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What can we use to mix the

a. Bowl
 1 egg b. Glass
 1 1/4 cup all purpose flour c. Cup
 1 1/4 cup milk d. Spoon
 1/2 teaspoon salt
 3 tablespoons baking powder 5. What is the synonym of appear
 3 tablespoons butter, melted (Fourth Step) ?
 1 tablespoon sugar
a. Emerge
 1 teaspoon real vanilla extract
b. Embedded
c. Turned
 Use a large bowl and mix together the d. Splitted
baking powder, flour, salt and sugar
 Add egg, milk, butter and vanilla extract to 6. I have finished ______ the meat, let’s
the bowl and whisk well with the dry eat it.
ingredients. until become nice smooth a. Cook
b. Cooked
 Heat skillet over medium heat. Once hot,
c. Cooks
add batter at about 1/4 cup at a time.
 Once bubbles appear in the pancake and d. Cooking
the sides are golden brown, flip over with a
large spatula for another minute or so until Whales are sea-living mammals. They
golden brown. therefore breathe air but cannot
 Your Pancake is ready to be served survive or land. Some species are very
large indeed and the blue whale,
which can exceed 30 meter length, is
the largest animal which lives on
1. What is the best title for the text earth. Superficially, the whale looks
above? rather like a fish, but there are
a. How to make a banana boat important difference in its external
b. How to make a pancake structure; its tail consists of a pair of
c. How to make fried chicken broad, flat horizontal paddles (the tail
d. How to make brownies of a fish is vertical) and it has a single
nostril on top of its breadth, broad
2. How many baking powder do we head. The skin is smooth and shiny
need ? and beneath it lies a layer of flat
a. 3 teaspoons (blubber). This is up to 30 meter in
b. 3 tablespoils thickness and serves to conserve heat
c. 3 tablespoons and body fluids.
d. 3 tablepools
7. What is the text about?
3. What should we do before adding a. Sea-living mammals
batter ¼ cup ? b. The description of mammals
a. Flip over the pancakes c. The difference between whales
b. Adding egg and milk and fish
c. Heat skillet d. How whales survive themselves
d. Burn the batter
8. The length of the whales is . . .
a. Generally more than 30 meters
b. Able to be more than 30 meters
c. Less than 30 meters
d. Ranges from 30 meters to more than
30 meters

9. The first sentence contains . . .

a. Tells an orientation
b. Poses a thesis
c. Shows an abstract
d. Gives a general classification

10. The synonym of to conserve (Last

sentence) is . . .
a. Maintain
b. Show
c. Cut
d. Differentiate


1. Write a short rules regarding your school

2. Write a sentence that shows attention
3. Write a short dialog using modals
4. What is a tips?
5. Write a sentence that shows hesitation.