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DP Basic Operator Course

Simrad Dynamic Positioning (SDP) system

The Dynamic Positioning Basic Operator Course is Content of course

the rst phase of the Nautical Institute (NI) DP Oper- • Denition of dynamic positioning, elements of a DP
ator Certication Scheme. The International Marine system, DP systems and redundancy
Contractors Association (IMCA) has included the NI • The functions of a DP system and DP principles
training scheme in their document “The training and • Different types of DP vessels and DP operations
experience of key DP personnel”, which has been ref- • Use and limitations of position reference systems
erenced by IMO as an industry standard. and the DP system’s use of position measurements
To obtain the NI DP operator certicate the course • Vessel capability, DP consequence analysis and DP
participant must after this course have 30 days seago- capability analysis
ing DP familiarisation from a DP capable vesel, attend • Thrusters and manoeuvring systems
the advanced DP operator course, and have 6 months • Power systems and Blackout Prevention
supervised DP watch keeping experience from a DP • Operational procedures for a DP operation, and pro-
class 2 or 3 vessel. If the 6 months watchkeeping cedures for operating the DP system
experience is acquired on a DP Class 1 vessel, it is • Study of DP incidents
possible to obtain a Limited DP certicate. This cer-
ticate is only valid for a DP Class 1 vessel. Teaching method
The course participant will be issued with the NI The teaching will be presented in a combination of
Dynamic Positioning Operator’s Log Book at the end theoretical lessons and practical exercises.
of the Basic Operator Course. During the course each participant will have his own
operator station with generic SDP software.
Give the participant knowledge of dynamic position- Teaching medium
ing (DP), practical use of DP and DP system limita- The course documentation is written in English and
tions. The participant will learn to set up and operate the course will be held in English, unless otherwise
the DP system and to recognise alarms and warnings. agreed.
The participant will get general knowledge of the
use and limitations of position reference systems and Duration
other sensors and systems interfaced to the DP. The 5 days - start rst day at 09.00
participant will also be introduced to different types of
DP operations, operational procedures and rules and Venues
regulations for offshore operations under DP control. This course can be held at the following centres vali-
dated by NMD and NI:
Target audience • Kongsberg Maritime AS, Kongsberg, Norway
Navigators, DP operators and other users of DP sys- • Kongsberg Maritime Training Centre, Macae, Brasil
tems. • Kongsberg Maritime Pte Ltd, Singapore
• Kongsberg Maritime Inc., Houston, Texas, USA
Entry requirements • Kongsberg Maritime Ltd, Aberdeen, UK
General knowledge of vessel manoeuvring.

Kongsberg Maritime does not warrant the accuracy of this material and reserves the right to make changes to the material or product described, at any time without notice. 172154C
Standard conditions

To enquire for information or enrol for a course, please

contact the training centres. The course coordinator
will assist with hotel reservation.

Conrmation Booking
The course coordinator conrms the enrolment in writ- Please contact:
ing, which is then considered binding.
For enquiries about Norway, Brasil and Singapore:
Course documentation The Course Coordinator
The course documentation is written in English, and Kongsberg Maritime AS
the courses will normally be held in English. PO Box 483
3601 Kongsberg - Norway
Course diploma Tel.: +47 32 28 50 00
The participants receive a course diploma when the Fax: +47 32 28 50 10
course is successfully completed. e-mail:

Cancellation The Course Coordinator

Cancellation has to be in writing. Kongsberg Maritime Inc.
7225 Langtry Street
Cancellation fee Houston, TX 77040-6625 - USA
Cancellation more than four (4) weeks before starting Tel.: +1 713 934 8885
date of course: None Fax: +1 713 934 8886
Cancellation from two (2) to four (4) weeks before
starting date of course: 50% of course price The Course Coordinator
Kongsberg Maritime Ltd
Cancellation less than two (2) weeks before starting Campus 1, Aberdeen Science & Technology Park
date of course: 100% of course price Balgownie Road, Bridge of Don
Aberdeen AB22 8GT - UK
Cancellation of courses Tel.: +44 122 422 6500
We reserve the right to cancel courses for which less Fax: +44 122 422 6501
than four participants have enrolled. e-mail:

Dates and prices

Please see separate sheets.


PO Box 483, N-3601 Kongsberg, Norway
Telephone +47 32 28 50 00 Telefax +47 32 28 50 10

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