-2016.rtf 32 KB
missing issues-google 3,7 MB
Astrological Magazine1.webarchive 766 KB
Astrological Magazine2.webarchive 754 KB
Astrological Magazine3.webarchive 757 KB
Astrological Magazine4.webarchive 757 KB
Astrological Magazine5.webarchive 706 KB
registration-download.pdf 59 KB
registration-download.rtf 10 KB
reorder.webarchive 1,1 MB
Modern astrology_discontinued 44,4 MB
Modern astrology_Gayatri devi_2012_08.pdf 3,6 MB
Modern astrology_Gayatri devi_2012_09.pdf 4,4 MB
Modern astrology_Gayatri devi_2012_10.pdf 3,9 MB
Modern astrology_Gayatri devi_2012_11.pdf 4,0 MB
Modern astrology_Gayatri devi_2012_12.pdf 4,1 MB
Modern astrology_Gayatri devi_2013_01.pdf 13,1 MB
Modern astrology_Gayatri devi_2013_02.pdf 2,9 MB
Modern astrology_Gayatri devi_2013_03.pdf 3,3 MB
Modern astrology_Gayatri devi_2013_04 to 11.pdf 5,1 MB
Saptarishis magazine 6,3 MB
articles after 183 missing (feb 2018) 7 KB 755 bytes
Saptarishis book_low quality.pdf 6,2 MB
the divine codes 15,1 MB
the divine codes_issue 1.pdf 6,3 MB
the divine codes_issue 2.pdf 4,3 MB
the divine codes_issue 3.pdf 4,5 MB
Vedic astrology magazine 737 KB
Vedic_Astrology magazine.pdf 731 KB

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