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Spiraling claims costs, increasing cases of inconsistent payments, overpayments and

unknown claims leakages impinge on the bottom line. Customers are sensitive to ongoing
cost of insurance premiums, but it is the quality and experience of claims servicing which
policyholders, producers and third-party claimants remember the most. While insurance
companies want to make accurate claims payment, customers are put off by the long
timelines to process claims.

Mastek¶s Claims Management Solution provides an intuitive and consolidated user view into
claims processing by offering a truly browser-based, one-system solution for claims
management, bill review, policy underwriting, case management, billing and events

The key features of the Claims Management Solution include:

ëp ‘ unified single claims engine supporting multiple payout options

ëp Straight Through Processing (STP) that improves the effectiveness and efficiency of
the claims
ëp Single consolidated view of the customer and the household through the Claims
ëp Workflow backbone facilitating easier adaptation of business rules
ëp lectronic reserving extracts and automated transaction processing with full audit trail
ëp eal-time access to electronic claim filed by adjudicators
ëp Tracking and validation of the life claim against policy specifications
ëp £ecision support for adjudication of life claims
ëp Seamless integration with third party applications and existing legacy systems

Cleint: Max new York Life


BancMate is based on the concept that Customer orientedness heightens with communication
in his language. BancMate works in the language of the user and account holder and meets
the mandatory requirements of Official Languages ‘ct, 1963.

BancMate is the first such solution made available to the Indian Banking Sector which has
been evaluated over past years by various Banks. Banking Sector have found BancMate to be
technically ready for deployment by Indian Banks.

BancMate has received rave reviews from the bankers who have been presented the
demonstration of the same. It has been rated as the best available in the country which is
likely to set standards in the IT as well as the banking industry for its high level of
parametrisation and understanding of banking

BancMate uses natural behavior of WI £OWS and has been developed on POW 
BUIL£  using the CLI T/S   technology and uses Open £ata Base Compliance or
O£BC technology which gives it freedom to be connected to any data base engine such as
O‘CL , SYB‘S , MS-SQL, Btrieve or Foxpro. It is Year 2000 compliant (Y2K) carries
some very unique and technically updated features :

Features & Benefits:

ëp ‘SY TO U £ ST‘ £ : The system works in the language of the bankers and
does not rely on the cumbersome procedure of codes which makes it easy for the
bankers to understand who are not computer professionals. The procedures followed
are the ones mentioned in the banks manuals and the methods followed by them.
ëp CO T T SP CIFIC O -LI H LP : Help is available from all points specific to
that topic. The complete Help is made available with the option to select the topic
desired for Help.
ëp ‘CCOU T SP CIFIC P‘‘M TIS‘TIO : The system helps you parameterise
options as per the type of ‘ccount eg. the system allows you to define Charges
separately for Cheque Book Issue for Savings and Cash Credit ‘ccounts. The system
does not restrain you from opening more than one type of Savings and Cash Credit
‘ccounts and defining parameters separately for etch one of them. The parameters
can be fixed into bank and branch level with branches having access to only branch
level parameters for editing. The bank level parameters can be updated only at the
HO, £P cell.
ëp £‘T‘ S CUITY : The £ata Bases provide for ncryption of £ata, oll back and
oll Forward of £ata to protect from Power Failures. The Bank is however, free to
select any other £ata Base which they feel best. In such a case the features provided
by the £ata Base shall be applicable for £ata Security.
ëp US S & ‘CC SS IGHTS : The system provides for defining of ‘IOUS user
types alongwith the functions they are allowed to perform in the package i.e. a Clerk
can be restricted from making changes in the ‘ccount types.
ëp P‘SSWO£S WITH FOC £ CH‘ GI G LIMITS : The Users have their
passwords to access the package. There is a period after which they are forcefully
asked to change their old passwords.
ëp £ POSIT/WITH£‘W‘L LIMIT  STICTIO S : The users of the banks are
allowed to make deposit and withdrawal entries only upto thier sanctioned powers.
The system allows the users to create any amount of ouchers but clears only upto
the individual level allowed to the User Type. There are separate powers for creation
of a voucher entry and passing of the same which is further bifurcated account type
wise and transaction type wise.
ëp ‘UTHOIZ‘TIO OF ‘LL JOBS : The users can get all jobs authorized which they
desire. This includes jobs like Parameter setting for F£s, Cheque book stocking etc.
ëp ‘UTHOIZ‘TIO OF ‘LL C PTIO ‘L WOK : ‘ detailed list of warnings
and exceptional work has been prepared. Whenever, an entry is generated violating
these levels, the system warns for the same and takes it for ‘uthorisation. The
Passwords of both the user who created the entry and the user who cleared the entry
are stored with each entry made. ‘ detailed xceptional egister for entries eferred
and Passed and for eferred and eturned is maintained.
ëp C‘LCUL‘TIO ‘ £ M‘I T ‘ C OF CH CKSUM : Checksums is
calculated and maintained on an on-line basis. Thus is checked at the time of £ay-
open. The method of calculating the Check Sum changes automatically every day.
ëp ‘U£IT T‘IL : The user can print the ‘udit Trail :on an on-line basis i.e. with every
entry made at the end of the day. The user in such case will get the report with entries
of a particular type grouped together for a backdate for a particular user for a
particular activity.


ëp eduction in claims turnaround time

ëp Increased operational efficiency
ëp ffective claims payout processing
ëp nhanced customer service
ëp eduction in claims processing costs