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POLLEN - The Perfect Food

Pollen is the carrier of the genetic properties of plants and therefore contains all the
necessary nutritive substances for the creation and development of new life.


Pollen is the main source of vitamins (A,especially E and B group), minerals, lipids and
proteins of bee community, and contains enzymes and coenzyme, polyphenols, nucleic
acids, hormones and other substances.


The application of bee pollen in Apitherapy has a long history. the medicinal properties
were known and recommended by old pharmacies of Hippocrates, Pliny the Elder,
and Pythagoras.
The perfect food- Pollen is one of the richest natural sources of nutrients and contains all
the necessary nutritive substances for the creation of new life and most of the nutrients
for further development.
Balance- Supposedly can normalize body weight, regardless of obesity or leanness,
because amino acid phenylalanine affects the center that regulates hunger and satiety. In
the case of excess weight reduces the need for food, and in thin stimulates appetite.
Fertility-Small doses of pollen added to food during one year, significantly increasing the
The antioxidant properties- Protects the liver, heart, brain and adrenaline gland from free
radicals and raise antioxidant defenses.
Effect on fetal development-Improves nutrition without harmful effects on the fetus, and
the fetuses receive greater weight and hemoglobin levels, total protein, serum iron and
Sexual health- Thanks to the content of vegetable matter (phytosterols) that have
hormonal effects, beneficial effect on the work of sex gland in men (increase potency and
sperm count) and women (relieves menstrual and menopausal problems).
Strengthening immunit- Improves immune system and strengthens the antioxidant
defense of the organism.
(Warning: Allergic reactions- Although there is research that helps with allergy
problems, pollen can cause severe allergic effects in susceptible individuals. )

Chronic intestinal diseases. Beneficial effect in chronic constipation and constant

diarrhea (colitis), probably due to antibiotic effects on intestinal bacteria, especially
gram-negative bacteria.
Fat in the blood- Reduces the level of increased triglycerides, cholesterol and uric acid in
the blood.
Mental illness-pollen as a complementary therapy or maintaining showed good effect in
depression, neurasthenia (fatigue, reduced vitality, sluggishness, feeling of permanent
tiredness and exhaustion, low vital tone) and alcoholism (decrease abstinance
Inflammation of the liver- Fresh and fermented pollen improves health status in chronic
inflammation of the liver.
Anemia-Pollen from honey comb has beneficial effect on hypochromic anemia.
Ulceration of the stomach and duodenum- When bleeding ulcers in the stomach and
duodenum, treatment with pollen stopped the bleeding in the period from the second to
fourth day.
Prostatitis- Prevents prostate problems, particularly in chronic prostatitis.
Radiation-Side effects in women during radiation therapy (vomiting, reducing the
number of blood cells, loss of appetite, weakness and prostration) were significantly
reduced by taking pollen.

Bee pollen is one of the richest natural sources of nutrients, especially vitamins and
minerals required at any stage of life. Despite reasonable scientific critical attitude,
according to which there is insufficient reliable evidence about the beneficial effects of
pollen, information that gave folk medicine, acquired for centuries and proven
numerous times shows that should not be lightly dismissed, by modern
medicinal studies that often misses the basic healing knowledge. After
all, modern researchers today often prove what our ancestors knew yesterday.
I recommend it for others every day.