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Hello Third Grade Families!

I hope that everyone enjoyed the

Classroom holiday break, but now it’s time to

get back to learning! This week, we
will begin preparing for our weekly
multiplication fluency assessments.

News At the beginning of each week,

students will be given a set of facts
to study at home, and they will take
November 26, 2018 their fact fluency test on Friday.
Please help them study these facts
at home by using flash cards, Quote of the Week
games, or any other method that
you choose. Students will be given
new facts to study and assessed on
Class Website once they have demonstrated mastery of their individual targeted
Email Address: facts. By the end of 3rd grade, they are expected to know their
facts from memory.

Important What We Are Things To

Dates Learning Practice At Home
Math: Students will be building a conceptual
November 27th-NC Check understanding of multiplication and division by using the
Multiplication Facts (2’s and 4’s
this week)
Ins Math Assessment properties of multiplication along with multiple
strategies to solve and represent multiplication and Solving 2-step word problems
December 4th-Grade Level division problems. Students will begin taking weekly involving all operations
Spelling Bee multiplication facts test in an effort to build fluency of
these facts. Answering Text Dependent
December 5th-IOWA Testing Questions (reading a text and
ELA:. Students are still reading poetry and Pourquoi
December 10th-Interims Go tales about different kinds of frogs to generate “why” being able to find the answer to
Home questions. questions in the text-website
Social Studies : Students are still learning how the below to practice)
location of regions affects activity in a market
economy (i.e. goods and services, supply and
demand, needs and wants, etc).

Please be sure to pay for all field trips,
Multiplication Facts Practice: agenda, and the Scholastic magazine as soon as possible. You can conveniently pay online, or
Reading Comprehension Printables: send in cash or a check made payable to Washington Elementary.
Moby Max (All Subjects):