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Position Description

JOB TITLE: Operations Outlet Supervisor

DEPARTMENT: University Union


REPORTS TO: Martin Jones

Operations Manager

SUPERVISION OF: Outlet Assistant Supervisor

Outlet Assistants

Through its diverse but integrated divisions and offices, the Operations Group is united in its purpose
of achieving the University Vision of having an international reputation for excellence by enabling our
Students and Academic, Research and Service Partner Divisions to achieve their strategic goals.
Further, through the expertise, advice and services offered, the Operations Group of Divisions and
Offices directly influence and provide outstanding campuses and student experiences.

This is a senior leadership position, accountable for leading the development and delivery of high
quality levels of food and beverage as well as customer service. The position also needs to ensure
the quality provision of a safe, comfortable and study friendly atmosphere for all users of the Outlets’
Common Space (where applicable) whenever the Outlet is open.

This position has:

 Direct Supervision of all the Outlet’s Staff.

Internal: Senior Managers of the CCLS
Operations Manager
Outlet Staff
Other University Union Staff
Senior University Management
Other Divisional staff
Offices of Risk, Assurance and Compliance, Sustainability and Health & Safety Compliance
Divisional Human Resource Manager and other HR staff

External: Local and Regional Authorities

Otago University Students’ Association

 A relevant tertiary qualification or equivalent

 Significant experience working in a similar environment and role.
 Demonstrated commercial acumen, and strong customer service ethic.
 Sound leadership skills with the ability to influence others through negotiation and persuasion.
 Excellent written and oral communication skills with the ability to synthesise information and write
clear and user friendly documentation and reports.
 Proven sound judgement, the ability to think logically and analyse data or complex information.
 The ability to exercise discretion and professional judgement in relation to responsibilities, and
appropriately manage highly sensitive information.
 The ability to work effectively and professionally during times of change and uncertainty.
 Committed to continuous improvement, always looking at what and how services are delivered to see
if results are achieved in the most efficient and effective way.
 Significant experience with food safety controls and food preparation.
 Demonstrated ability to develop and maintain effective networks and key relationships.
 Proven record of professional leadership in similar client side role.
 Knowledge of the Food Act 2014.
 Evidence of successful management of range of services.
 Proven ability in performing a range of tasks under competing demands, meeting the agreed end result
within quality parameters and time frames.
 Experience in managing stock levels, stocktakes, and ordering stock.
 Experience in staff training, and management of staff to achieve set outcomes.
 Previous cash handling experience.
 Experience with the practical application of food hygiene policy.

Highly Desirable
 Previous experience in the food service/ hospitality sectors.
 Knowledge of relevant Health and safety legislation.
 Experienced Barista.
 Unit Standards 167/168.
 Workplace First Aid Certificate.
Key Areas Accountabilities and Actions
o Manages the outlet effectively and efficiently;
o Prepares and implements business plans which align with strategic plans and include
performance objectives and targets;
o Monitors and improves systems, methods, and the quality of services provided by the outlet;
o Advises on, executes and/or contributes to projects as appropriate;
o Ensures the team meets and adheres to security and safety policies, procedures and
compliance requirements.
o In conjunction with the Operations Manager, recruit and select, induct and train all Outlet
o Be responsible for the preparation of a weekly roster that is in line with budget;
o Ensure all staff are familiar with University policy and procedures;
o Be responsible for the implementation of staff training plans;
o Ensure that all staff are correctly attired and well presented at all times;
o Ensure all baristas are trained as prescribed by the University Union’s coffee trainer.
o Monitor staff shift start/ end and break times, and ensure timesheets are filled out correctly.
o Ensure all staff are trained in the relevant areas of the Food Safety Control Plan.
o Ensure all patrons of the common space comply with all University Policies especially those
relating to ethical behaviour, smoking and the consumption of alcohol.
o Encourage and promote a friendly and inviting atmosphere to students, staff and the general
o Ensure patrons do not behave in a way that disturbs the study of others.
Student Study &
o Ensure regular inspections of all areas take place to maintain a clean and tidy atmosphere.
Common Space
o Have a general knowledge of University culture and events in the near vicinity and on the main
o Have a general knowledge of the outlets general location to assist with all patron enquiries,
transport, directions, and amenities.
o Ensure that all practices comply with Food Safety Standards.
o Be responsible for ordering of stock from internal and external suppliers to agreed levels;
o Be responsible for conducting monthly stocktakes;
Goods Ordering o Compile internal food orders in line with weekly deadlines;
and Stock
o Develop and implement strategies to minimise wastage.
o Place weekly orders with Central Production within prescribed timeframes.
o In conjunction with stores and administration conduct monthly stock takes.
o Ensure that all tills are operated accurately within the established till operator guidelines;
o Ensure appropriate staff are trained in till operation and cash up;
o Be responsible for the security of monies.
Outlet o Ensure front and back of house areas are maintained in a neat, clean and orderly fashion.
Operation o Ensure food display areas are kept clean at all times.
o Ensure the quality of all food and beverages is consistently high at all times.
o Ensure a high level of customer service is maintained at the Outlet.
o Ensure the products and services of the outlet are delivered to customers in a timely manner.
o In conjunction with the Operations Manager implement a Food Safety Control Plan.
o Ensure thermometers are calibrated as per the food control plan.
Health and o Monitor cleaning and temperature recording schedules and ensure checklists are in place.
Safety inc Food
o Ensure all equipment is safe to use and keep abreast of all maintenance issues communicating
to the Operations Manager any issues.
o Maintain a Hazard Register and manage identified hazards to minimise or eliminate risk.
o Make a commitment to professional development attending all required courses, seminars,
training days or otherwise to the benefit of the business.
o Participate in all aspects of training and development as directed, and use relevant learning
opportunities to progress personal skills to improve the effectiveness and efficiency of service
APPENDIX 1: Behavioural Accountabilities and Actions for Managers and Leaders within Operations
1. Personal
Behaviour and Role
o Adheres to organisational values, policies and guidelines, and consistently role-models these in behaviour;
o Translates the University’s mission, strategy and goals into professional practices, decision making and actions;
o Ensures clarity and understanding of tasks and responsibilities of the position; and is accountable for the quality of
individual work, performance and behaviour;
o Proactively contributes to team/ unit/ department/ division in achieving relevant goals and divisional priorities;
o Ensures document management practises are aligned with University guidelines and compliance.
Quality Management
Ensures that teams and individuals proactively identify ways to improve service provision, and apply quality planning,
assurance, and control to the delivery of services.
Risk Management
Ensures that teams and individuals identify, report and manage risks in accordance with University Frameworks
(operational, project and health and safety). This position makes ethical decisions in achieving organisational goals.
Continuous improvement
o Recognises inefficiencies or skill gaps and raises these with manager;
o Values continual improvement and looks for opportunities to learn and increase effectiveness;
o Accepts feedback constructively, and utilises this to improve performance.
Reputation and Representation
o Represents the Division and the University of Otago, championing all that is great about working here;
o Represents Division and the Operations Group, attending meetings and functions internal and external to the
University. This may require travelling to and from principal place of work via other venues and campuses of the
University during and outside normal working hours.
Student experiences and Outstanding Campus Environment
Acts in a professional manner which consistently contributes positively to the outstanding student experiences and a
professional collegial workplace; and has these expectations of direct reports.

2. People / Team Accountabilities

Team performance and HR management
o Ensures a safe, supportive environment for staff, develops a team culture consistent with the Division’s vision and
philosophy of a customer centric, performance focussed, progressive, professional and well planned service;
o Recruits and manages staff in accordance with University policies an guidelines and good employer practices;
o Ensures individual personal development activities for staff are relevant and appropriate;
o Promotes a customer focused service, where customer liaison and communication is encouraged and staff endeavour
to meet customer needs and requests;
o Monitors direct reports to ensure specific objectives are met through regular review of outputs, performance
appraisal, appropriate support, and coaching; addresses any performance issues in a proactively appropriate manner
to ensure minimal negative impact on the team or service provision.
Health and Safety Management
o Facilitates the establishment of a progressive and inclusive divisional culture which seeks to ensure a safe and health
work environment and student experience;
o Appropriately addresses workplace health and safety concerns, applying appropriate systems, policies, and procedures
to all work activity; and works collaboratively with Health and Safety staff and representatives as required.
Engaging Stakeholders
o Demonstrates leadership in developing effective relationships with stakeholders, and ensures the same of staff;
o Ensures the team is responsive to, and establishes effective professional partnerships with, University stakeholders
and relevant external organisations/client groups;
o Ensures the team consults and communicates in a proactive, professional and inclusive manner.
3. Service Delivery Accountabilities
Strategic Planning and Alignment
o Ensures clear specific annual action plans for all activities including those that are being cascaded or delegated to
others, and longer term plans as appropriate;
o Contributes to and approves performance objectives and development plans for direct reports;
o Develops and monitors policies, procedures and frameworks as appropriate.
Operational Planning and Execution
o Actively manages budget, resources, and assets, managing leave requirements/liabilities for team/unit;
o Represents the Division or the University at relevant committees (internal and external), retaining ultimate decision
making authority in relation to direct reports; whilst at the same time fostering a collaborative working environment;
o Proactively contributes to collaborative decision making and facilitating a professional working environment that
sustains capability and represents good financial stewardship.
Responding to Business Data
o Effectively reports on business measures associated with areas of responsibility, including performance of unit;
o Analyses data and makes sound business decisions based on data and evidence;
o Provides information as required to Senior Managers e.g management reports, strategic advice, business cases,
capital requests, and special reports/papers.