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Material Use Appearance Properties Temperature Cost

Polypropene The most common Usually Very rigid, Preferred Moderately

takeout packaging made in crack-resistant, material for priced. Not
material, used for black or leak-resistant. microwave as
chicken roasters, clear. If Can be film- and hot case. expensive
deli tubs, bakery clear, it's sealed, if rim is Can resist as CPET
and microwaveable somewhat wide enough. temperatures
takeout containers. hazy. Can Can be coated up to 220 to
Often used with an easily be with anti-fog 240 C
OPS dome, made into material to
although some many shapes, retain clarity
companies such as sizes and
Anchor use PP for compartment
domes and lids. s and molded
Used for some with design
beverage containers. elements
Excellent for ready-
CPET Frozen dinner trays Often black, A lot of design Dual-oven Generally
(Crystallized and takeout entree but can be flexibility - can able with the most
Polyethylene Containers that need other colors. be ridged, wide expensive
terephthalate to be heated. Good indented, temperature of all
Plastic) for merchandising formed into range - can be the
in the freezer, hot or multi- heated in materials
cold cases. compartrnente regular here.
d units. oven to 400 or
Good crack frozen to
resistance minus-40.
Foamed Good for clamshells Usually Excellent heat Can hold hot Moderately
Polypropene and other hinged-lid white retention and foods priced.
Containers, Insulation. and is We
tableware, meat Strong, Microwaveabl anticipate
trays. This is lightweight, e. that
a relatively new Won’t allow it will fall
product and will soak-through. between
become Snap- beaded
More used by on domes work chest foam
various customers. well on plates pricing and
Good for table-ready polypropyl
Barrier properties. presentation. ene
Comes in a pricing.
variety of
Can also be