The teens and staff at the Decatur-DeKalb YMCA are very excited about new creative activities and leadership opportunities for teens just around the corner. Below you will find a few of the activities we have planned as well as potential events and programs. Mission Atlanta: for 7th-12th grade students: It’s a week of incredible fun and service. Join over 100 other teenagers serving lunch and planning activities for kids in under-privileged communities all over Atlanta. Mission Atlanta is an experience that will help you realize your leadership gifts in serving others. Teens stay overnight at the YMCA for days filled with service and evenings filled with fellowship. Each evening we will build the strength of our team through excursions all over Atlanta. Two nights will be spent in leadership development of our team (guest speakers/workshops).Parents are invited at the end of the week to our banquet on Friday night to see the success of our week. The banquet is held at the Alpharetta YMCA Teen Leadership Center. June 1-7 • MEM: $150 PRO: $175 Teen Board: If you are looking for a way to take a leadership roll with the Decatur-DeKalb YMCA, come and be a part of the teen board. This group will help make decisions as to what teen programs take place at your YMCA. Every third Wednesday, 6:30 pm Contact Kim Castro at 404-371-3311 for more info. Junior & Senior Teen Leaders Clubs for 7th-12th grade students: These clubs are designed to introduce teens to service to others, volunteerism, social interaction and appreciation for diversity through the philosophy of the YMCA. Leaders will use their unique gifts to serve their community while at the same time developing relationships with other leaders in the club. Teen Leaders clubs are committed to developing strong moral character and devotion to helping others. Do you imagine yourself in a leadership position? If so, this program’s for you. Recruitment / Application process: August-Sept. Jr. Teen Leader’s club: 7th-8th grade students Sr. Teen Leaders club: 9th-12th grade students

Coming Up:
Middle School Nights - Think lockin but on a smaller scale and only for 7th and 8th graders. Jays Basement Concerts- Held at the Alpharetta YMCA. Look for flyers in the lobby on which bands will play!! Service Opportunities -Look for flyers in the lobby on which projects will be available for outreach, leadership and more! Girl Talk – for girls only. This program is designed for girls to have an opportunity to talk about topics they choose. Boys 2 Men Sister 2 Sister ClubThe program that equips young men and women with the knowledge and strength to overcome life’s obstacles.

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