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Sheila Holmes

2017-Present Master of Science in Elementary Education Medaille College
Buffalo, NY, USA
2010- 2011 Educational Assistant Diploma Sheridan College
Oakville, ON
2004-2008 University of
Bachelor of Science, Biological Science, Guelph
Honours Guelph, ON


Certification First Aid with CPR-C, December 2015
Behaviour Management Systems, June 2017
SafeTALK, June 2017
• Microsoft Office Suite 2003-2016, Adobe Products, database
management, Google Suite (Docs, Sheets, Slides, Classroom, etc.)
• I have knowledge of Assistive Technology software such as Kurzweil,
Dragon Naturally Speaking, Clicker 5, Boardmaker and educational
software such as: Read&Write Outloud, iPads, SMART Boards and Alpha
Smart devices.
February 2015 - ESL Educational Assistant Upper Grand District
Present I support students who are new to Canada and are learning School Board, Guelph,
English. I visit various schools in Guelph to provide one- ON
on-one or small group support in the classroom.
• Prepare materials such as worksheets and stories
• Teach phonics and vocabulary
• Prepare reports of students in program
• Liaise with the resource and/or classroom teacher for
strategies to help student(s) progress
• Helping students achieve reading and writing goals
• Research new assistive technology in order to best aid
• Work as a team to provide consistent services for ESL
• Help to modify and/or accommodate student in all
• Help teachers target certain goals for students based on
their language acquisition
August 2016 – Learning Strategist, Community Integration through Conestoga College,
December 2016 Cooperative Education Program (CICE) Kitchener, ON
(4 month
I support adult learners who are in the CICE program in
maximizing their learning. I support these learners
primarily in their core classes and support times.
• Support students by providing services such as scribing,
reading, explaining and making material more accessible
their learning
• Work together with Core Program Instructors to identify
modifications to assignments
• Work as a part of a team to deliver consistent support to
• Collaborate and research new assistive technology
• Help students gain independence through teaching self-
• Provide support to multiple students during a work
• Aid students in understanding College Policies, other
program requirements, obtaining scholarship
applications, and navigating financial aid (OSAP)
November Halton District School
2011-February Educational Assistant Full Time Permanent Board
2015 I support students in a mainstream setting in various
classrooms in Kindergarten, grades 1 to 4 and in Self
Contained classrooms. As well as High School Contained
• Use visual schedules, First Then boards and timers for
transitions, choice boards, token cards, break cards
• Provide academic support to students in the classroom
• Help teachers choose goals for students and track
• Help teach Life Skills to kids ages 6-21 (grades 1-12)